Cumbrian Mountain Festival 2002

A celebration of life in the

Lake District  

Involvement from Wasdale MRT

   (Last updated 23/9/02)  


 Dialogue Across Mountains

               A British-Swiss Affair                                                    


 Sir Chris Bonington C.B.E., The Hon. Jim Lowther, Lord Richard Inglewood MEP and His Excellency Mr Bruno Spinner, Ambassador of Switzerland.

 This Festival is a major Cumbrian community project aimed at boosting our county’s economy after the disastrous Foot and Mouth epidemic.

The disease has severely affected businesses and livelihoods within the rural communities of the Lake District and our project is a means of stimulating regeneration in these areas. By chronicling Cumbria’s long history of Mountain culture and heritage we aim to bring tourists back to those areas worst affected.

 A series of community-based events, exhibitions and attractions, partly funded by Business Link for Cumbria, have been organised between April and November 2002. As part of ‘International Year of Mountains 2002’ this project will gain international recognition, particularly as we are working with the Swiss government to promote ‘Dialogue Across Mountains’, a celebration of the longstanding British/Swiss mountaineering and tourism relationship. 

These events will be based throughout Cumbria to form a heritage trail that can be followed from venue to venue, providing the opportunity to view works of art and memorabilia not normally on display to the public. 

 The Wasdale MRT is becoming very much the focal point for the Lake District’s mountain rescue teams as the Wasdale valley is generally recognised as the birthplace of British mountaineering (WP Haskett Smith - Napes Needle 26 June 1886) and the site of the first recorded mountain rescue (Scafell 1859 recalled by John Ruskin). 

The Wasdale team has an organising group consisting Adam Campion, Paul  Cook, Fiona Henderson, Saffron Price-Walter, Alison Strafford and Richard Warren but many other team members are now involved.  You can personally help by supporting the various fund raising events and getting your families and friends involved.  We still need to raise £30,000 for the replacement vehicles although over £7,900 has already been raised since the flag day just before Christmas.

 Planned Wasdale MRT events are: (full details at bottom of page) 

Co-ordinator - Richard Warren Te. 01946 62176

Event When Who's Organising
Raft Race - Wastwater/Santon Bridge Monday 1 April Alison Strafford           
Opening Mill Forge Base Saturday 20 April Paul Cook                  photos
Coast to Coast Saturday 27 April Gordon Starkie
Medieval Weekend - Egremont Saturday - Monday 4-6 May David Kennedy
Opening Mill Forge Base Saturday   8 June All WMRT members
St. Bees Fete  Saturday 22 June? Mike Greene
Bob Graham Round in 24 hrs  Saturday 22 June Adam Campion
Napes Needle ascent  Saturday 29 June Paul Cook                photos    
Napes Needle lunch Saturday 26 June Howard Christie
Opening Mill Forge Base Saturday 17 August All WMRT members
Gosforth Show Wednesday 21 August  Alison Strafford         photos
Eskdale Fete - Outward Bound Monday 26 August Alison Strafford
Eskdale Show Saturday 28 September Alison Strafford       (cancelled due to sheep movement restrictions)
IYM Beer Festival Saturday 7 September Howard Christie            details             photos 
IYM Auction  Saturday 7 September Guy Newbold               details             photos          
13 Base Cycle Challenge TBC   Rob Scott
Wasdale Show   Saturday 12 October  Alison Strafford
Opening Mill Forge Base Saturday 26 October All WMRT members
WMRT Social  - IYM Close Saturday 26 October Richard Warren

Details in chronological order

1/4/02 Raft Race - Wastwater/Santon Bridge - Lion and Lamb Pub, Gosforth are organising a raft race down the river from Wastwater down to the Bridge Inn at Santon Bridge - event completed and raised £500 for the team - see photos here.

27/4/02 Coast to Coast - Hillary Perruzza to do the walk and raise funds for the team (17 day walk from St. Bees to Richard's Bay) - email with support to Hilary on 

4 - 6 May Medieval Weekend - Egremont is holding a large Medieval festival that will start of Friday 4th May, and will finish on Monday 6th May (Bank Holiday Monday). There are large events taking place throughout the town. The main sites being the market place, the castle and the rugby grounds. Various professional and amateur groups are taking part, including a large group who take part in re-enactments of medieval battles. (They dress up in suits of armour and clobber each other with swords, maces and so on.) This group will be taking part in events during the whole weekend. The organisers will be disappointed if there are less than 2,000 visitors each day at the event. This will be the largest event to take place South of Whitehaven this year.  

How the WMRT can gain from this. On Sunday and Monday, there will be charity stalls set up in the Castle. The organisers have kindly agreed to allow us to take a landrover to the castle, setup a static display, sell raffle tickets, and have a bucket for donations. They have even arranged for the Territorial Army to erect a tent for us to keep the static display (and us) dry. The organisers will mention our display in the program that is to be printed in the Whitehaven News this coming Thursday. 

This is a golden opportunity to raise our profile in the local community, and make some hard cash. As can be seen, the organisers have gone to a lot of trouble to accommodate us, and are keen that we attend.

...and finally... Wheelybin Jousting.  One of the events is a sponsored joust with Wheely bins: One person, (ideally small with a very good aim,) gets inside a wheely bin covered in balloons. He is pushed around the field by another person (ideally pretty big bloke), and has to burst the balloons on his opponents wheely bin. There are sponsorship forms available. Apparently, last time they tried this, one of the pubs in Egremont managed to raise £200 for charity. Each charity is allowed two teams. So, if anyone fancies a go, they are welcome to try. (They don't have to be team members of course, so if you know some rugby players who might try it, why not invite them...?)