Kern Knotts Auction - Wasdale Head Inn

Saturday 7th September 2002                 


As part of the Lake District's activities in support of the Cumbrian Mountain Festival, the team organised an auction (the third of its kind - see here for background) to raise money to purchase new vehicles.  The following photographs give a flavour of the events of the day - over 500 people visited the event and 11,956 was raised.

RAF Sea King at Wasdale Head Inn.  Squadron Leader Windy Miller  (the Boss) was on hand to show members of the public around the craft.
A team members daughter has a photo shoot before accompanying the probationers on a dry run training session. The probationary team members then flew and were winched out onto Great Gable.
Adam (Pilot) on the left, stands by the open door while visitors get the guided tour.  All remark on how large the helicopter is.
Winchman 'Taz' demonstrates how to grab the hook, keeping thumbs out of the way to avoid snagging.
Airborne and ready to be lowered onto the upper slopes of Great Gable.  Important training for team members and invaluable training for the helicopter crews themselves.
Winching out in pairs, the standard method of getting in / out of the helicopter when they cannot land-on
Down in the valley bottom the 1st runners are home.  Hotel to the top of Lingmell and back in under 50 minutes.

Jos Naylor, local retired farmer and legendary fell runner congratulates the winner. 

Guy Newbold, mastermind of the Kern Knotts Auction takes '5' in front of some of the lots.  The racing bike in the foreground went for 260
In addition to the auction, there was enough equipment and clothing to set up a shop.  A total of 14,000 was donated by sponsors of the event.
Richard Longman, WMRT Treasurer.......and what do you bid for this ladies jacket?



What do I hear for this first aid kit?  15 ?  12? 



This Jeroboam of champagne donated to the auction went for 60, presented in a silk lined, polished French oak box
The kids hide away.