Millom Fell Rescue Team

Mountain Festival - 20th and 21st July 2002

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Deputy Team Leader, Pete Barnes preparing for stretcher lower from the fire tower to demonstrate how a casualty could be rescued from a crag.
Lucy Scott in the stretcher before being lowered

Pete Barnes with the stretcher during the lower. 

A high line was used to pull the stretcher out over the corner of the fire station which was immediately adjacent to the tower.

Broughton Fire Tower - venue for the crag rescue demonstration
To start of the Teddy Bear abseiling a giant rabbit was lowered from  the fire tower - people were then invited to book their teddies in
What's this then - the shadows of multiple persons on an abseil, surely this must be against the rules?
No - it is Ok when you are only 1 foot high (the Teddy that is, and not Stephe Cove MFRT Chairman)

A very brave teddy all harnessed up and ready to go.

Exhibition in the Victory Hall  - MR displays, safety
leaflets provided by The BMC, Mountaineering Council of Scotland, The Lake District National Park and The Ordnance Survey. 
Other information provided by The Swiss Tourist Board. Slide Shows and Videos were shown over the weekend and refreshments were provided by The Broughton Chamber of Trade

The Junior Cross Country Race sponsored by National Wind Power -
starting from Wilson Park. Local runners Linsay McCrae, Philip Metcalfe,
Sean Leighton and Nathan Metcalfe ran particularly well in the race and
Broughton School were awarded the team prize of an educational CD-Rom
donated by Ordnance Survey.
The Broughton Firemen who were called out on the Sunday. They were in the middle of a fancy dress pub crawl
to raise money for some equipment at Furness General, hence the interesting undies.

 What we didn't take a photo of was 2 minutes later trying to jump start the fire engine from the Millom FRT rescue Land-Rover 

To find out more about the Millom Fell rescue Team visit their website - click on the mrc logo

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