Re-enactment of the First Ascent

Napes Needle - 29th June 1886

For a recount of the first climb in 1886 by W P Haskett Smith see here


The following photographic record covers the reconstruction of the first ascent of Napes Needle 116 years ago.  Paul Cook and Stephen Walter, both members of the Wasdale mountain Rescue Team, decided to follow in Haskett Smith's footsteps as a way of recognising his major achievement and raise funds to replace the ageing rescue vehicles.

      this page was updated 1 July 2002 and is currently awaiting further hard copies of the photographs to be scanned in.


Stephen Walter (left) in traditional victorian hobnailed climbing boots (tricuni nails on the sides for grip)

Paul Cook (right) who climbed along with Stephen, providing necessary safety cover.  Paul leading the route on the 29th.

Napes Needle clear of the low cloud on the 29th June, 116 years after that first ascent.

Paul and Stephen in the Valley bottom with Great Gable in the background.  The Needle is 2/3 along the base of the crags from the left of the picture