Dialogue across the Mountains

A British Swiss Affair - 17April 2002 to 30 April 2003     


 Dialogue Across Mountains

               A British-Swiss Affair                                        (Last update 21/5/03)   


 Activities for 2003 - (click here)

listed below are the events from 2002 and background on the Festival



Activities From 2002 Calendar


dog training weekend

see details


Wasdale MRT

Gosforth Show

see photos


Wasdale MRT

Kern Knotts Auction

see photos


Millom's Day 

see photos



Tourism Minister Visits IYM


Official Opening at Rheged 

see photos here

Cumbria Community Foundation have generously awarded £5,000 towards the costs of the mountain rescue teams involvement - this means roughly £400 to £900  to those teams who have agreed to participate.  Additional funding of £5,000 now been agreed to ensure that the mountain rescue programme can be met in full.

Further funding has been granted by the North Western Development Agency to cover funding of mountain festival activities up to 31 March 2003

The Lake District mountain rescue teams have been invited to participate in a major festival event this year to celebrate 2002 as the United Nations International Year of the Mountains.  The link is with Switzerland and the Swiss Embassy in London and Manchester are working in partnership with British organisations (government, local business and rescue) to pull together a programme for next year.  Co-ordination in the Lake District is by David Penlington, British/Swiss Alpine Club (ABMSAC) and is supported by Business Link who see this as a golden opportunity to put Cumbria back on itís feet following the Foot and Mouth crisis.


 For more info on International Year of the Mountain, see article in Summit Magazine


Whatís in it for Cumbria?

Reinforcement of the friendship between Britain and Switzerland, which started in the early 19th century when we helped the Swiss 

to develop their tourism founded on mountaineering.   Also to 

promote tourism in the area following the F&M of 2001



Whatís in it for Lake District Mountain Rescue?


Opportunity to open our bases to international and local tourism, raise mountain rescue awareness, raise funds - with the help of artefacts, displays, videos and speakers from Swiss rescue organisations. Also see history of climbing in the Lakes

 To participate in this major festival which will help the recovery of Cumbrian small businesses and tourism.


Key Exhibition Centres  

The five main centres are       


        Penrith - Rheged Centre       - 17th April 2002 (Launch)

        Keswick Museum                 -  1st July - 31st July 2002              

        Kendal Brewery Arts Centre - 17th April - 1st December 2002

        Coniston Ruskin museum       - 16th March - 3rd November 2002

        Ambleside Museum                 - dates awaited


Sub Centres

Wasdale Head Hotel - Old Dungeon Gyll - Blackwell Museum - Lakeland Sheep and Wool Centre - Brockhole Centre - Mountain Rescue centres as detailed in the table below

plus see first mountain rescue  and first ascent of Napes Needle       

For more details contact:


Richard Warren

Assistant Secretary, LDSAMRA

Lake District Search and Mountain Rescue Association


01946 62176




For photographs of the opening at Rheged see ............... 

(for photos of the MRT events follow the MRT links) 

For the full IYM programme see............................. 

For the individual mountain rescue team detailed programmes and photos see below 

Cockermouth MRT COMRU Coniston MRT Kendall MRT
Kirkby Stephen MRT Langdale MRT Millom FRT Patterdale MRT
SARDA Dogs Wasdale MRT


For the mountain rescue overview see table below




Team Contact

Proposed Involvement

Possible dates

Cockermouth MRT


Chris Abbot

01946 861963 Tel &Fax



        Exhibition at Lakeland Sheep and Wool centre

        Sea and Mountain Rescue weekend at Buttermere / RNLI

(2 day event in Sept)

        Open base monthly during selected weeks

Through summer tbc


13/15 September


Tue 2-4 pm


Coniston MRT

Graham Sockett

01539 441745


        Exhibition in Base with

WA Poucher original slides

        Links with Ruskin Museum

        Possible links with Donald Campbell museum



Cumbrian Ore Mines Rescue Unit COMRU


Chris Jones

01422 844394



Guided Mine visit Summer 2002

Furness MRT  


Will be involved jointly with

 Millom FSRT centred at Broughton-in-Furness

  • as per Millom FSRT see below
Kendal MSRT  

Keith Pitman   keith.pittman@hse.gsi.gov.uk  

Liz Parkes

01539 729323


        Exhibition in Base with links to A Wainwright original material  

        Base open at a number of weekends.

        Will support Brockhole events  i.e. Mad about Mountains 2-3 June 2002 at Brockhole. LAMRT + RAF


Throughout the  summer  

Keswick MRT  


Will remain in support of

other  teams

  • It's a Mountain Rescue Knockout being planned in partnership with Cockermouth M
  • Visit to Keswick Rescue HQ by Dr. Kim Howells MP - Minister for Tourism


13 June 2002


Kirkby Stephen SMRT  


Arthur Littlefair

01768 37216



  • Mallerstang & Nine Standards Yomp - 23/11.5/6.25 mile Yomp


Sunday 9th June

Langdale /Ambleside MRT


Steve Haltom  




       Open days at the Base

       Support events at Brockhole

       Work with RAF on displays  



Throughout the summer  

Millom FRT  


Tracy Binks

01229 716952




updates on their event see........




see the Kepplewray site ...





       Events will be focused at Victory Hall Broughton

       Crag rescue display on the fire station tower. 

        see photos of the day

       Joint displays / demos with Kepplewray charity for disabled outdoor activities

       Activities for people of all abilities and disabilities at The
Centre - try climbing, abseiling, archery or hand cycling". All will be available at
Kepplewray - a couple of minutes walk from Victory Hall

       Everything Kepplewray do is for able bodied and disabled alike  "access for all".


Selected weekends throughout the summer


Patterdale MRT  

John Williams  

01768 890334   jcwilliams@sockbridge.




        Open days with children activities

        Setting up museum with photos and equipment

        Educational video  


Weekends throughout the summer



Penrith  MRT


Not currently involved    

SARDA (Lakes)  


Mick Guy

 01768 772463 mickguy@sarda.demon.couk  


        4 day course in Coniston to be watched by public. Run as an assessment.

        Single days x 3 weekends spread over the county  






Spread over the summer  



Wasdale MRT


Richard Warren 

01946 62176 rawarren@freenetname.co.uk



        Opening Base to public

        Links with Wasdale Head Hotel events e.g. reconstruction Napes Needle  


            Wasdale Show              see photos   

        Navigation events in Wasdale

Events throughout the year  

RAF Boulmer  

Flt. Lt. Mike Holman  

MRT Liaison, RAF Boulmer

01665 604760 x 7461



        Available to provide training sessions and displays for MRTís linked to the years programme.

        Available for a Brockhole session.

        Available for a Wasdale event

see photos  

        Available for support to Millom/Furness

negotiable but depending on operational commitments


RAF Leeming MRT  

Jimmy Clitheroe

  01677 423 041  

ask for 95851 ext. 7588


       Available to support LDSAMRA MRT events.

       Crashed aircraft presentations

       History of RAF Rescue  

Throughout summer  

Richard Warren

01946 62176 rawarren@freenetname.co.uk


       Support to the teams across county   From now until  October 2002  


  For more info on International Year of the Mountain, see article in Summit Magazine