Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team

Gosforth Show - Wednesday 21st August 2002       

A well attended show day, the first since 2000 due to foot and mouth last year. A beautiful day with Wasdale Spring Water doing a roaring trade (the team sold about 20 bottles).

The day managed to pull in 177.75p so thanks to all the members (and past members) who gave up their day to help.  Ali, Jenny, Karen, Tim and Ian Strafford.

Find Garfield did well, attracting 30 seekers.

The helium balloons were only selling slowly until Tim Brooks came along and showed us how to put  balloon inside a balloon so we could sell 'two for the price of one' .

Supporters 'T' shirts sold well (sold 6) as did the raffle tickets and book stall.

Glorious sunshine for the complete day
Mobile 3 cleaned up nicely, even though it had to go out on a search the night before.
Karen had a busy day looking after the punters and having to respond to two calls for 'doctor on the field?' - thankfully nothing too serious.
Garfield got himself lost on Wasdale MRT patch but had plenty of people wanting to locate him.  Garfield and his little teddy bear were the prize for a find.
There were a total of eight prizes to win - thanks to the Ali Strafford and the Levoi family for donating all the teddies.
Andrew Messenger (left) was the winner and his brother Sean came 4th closest to the missing Garfield who was found half way down Little Narrowcove between Scafell Pike and Broad Crag / Ill Crag

Postscript - Mrs Mawrey who came second has donated her prize, the teddy sat on the grass on the left, to the children's acute care ward at West Cumberland Hospital - thankyou for you kindness on behalf of the ward.