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Number of '999' calls to date = 95 which includes 66 with the team on the fell and 29 where the incident was reported as a '999' but there was no need for any major team involvement and therefore not formally logged as an incident (given postscript (a) or (b)) - this is where the Team Leader talks them off the mountain with minimal team member involvement


To halt the increasing trend of incidents which are simply requests for a guiding service - Mountain Rescue (England and Wales) have partnered with  A simple Grid Reference Finder which will encourage walkers to learn to use a map and compass see here.  After all the grid reference finder is no use without a map.  This initiative was driven by the Wasdale Team within the Lakes Region for Mountain Rescue (England & Wales) - 

 Information on the 2008 safety/public awareness campaign can be found here

Donations to the team  are now being acknowledged at end of incident write up  - MRTs are registered charities - many walkers we meet are surprised that there is no government funding and that all team members are unpaid volunteers - 3,500 covering England and Wales


November 2008

There have been no incidents so far this month and Monday 15th November is the AGM and the end of the WMRT accounting year so  the total for the year is 95  '999' alerts including 66 with the team on the fell and 29 where the incident was reported as a '999' but there was no need for any major team involvement


October 2008

2008:66(a) 29/10/08 ( mid p.m.) - Wednesday  

Team paged by police regarding a missing despondent in the south of the Wasdale/Eskdale area.  Whilst the Team Leader was driving to the base the police came back and advised that the missing person had been located - Incident stood down later that afternoon.

2008:66 28/10/08 (9.00 p.m.) - Tuesday  

Team contacted by police to help a 52 yr old and 18 yr old father and son who were lost somewhere on the descent from Scafell via Slightside on the Eskdale side.  The father had a previous tendon injury and was worried about proceeding further.  They had no torches but otherwise were well equipped.   11 team members turned out along with two SARDA search dogs (Langdale & Sedburgh).  The lost pair were found by dog Rosie and her Wasdale handler at Bull How .  The father and son were walked back down to their car.  Incident closed at around 1.00 a.m.

[NY 20550 01982]

2008:65 26/10/08 (8.00 p.m.) - Sunday  

Team contacted by police to assist 8 walkers who had become lost on the Wasdale Screes path below Low Adam Crag.  8 team members attended and managed to locate the group at 8.45 p.m. and walk them back up the Lake path to the road head at Brackenclose - the team were unable to get the vehicle to Brackenclose due to flood waters.  Incident closed at 10.00 p.m.

[NY 15630 04937]

2008:64 26/10/08 (4.16 a.m.) - Sunday  

Team contacted by Ambulance Control to assist in incident at the Wasdale Head Hotel.  A 10 year old boy staying at the cottages had suffered a sever asthma  attack and needed hospitalization.  The roads were flooded even more than the previous afternoon (Wastwater had risen 3 to 4 foot and covered the roads with 2 foot of water.   Three team members including the team doctor attended, gave medical assistance and transported the boy to the waiting ambulance at Overbeck.  Incident closed at around 7.00 a.m.  4 team members involved. 

[NY 18642 08772 ]

2008:63(a) 25/10/08 (5.00 p.m.) - Saturday  

Whilst rescue 63 was being dealt with a further request came in to assist a female walker from the Dartmoor area who had sustained a shoulder injury and had managed to get down to the Wasdale Head Hotel but the road ambulance could not get up the valley due to the flooded roads.  The team transported the casualty to the ambulance by landrover.  Two team members involved. 

[NY 18642 08772 ]


2008:63 25/10/08 (2.20 p.m.) - Saturday  

Telephone call from Keswick MRT after they had been contacted by Ambulance control (Keswick were already dealing with 3 incidents related to the same event ( Original Mountain Marathon).  Female competitor in a team of two had been swept away down the swollen Spouthead Gill where it met with Lingmell Beck (Wasdale side of Styhead Pass). 

The team were immediately called out and approximately 20 team members attended.  Unprecedented rainfall and high winds had flooded the valleys and swollen the rivers.  The missing walker was located on an island in the middle of the raging gill.  She was located on a very small island with a number of injuries.  A further 4 walkers had gone to assist her but were also stranded.  4 Wasdale swift water technicians managed to get to the location and two got across to the island using ropes.  A Sea King helicopter that had been called in to assist in the search for the lost walker was brought in to winch all 7 off the island which was quickly becoming engulfed.  The injured and hypothermic female was stretcher winched.  All were flown to Whitehaven Hospital.  Incident closed at around 6.30 p.m.

See grough website article and video footage here   and competitors story here

See further photos here from BBC website


[NY 21462 09140]


2008:62 22/10/08 (4.53 p.m.) - Wednesday  

Paged by the police for two walkers lost somewhere on the Scafell Range.  The Team Leader spoke to them by mobile phone and from their description established they had been up into Upper Eskdale before climbing back onto the summit of Scafell Pike again.  Their description suggested that they were on the summit of Ill Crag but they did not have a compass or torches and were worried about finding their own way back off to Wasdale.  The male and female couple from Lancashire were found at around 6.30 p.m.  near the summit of Ill Crag which is just to the east of Scafell Pike.  They had no torches and were in low cloud.  20 team members attended.  They were walked off the mountain back to the valley bottom.  Incident was closed at around 10.00 p.m.

[NY 22310 07364]

2008:61(b) 13/10/08 (3.27 p.m.) - Monday  

Paged by the police for lost walkers on Great Gable - Team leader called the lost group (three male walkers) and established that although they had maps and compass, they had made a navigational error in the low cloud and were actually to the north west of Gable rather than their intended route which should have been to the North east.  From the description given to the Team leader over the mobile of where they had been and a reference to a group of small tarns, the leader established that they were actually on Kirk Fell top.  He redirected them back to Beck Head and then back to Honister.  The group called in at 10.00 p.m. to advise that they were back down safe and well.  Incident closed.  No team members put onto the fell.

[NY 19760 10647]

[This incident is No. 61  out of 88  x '999's in 2008 compared to 62  out of 88 x'999's at the same time last year i.e.  exactly the same !!]

2008:61(a) 05/10/08 (10.16 p.m.) - Sunday  

Paged by the Police regarding two people reported long overdue form a walk to Scafell and Scafell Pike.  The informant ran a guest house in Keswick and knew little about the two guests, other than that they were early 40's, from Nottingham and that their intended route involved doing Scafell first.  Whilst making calls to Keswick MRT and trying to establish the whereabouts of their vehicle they turned up safe and well.  Incident stood down at 11pm

[NY xxxxxxxxxxx]

2008:61 03/10/08 (8.23 p.m.) - Friday  

Paged by the Police regarding a 45 yr old female walker from Keswick who had become benighted on her descent from Scafell.  She had good reception on her mobile and although uninjured had rung for assistance.  She was not far from Stoney Tarn (Eskdale) but had lost the path and felt she needed to wait for help.  She was well equipped (including torch and whistle) and able to wait in her bivvy bag.  The Team leader along with another team member went to get her (using it as a good training exercise for one of the team search dogs). A further team member stayed in the valley and provided a temporary base back up.   The lost walker was found and escorted back to the Woolpack without further incident.  Incident closed at around 11.00 p.m.

[NY 19582 02347]


September 2008

2008:60(a) 21/09/08 (5.30 p.m.) - Sunday  

Whilst the team were leaving the road head at Great Gable following incident 60, the local farmer requested assistance to recover his quad bike which he had driven deep into a bog.  The team landrover was positioned such that the quad could be winched out.  This rescue mission completed, the next challenge was getting the team landrover off the mountain side, back to its normal parking place at the bottom of Gavel Nease.  Incident closed at 7.00 p.m.


 [NY 20305 09262]

2008:60 21/09/08 (1.08 p.m.) - Sunday  

Pager message from the police regarding a 50 yr old female who had taken a short tumble fall on the path from Great Gable summit towards Beck Head.  She had sustained cuts to her wrist, face and leg and although she had received good first aid on scene she needed to be carried off the fell.  Assistance was requested from an RAF helicopter however the accident location went into cloud and the helicopter suffered malfunctions which caused it to take no further part in the rescue.  16 team members carried the injured person back to Wasdale Head where she was taken by car to West Cumberland Hospital.  Incident completed by about 5.30 p.m. 

 [NY 20827 10660]

2008:59(a) 19/09/08 (9.15 p.m.) - Friday  

'999' call from a group of '13 Three Peakers' lost on Scafell Pike.  The Team Leader spoke to them by mobile and established that they had a GPS.  The group could gave a reasonably accurate grid reference for their location but had no map with which to see where they were.  They were given directions over the phone and guided back over Lingmell Col and onto the decent path.  The incident was closed at 12.15 a.m. after a series of phone calls to ensure that they were confirmed to be well down towards Wasdale Head. 

[NY xxxxxxxxxxx]

2008:59 16/09/08 (2.47 p.m.) - Tuesday  

'999' call from an informant regarding a female who had broken her arm near Brotherilkeld.  There was little information initially as the informant had returned to the scene, having requested help from the Woolpack Inn.  The team mobilised and when it arrived at the Woolpack the injured lady had managed to walk back to the farm.  The incident was stood down and she was taken to West Cumberland Hospital by car.  the incident was closed at about 4.30 p.m. 

[NY xxxxxxxxxxx]

2008:58(a) 13/09/08 (10.24 p.m.) - Saturday  

Pager message from Police regarding overdue walkers.  Whilst the team leader was establishing more details about the incident the missing persons turned up safe and well.  Incident closed at around 10.45 p.m.  Logged here as an alert with no team members going onto the fell

[NY xxxxxxxxxxx]

2008:58 11/09/08 (2.14 p.m.) - Thursday  

Pager message from Police to respond to a 71 yr old male walker from Ashford in Kent who had a fracture dislocation of his tib and fib (lower leg).  He was given analgesic and his leg splinted by the team before being and taken to West Cumberland Hospital by Great North Air Ambulance who had been requested to attend.  10 team members were involved including the Base Operator and a radio relay.  The base and incident was closed at 5.30 p.m.

[NY 21940 01449]

2008:57 08/09/08 (3.22 p.m.) - Monday  

Pager message from Police to respond to a husband and wife who were lost somewhere on Scafell Pike.  The man reported he had left from Seathwaite to climb Scafell Pike via what we believed to be the Corridor Route from his description over the mobile phone.  They had lost the path on the way up and ascended steep[ grassy slope which turned into scree and he had become scree bound.  He was a 100 metres above his wife and was looking down onto  a small tarn.  A small search group were sent out to look for them in the Lambfoot Dub area.   Whilst the team were making their way to the location, the couple made their way back down to a path. The couple were located and made their own way to Styhead where they confirmed that they no longer required assistance and made their way back to Seathwaite.  6 team members on the fell, 2 on Base and 1 on relay.  Incident closed at around 6.30 p.m.

[NY 22172 08474]

2008:56 06/09/08 (1.55 a.m.) - Saturday  

Pager message from Police to respond to  a request for help from two Three Peakers.  2 male walkers from Kent were attempting the 3 peaks challenge from Seathwaite and became lost on their way back down.  From a telephone conversation with the lost pair, the leader established that their most likely location was Middleboot Knotts.  The search group went to that location and sent up a flare which the lost party took a bearing on.  The search group walked straight to them, re-warmed as mild hypothermic, and then walked straight down........following is the press release

Two walkers, intent on completing the Three Peaks Challenge ignored warnings of severe weather and needed rescuing after they became lost in thick cloud and heavy rain.  The two gentlemen lost their way on Scafell Pike and ended up near the top of Piers Gill, a deep ravine that has lured several walkers into serious difficulty over the years.  They were fortunate in being able to have mobile phone reception and were able to provide the team leader with sufficient information for him to make an educated guess as to their location.  The team were called out at 0230 and located the pair at 0530.  Although being mildly hypothermic they were able to walk down to the valley.  Unfortunately their car was in Borrowdale so one of the team members volunteered to provide them with transport.  Taxi fares from Wasdale to Borrowdale are in excess of £100!  8 team members were involved in this 6 hour rescue, Rescue Base closed at 8.00 a.m.

Further information:  The Three Peaks Challenge used to be done over the midsummer weekend when there are long hours of daylight and a reasonable chance of good weather.  Over recent years people are attempting the challenge throughout the year and are increasingly finding themselves in difficulty and requiring rescuing.  Challenge walkers are encouraged to make sure they are properly equipped and able to navigate in darkness and bad weather.  

The two males were reasonably well equipped with Bivi tent, decent waterproofs and boots, head torches, map and compass.  However one was in jeans as his other trousers had been previously wetted on Snowdon (jean are the worst things to wear as they do not dry out and draw out heat from the lower body).  They had apparently lost the Corridor Route at piers Gill, realised they were wrong quite quickly (to their credit) and exited but could not find the path - the biggest issue is that although well enough equipped and probably experienced to do it in daylight, their navigational skills were not up to doing it in the dark in low cloud and driving rain - they were ill prepared rather than ill equipped.

As with most 3 peakers they were fixated on doing it in 24 hours irrespective of conditions :  they would not modify plans or turn back just because there were widespread severe weather  and river flooding warnings issued.  It is this drive to do it at all costs that is the problem.

[NY 21385 08034]

August 2008

2008:55 30/08/08 (3.55 p.m.) - Saturday  

Request came in via mobile '999' to police.  74 yr old male walker fallen 40 foot on Great Gable.  Two male walkers, one having taken a tumble fall down the scree on Great Hellgate, below Tophet Wall on Great Gable.  17 team members attended.  Weather fine.  Following medical treatment to a series of head wounds he was stretchered back down Brackenclose where he was transferred to an ambulance and taken to West Cumberland Hospital.  Incident closed at 9.00 p.m.   Photographs and video footage to follow

[NY 21040 09932]

2008:54(a) 30/08/08 (9.07 a.m.) - Saturday  

Call from Cumbria police regarding a Group of three walkers who failed to turn up at the Youth Hostel in Ennerdale after walking the previous day on Great Gable.  They had decided to camp in Wasdale but had failed to tell anyone.  The incident was stood down at 9.37 a.m.  - Only two of the DTLs involved in telephone conversations so recorded as an (a)

2008:54 27/08/08 (6.07 p.m.) - Wednesday  

Call from Cumbria police regarding two male walkers who were lost on Scafell Pike.  The two brothers from Peterhead in their late 20s had set off from Seathwaite earlier that day.  After reaching the summit which was covered in low cloud, they got lost but also damaged their GPS.  They were on broken ground on a south facing slope and had walked approximately 30 mins from the summit cairn.  19 team members searched the different descent routes around the summit of the Pike.  Thick cloud was down to the valley bottom.  The two men were found by one of the team member's search dog, Rosie who was out with them on the search.  They were located in the Broadcrag tarn area in the late evening.  Both were tired and wet but, although a struggle, managed to walk back down to Wasdale with the the team.  They were taken by taxi back to Keswick where they were staying.  Base was closed at 1.00 a.m.

[NY 21323 06930]

2008:53(c) 17/08/08 (12.46 a.m.) - Sunday  

Call from Cumbria police regarding a group of 3 Peakers in trouble.  The informant was at the campsite telephone box.  Two groups had set off to complete Scafell Pike as a Three Peaks Challenge.  Although the weather conditions were appalling with very heavy rain the groups had set off.  The groups consisted 9 walkers and 7 walkers, all in their mid to late 20s - some Australian. The group of 7 had failed to turn up at the rendezvous (Brackenclose roadhead).  At 2.00 a.m. further information came in that the missing group had been last seen as a group of 6 at 7.25 pm somewhere between the slabs and Lingmell Col.  One of their party had already gone adrift and it was not known if he had become lost in Hollowstones or decided to go up Mickledore.  The decision was made to wait until 7.00 a.m. - at 8.00 a.m. the team leader put out a full team callout and asked the informant to make her way up the fell to get a mobile signal and try and contact the group.  When this was done a call came in from the group of 6 who had found their missing person, had been lost themselves (probably on the Eskdale side) and had sensibly made their way back up to the summit where they had a mobile signal. They then made contact with their transport / informant and the callout was cancelled, including the callout of the Duddon & Furness MRT.  A happy ending.

See callout 53 [9/08/08] which has similarities although this group were well equipped although perhaps could do with brushing up on - keeping together as a group and night navigation in bad weather.  See article  here concerning rescue 53  

[NY not applicable]

2008:53(b) 13/08/08 (8.52 p.m.) - Wednesday  

Call from Cumbria police regarding a 67 yr old male reported long overdue on a walk up Great Gable.  He was reported to have gone with little or no fell going equipment, map, compass, clothing, food, so was sounding like someone the team leader considered was "at risk".  However, as the team leader was gathering full details from the police they received another call from the informant to advise that he had rung home and was on his way.  The incident was stood down within minutes and only involved the team leader making telephone calls.

[NY not applicable]

2008:53(a) 12/08/08 (9.18 p.m.) - Tuesday  

Call from Cumbria police concerning a 58 yr old male long overdue walker who was on a walk to Scafell Pike.  The informant was in Langdale but did not know exactly what her husband's intended route was.  The walker was reported as - not having an adequate map, no compass, no torch, no waterproof over trousers.  The weather was appalling with extremely heavy showers and low cloud so the team leader had real concerns about the missing walker.  Whilst the team leader was gathering information the missing person turned up safe and well.  Incident closed at 9.42 p.m. 

It is interesting to note that his only map was on the brochure that he had picked up in Ambleside Tourist Information Office and that the quoted time for the walk was 4 hours.  The team have not seen this brochure yet so will be following this up with Cumbria Tourism who are working alongside the Lake District MRTs to raise public awareness of the dangers of the hills and the need for good preparation and taking the right clothing and equipment 

[This incident is No. 53  out of 72  x '999's in 2008 compared to 46  out of 60 x'999's at the same time last year i.e. 15% and 18% increases on last year's calls respectively]

[NY not applicable]

2008:53 9/08/08 (11.45 p.m.) - Saturday  

Two groups of 4 and 5 people, both part of the same party doing the Three Peaks Challenge, were reported overdue between the summit of Scafell Pike and Langdale.  The missing groups had called in on their mobile to say they were on the summit at 6.30pm that but failed to meet their transport in Langdale.   Wasdale MRT were called out by the police at 11.45pm and along with colleagues from Langdale Ambleside, SARDA (Lakes), Duddon & Furness and Keswick teams searched throughout the night in heavy rain and thunderstorms before finding the missing groups at the bottom of Hardknott Pass at around 4.30 a.m.  They were cold and wet but otherwise safe and well.  The party of 9 was found near Cockley Beck between the Hardknott and Wrynose passes.  Number of team members involved in the rescue was 25.  The incident was closed at 7.45 a.m.

This is the 10th group doing the Three Peaks Challenge that has needed assistance from the Wasdale team this year.  [see article by Team Leader here]

[This incident is No. 53  out of 71  x '999's in 2008 compared to 42  out of 59 x'999's at the same time last year i.e. 26% and 20% increases on last year's calls respectively]

[NY 23427 04274]

2008:52(c) 9/08/08 (7.42 p.m.) - Saturday  

The team were paged by the police for two three peakers who had become separated and lost whilst ascending, then descending Scafell Pike.  The missing person was talked off the mountain by telephone and met up with some other walkers who pointed him in the right direction.   He had waterproofs map and compass but no torch.  3 team members were involved, both on the phone and driving up to the informant/support driver to check they were safely down.

[NY20615 07237]


2008:52(b) 7/08/08 (5.38 p.m.) - Thursday  

The team were paged by the police to respond to a '999' call for assistance.  Tw0 60 yr old females were reported long overdue from a walk onto Great Gable.  They were expected back at Honister Pass at Approximately 3.30 p.m. but had good equipment and there was nothing that put them in a high risk category.  Following discussions with the deputy leaders it was decided to review again at 7.00 p.m. and 8.00 p.m. before opting to search.  The two ladies turned up safe and well at 7.,30 p.m.  No action was necessary from the team other than phone calls by the team leader.

[NY not applicable]

2008:52(a) 5/08/08 (7.00 p.m.) - Tuesday  

The team were paged by the police to deal with 3 missing walkers who were overdue from a walk on Great Gable.  The informant was at the Telephone kiosk in Seathwaite.  Whilst in the process of gathering relevant information, the group turned up safe and well 30 minutes later -  only one team member involved.  Incident closed at 7.25 p.m. without further team involvement

[NY not applicable]

July 2008

2008:52 30/07/08 (5.47 p.m.) - Wednesday  

The team were paged by the police to respond to a report of shouts for help and someone seen falling on the Screes.  They were reported as having fallen from High up on the Screes.   The informant was on the opposite side of the Lake by the road.  The boat squad was mobilised along with around 12 team members on the hill.  A total of 17 team members were involved.  The man, in his 40s was in fact low down near the lakeside on the large boulder field.  He had tumbled and injured his arm which was severely grazed and bruised   He was given casualty care by the team doctor and taken back across the lake to the Youth Hostel where he was staying.  Incident closed at around 8.30 p.m.  [post incident note - following a detailed examination and X-ray later in hospital was diagnosed with a fracture elbow].

[NY15307 04660]


2008:51 20/07/08 (6.05 p.m.) - Sunday  

As the team were about to leave from the broken leg incident below,  Wasdale Base advised the team of another incident, this time involving a 70yr old male from Cheshire.  He had some medical history and had collapsed and was unable to walk.  His location was just above the Brown Tongue stream crossing, on the path.  He was indeed unable to walk and needed a stretcher carry to Brackenclose, where he was transferred to West Cumberland Hospital by ambulance.  14 team members attended on the fell.  Incident closed at about 9.00 p.m.

[This incident is No. 51  out of 66  x '999's in 2008 compared to 46  out of 57 x'999's at the same time last year i.e.  a 15 % increase on last year's '999' calls]

[NY19535 07455]

2008:50 20/07/08 (4.05 p.m.) - Sunday  

Just as the team were getting back to Overbeck, one of the other Deputy Team Leaders received a call direct whilst at Wasdale Head.  The informant had run to the Barn Door Shop reporting a 50yr old female from Coventry with a suspect fractured left ankle, location being the stream crossing below Sty Head, bottom Sty Head path - Lingmell Beck / Piers gill confluence.  She was treated for a suspected broken tib and fib and carried to Burnthwaite, where she was transferred to West Cumberland Hospital by ambulance.  11 team members were involved in the carry down.  Incident closed at around 6.00 p.m.

[NY21280 09145]

2008:49 20/07/08 (1.05 p.m.) - Sunday  

Police paged the team regarding a father (60s')  and son (20) from Hampshire les who reported themselves stuck, cragfast and frightened on the main ridge of Yewbarrow.  Despite having walked up to their location they felt unable to descend without mountain rescue assistance.  The Deputy Team Leader conducted a limited call out and 7 team members responded to the incident.  The two men were located at Great Dore on the ridge, duly assisted off unhurt with short ropes back to the Overbeck car park.  7 team members were involved on the fell. Incident closed at 4.00 p.m.

[NY17067 07712]

2008:48 19/07/08 (11.30 a.m.) - Saturday  

Call came direct from the Wasdale Head Hotel. Informant walked in reporting 44yr old female with possible heart attack.  Location was  Lingmell towards Brown Tongue path.  Symptoms were consistent with a heart related issue and she was treated at the scene by team members.  She was then carried to the nearest flat landing area (fields near the Green) and transferred to West Cumberland Hospital by Great North Air Ambulance.

[NY18915 07867]

2008:47 12/07/08 (4.17 p.m.) - Saturday  

Call came in to the team from Easthwaite Farm from a lady whose husband and dog were stuck on the Screes path.  The dog could not move as its paws were cut.  A limited callout was made with the Boat squad.  4 team members attended but before the boat could be launched the man had been encouraged to carry on by some passing walkers who knew the way through the boulder field.  The team was stood down at 5.02 pm. 

[NY15362 04697]

2008:46 11/07/08 (10.59 a.m.) - Friday  

Police paged the team following a '999' call from a pair of crag fast walkers on the Screes.  The male and female in their 30s had walked from the Pump House along the far side of the lake until they came tot he boulder field.  They lost the path (very difficult to find a path across the boulders) so proceeded up the scree until they became crag fast, very high and on unstable ground.  12 team members attended.  The couple were put into climbing harnesses and helmets and rope assisted back down the scree to the shore path.  The incident was closed at 2.30 p.m.  This incident was nearly identical to the one in June 2006 where a group of 5 managed to get crag fast.  They had managed to climb a further 300 foot above this couple.  See last years the Broken Rib callout video here -

Plus photo of the couples locations here (they were at the top of the scree in amongst the crags top right ), the method of evacuation here, alternative photo of Britain's Favourite View here  - the actual video taken of this rescue has not been included following a request from the crag fast walkers - the above photos do not identify the crag fast walkers

This photograph shows the location of the group of 5 (June 2007) - our crag fast couple were located about 500 foot below where this group of 5 were crag fast.

[NY15482 04272]

2008:45 (a) 08/07/08 (2.28 p.m.) - Tuesday  

The Police paged the team concerning 2 male walkers lost in the Hollowstones area near Scafell Pike. The acting team leader briefly spoke to one of them by mobile and had just established they were in thick cloud and near craggy ground but not cragfast when a passing walker confirmed that they were at the fallen boulder on Lords Rake which is an ascent route up Scafell Pike's neighbour - Scafell. The passing walker offered to escort them to the top of Scafell. However, the acting team leader confirmed that the two were not confident in their ability to navigate off the top of Scafell in thick cloud. The passing walker agreed to escort the two lost males down to the Woolworth boulder on one of the main paths up from Wasdale and then point them back down to Wasdale.  The acting team leader subsequently confirmed that they were on the correct path and on their way down to Wasdale. Only one WMRT member involved hence an (a)

[NY20692 06852]

2008:45 05/07/08 (12.41 p.m.) - Saturday  

The team were paged by the police to respond to a '999' call from a friend of a 50 yr old male walker doing the 3-peaks who was 'unable to walk' down from Scafell Pike. The acting team leader spoke to the informant who was on scene and confirmed that the subject had twisted his knee and had been walking on it for 5 hours. Although the party were on Lingmell Gill within site of the wooden footbridge [10 mins walk from Brackenclose] the pain had increased to a level such that the injured man could not go any further. The acting team leader initiated a full callout. Whilst the team were assembling the informant called back to say that they had had a rest and would walk off themselves and they no longer needed the team's assistance. A team member already at Brackenclose confirmed that the injured man had reached Brackenclose and, although in pain, no longer required our assistance. The team was stood down and the base was closed at approximately 13:50.

[NY20110 07302]


2008:44 03/07/08 (3.30 p.m.) - Thursday  

Whilst the above was in progress the team was requested to assist Keswick MRT with an incident in the upper end of Custs Gully on Great End  where there was a report of multiple casualties in a  precarious position. Six team members were flown with crag gear and first aid pack by RAF Sea King Rescue Helicopter from Boulmer to the top of the gully, unexpectedly arriving before the Keswick party. There were 2 casualties within the gulley who had sustained injuries from rock fall.  The first had a broken arm and was promptly winched out and flown to Whitehaven hospital. An abseil approach  was required into the gully, so as to avoid further risk of rock fall, to access the second  casualty and her companion from below.  She had sustained a broken femur which was stabilized and treated on scene.  The evacuation was delayed by a thunderstorm which temporarily prevented helicopter assistance and turned the gulley bed into a stream,  but ultimately she was winched out then taken to Whitehaven Hospital.  Great flying by the RAF. Her companions were walked off by Keswick MRT. 8 team members involved.  Base closed at 9.00 p.m.

                [This incident is No. 44  out of 58  x '999's in 2008 compared to 42  out of 51 x'999's at the same time last year i.e.  a 15 % increase on last year's '999' calls]

 [NY22627 08644]

2008:43 03/07/08 (1.15 p.m.) - Thursday  


The team was called to a lady in Eskdale near Burnmoor Tarn who had become progressively unwell during the day and was now unable to walk. Due to her location and one interpretation of her symptoms  being due a serious condition the Great North Air Ambulance was requested to evacuate her to hospital. She was stabilized and assessed on the scene then flown to the West Cumberland Hospital in Whitehaven.  ~14 Team members attended ( 12 on scene).  The incident was closed mid afternoon but as the lady was being placed in the helicopter a request came in from Keswick team to support them on a further incident on Great End.  See incident 44.

 [NY18150 02374]

2008:42 (b) 01/07/08 (1.39 a.m.) - Tuesday  

The team were contacted by Cumbria Police concerning a group of 7 overdue 17 yr old students and their 34 yr old supervisor doing a two-night walk for their Duke Of Edinburgh Gold award. The group had set off from the Wasdale NT Campsite at 16:00 and planned to walk over Mickledore and down into Eskdale where they intended to camp at Lingcove Bridge at approximately 22:00. Two assessors were waiting in the Great Moss area and became concerned when the group had not appeared by 21:15. They checked Lingcove Bridge on their way out and established that the overdue party were not at Lingcove Bridge at 22:15. Later one of the assessors rang 999 and subsequently spoke to the acting team leader who ascertained that the overdue party had full camping gear, no known injuries and no known medical conditions. He also confirmed that the party had a defined protocol for getting help in the event of an incident and that the group had the sufficient numbers and the ability to navigate in the dark i.e. they could go for help if a member of the group was in trouble. As a result it was decided the party was unlikely to be at risk and that the acting team leader would wait until 08:00 which would give the party 4.5hrs of daylight to get out for help in the event that they needed to do so. At 08:00 the acting team leader spoke to the informant and confirmed that there had still been no contact with the overdue party. The informant and another assessor then walked up to Great Moss and Lingcove Bridge and met up with the overdue party who had spent the night camping on Great Moss. Police incident log closed at 10:24 with 2 team members involved by telephone.

[NY21892 05779 ]

June 2008

2008:42 (a) 27/06/08 (10.30 a.m.) - Friday  

The team had been notified 14 June 2008  that a Rotweiler had gone missing on the Scafell Range and could we look out for her (18 months Old and called Gemma).

When the search party came across the missing Three Peakers (see incident 2008:42) they noticed a third dog sitting on the fell about 150 foot away - they thought it belonged to the missing party - the lost party had seen the dog as they climbed back up from Eskdale and when they heard the search party they thought it was a search dog.  It soon was established that it was the missing Gemma.   She had been lost on the fells 2 weeks ago and her owners had reluctantly returned to Leicester - the information was relayed back to the owners who were over the moon and immediately jumped into their car and headed up to the lakes from Leicester.  This was case of a K9 call having a happy ending.  see photos of the day  here including the 50,  Three Peaker,  Mini buses on the green at 7.30 a.m. that morning and the badly eroded paths.  


[This incident is No. 42  out of 55  x '999's in 2008 compared to 40  out of 49 x'999's at the same time last year i.e.  a 10 % increase on last year]

 [NY21512 06127]

2008:42 27/06/08 (4.11 a.m.) - Friday  

Team paged by the Police to attend to a '999' call for 3 long overdue, Three Peakers and 2 dogs.  The 2 males and 1 female (from the Liverpool area) had left Brackenclose at 8.00 p.m. the previous evening and were due back down at 12.30 a.m.  - Their waiting driver raised the alarm from the pay phone at Wasdale Head Hotel.  After discussion on the phone with the acting team leader, a decision was made to leave it until 6.00 a.m. to see if they turned up.  At 6.13 a.m. a limited callout was actioned followed by a full callout at 7.05 a.m. - 10 Wasdale team members searched the Wasdale side and in addition 6 members of the Duddon & Furness team were called out to search the Eskdale side of Scafell pike a provide radio relay cover.  Later in the morning a Royal Navy Sea King Helicopter was tasked to assist ( they offered to help as they were planning a training exercise that day).

The missing group were located between Cam Spout and Mickledore at 10.30 a.m. - cloud was down to 1,600 feet.  They had made a navigational error and descended into Eskdale via Cam Spout rather than turning right at the Stretcher Box on Mickledore and descending into Wasdale (this is a very common error).  After spending much time trying to find a way out they eventually decided to head back up to the summit and it was here they met one of the Wasdale search parties descending into Eskdale.  They were walked off the mountain back to Brackenclose.  Incident closed at 1.00 p.m. - but see write up for incident 2008:42 (a) which also includes photos of the day

 [NY21512 06127]

2008:41 26/06/08 (0.30 a.m.) - Thursday  

A WMRT member who lives in the Wasdale noticed a light near the top of Kirk Fell moving very slowly down.  The light then topped moving and started flashing.  Since the flashing was the international distress signal [6 short flashes] he responded with the standard response [3 short flashes] and got a response. After informing the team leader he went to investigate whilst a small support team was mobilised. Eventually it was established that a young couple - male and female in their late 20s, had lost the path high on Kirk Fell Nose. Both were uninjured although the female was very tired and weak and was struggling to walk.   The couple were escorted down to the valley and given a lift back to their campsite.  4 team members were involved and the incident was closed at 4:30 a.m.


[NY19255 10302]

2008:40 22/06/08 (2.38 p.m.) - Sunday  

Team were paged by the police following a '999' call to re dislocated shoulder - Green Crag Eskdale.  A group of 5, 16 year olds doing their D of E expedition were in need of assistance.  2 had descended to the Woolpack to raise the alarm.  14 team members attended and the incident, the injured walker brought off the fell and the incident was closed at 5.00 p.m.  

[NY22372 04509]

2008:39 (b) 22/06/08 (00.30 a.m.) - Sunday  

Whilst attending the other rescues that night, the team was approached by a lady who had a group of 3 Three Peakers who were overdue - under the circumstances, no action was taken and they eventually turned up safe and well.  Incident closed as an (a) 

[NY18330 07420]

2008:39 (a) 22/06/08 (00.30 a.m.) - Sunday  

Whilst attending the other rescues that night, the team was approached by a father who was concerned about his 2 sons who were in a group of 2 Three Peakers who were long overdue - no action was taken apart from looking out for them whilst searching for the 2 missing walkers on Scafell.  They must have turned up safe and well as the father never came back.

[NY 18330 07420]

2008:39 21/06/08 (11.30 p.m.) - Saturday  

Whilst searching for the 2 male walkers, a further '999' call came in to search for 4 (Three Peakers) who were lost in the Hollowstones area and sheltering in a KISU (bivvy tent).  2 Wasdale team members were sent out to find them.  They were located not far away from the main descent path, huddled inside and unable to make their way off the mountain.  They were looked after but due to the need to locate the other 2 lost walkers, they were pointed in the right direction and sent back down to the valley bottom under their own steam.  Incident closed at 12.00 a.m. 

[NY20480 07369]

2008:38 21/06/08 (9.15 p.m.) - Saturday  

Whilst the Team leader was dealing with incident 37, a further call came in from the Wasdale head Inn regarding a man who had fallen and injured his ribs.  He was able to make his own way off the fell but needed medical attention at the Hotel and was taken to West Cumberland Hospital by ambulance.  

[NY18660 08772]

2008:37 21/06/08 (9.00 p.m.) - Saturday  

Team leader was called by the owner of the Wasdale Head Inn regarding two males in their 30s who had been reported long
overdue from a walk onto Scafell.  We had limited information about them but knew they were ill prepared (one in shorts and without full waterproof clothing) and that they'd last been seen at about 12.30pm heading in the direction of Scafell.  The weather conditions were atrocious.  At 11.00 p.m. the team leader called out the team to locate them.  At one point during the night we finally managed to establish some communication with the missing group through their mobile phone.  We were then able to establish that no-one was injured but the clues they could give to assist with locating them were difficult to interpret. The reported that they had been on the summit of the Pike then made their way onto Scafell - 8 Wasdale team members and the Duddon & Furness team carried out search patterns but they were unable to locate anyone in either Eskdale or on Scafell.   

They were eventually located on the Piers Gill path (well away from Scafell) at around 5.00 a.m. - they had descended from Scafell Pike into Eskdale via Cam Spout, then had climbed back up Scafell Pike via Little Narrow Cove and descended to the corridor route and finally down the side of Piers Gill path (established this after finding them and asking questions about their journey).


[NY21470 08547]

2008:36(c) 18/06/08 (11.20 p.m.) - Wednesday

Call from the Police regarding a group of 6 female walkers being reported long overdue from arriving at their designated meeting/camping point.  Little information available at the start as the informant was at the telephone kiosk at the National Trust Camp Site in Langdale, which doesn't accept incoming calls.  (Another case of being able to make a 999 call but where we couldn't return a call).  The team leader asked the Langdale & Ambleside team leader to go and talk to them.  After a little while the informant rang  Wasdale team leader back, having moved location to Ambleside in order to get a mobile signal.  He was then able to establish that the group of missing girls should have met others at Scar Lathing (Upper Esk), having set off to walk from Cockley Beck at about 3pm that day.  Adult staff had already searched for the missing party and had covered the Green Hole, Mosedale, Esk valley to bottom of Hard Knott, Great Moss and Sampson Stones.  It was clear that this was an extremely well organised group, who had already put significant effort into keeping track of several different smaller groups (all converging on Scar Lathing) and had done a lot of work to try and locate the one party of 6 that were still overdue.  The missing party of 6 had good tents, sleeping bags, stoves, food, good clothing etc and had been doing well on previous days navigating and
walking.  The two team leaders agreed that they should wait to see what turned up in the morning and would talk to the group leaders again at about 10.00 a.m. and again late morning.

Call came in from the Police at 10.25 a.m.  The girls camped somewhere in the upper Esk last night and were safe and well.  They were on their way to the bottom of Hard Knott.  Incident closed at 10.25 a.m.

[NY22655 04719]

2008:36(b) 17/06/08 (3.15 p.m.) - Tuesday

Call from the Police regarding two people reporting themselves to be lost near the summit of Great Gable.  The informant was particularly concerned for the health of this daughter, who was finding the experience extremely stressful.  Initial information suggested they were not well equipped to deal with the weather conditions at that level but mobile communications were difficult to maintain.  (Another example of being able to make a 999 call but where we couldn't return calls on the network they were on)  When communications were eventually re-established at 3.41 p.m. the team leader found out that they had met other walkers who were now guiding them off.  Incident log closed at 16.15hrs.  Only one team member involved, making phone calls.

[NY21022 10387]

2008:36(a) 4/06/08 (6.20 p.m.) - Wednesday  

Team were paged by the police following a '999' call to report a missing and overdue walker.  Whilst the details were being collected the missing person turned up safe and well.  No further action required and incident closed at 6.33 p.m. - 1 team member involved

[NY18640 08760]


May 2008

2008:36 31/05/08 (12.15 p.m.) - Saturday  

Team were paged by the police to attend to a '3 Peaks Challenge' walker with an injured knee.  When details were confirmed, the incident was located at the top of Ruddy Gill which is outside Wasdale's area, but the Keswick team's pager system was down.  Wasdale responded with 12 team members on the fell.  Keswick attended later to support Wasdale.   The casualty was carried by stretcher to a point where the Great North Air Ambulance could pick up the casualty and fly them to hospital.  Incident closed at 7.00 p.m.

[This incident is No. 36  out of 43 x '999's in 2008 compared to 36  out of 40 x'999's at the same time last year i.e.  similar increases to last year]

[NY22957 08747]


2008:35 30/05/08 (4.23 p.m.) Friday  

Whilst the team were assembling for rescue 34, Police paged the team for a second incident where it was reported that there were possibly two climbers in difficulty on Shamrock Crag, Scafell.  The male and female in their late 40's from the Midlands, were walkers and not climbers, had been descending from Lord's Rake directly over the crags rather than the normal route.  The female slipped and fell a significant distance over the crags sustaining critical multiple injuries.   Her partner, in trying to descend to her location, also fell and sustained a dislocated shoulder.   They were situated several hundred feet above the ground below on very steep and dangerous crags.  Helicopter support had been requested immediately.  A Sea King from RAF Boulmer was already in the area  dealing with a serious incident on Helvellyn.  A second Sea King was scrambled from RAF Leconfield and airlifted both casualties to Whitehaven Hospital.  The second walker unfortunately did not survive her injuries and was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.  16 Wasdale team members were involved in this rescue and the one below along with support from Cockermouth MRT  - Around 30 mountain rescuers were involved altogether - Incident closed at 10.00p.m.

[NY20645 06924]

2008:34 30/05/08 (4.06 p.m.) - Friday  

Police paged the team following a '999' call from a 59 year old female walker who had fallen and injured her leg while descending from Styhead.  The lady managed to walk part of the way down herself but was then carried off by stretcher and taken to hospital by her companions.  Whilst this rescue was in progress most of the team were involved with the more serious incident on Scafell (see above 2008:35) - 5 WMRT were involved with this rescue with support from around 8 Cockermouth MRT members.  Incident closed at around 6.00 p.m.

[NY20785 09452]

2008:33 29/05/08 (2.51 p.m.) - Thursday  

Police paged the team following a '999' call from a walker with a mobile phone on the summit of Scafell Pike.  The walker in his early 60's had stumbled and fallen, banging his head, breaking his glasses and sustaining a cut to the forehead.  14 team members attended on the fell with 2 on Base.  Whilst the team made their way up the mountain the gentleman managed to start walking back down assisted by friends.  The team met up with him above Hollow Stones on the new zig-zag path where casualty care was administered and his head bandaged.  He was able to carry on walking back down to the valley bottom accompanied by the team. He was from Lancashire but staying at the Wasdale head Inn.  The incident was closed at 6.00 p.m.  The gentleman was driven to West Cumberland Hospital by his wife, in convoy with a team member.  He was given a check up in AED. 

[NY20647 07447]


2008:32(a) 21/05/08 (6.20 a.m.) - Wednesday  

Police paged the team to respond to overdue group of Three Peakers from York.  The alarm was raised by the informant at the Brackenclose camp site phone box (which does not take incoming calls - so difficult to get back to the informant) - while the Team leader was taking details the group eventually turned up safe and well - incident stood down 20 mins later.  No action taken so given an (a) rating only 1 team member involved on phone. 

[NY18230 07572]

2008:32 18/05/08 (12.33 p.m.) - Sunday  

Police paged the team to attend a fallen male climber on Great Gable.  The local man was climbing on Kern Knotts with two friends when he fell 6m onto the rocky ground below.  He sustained a suspected back injury and lacerations.  16 team members attended and following a request for helicopter evacuation, a Royal Navy Sea King Helicopter from RN Gannet, Prestwick arrived and winched the casualty on board and flew him to Carlisle Infirmary.  Incident was closed at 5.00 p.m. 

[NY2147 0965]

2008:31 10/05/08 (10.00 a.m.) - Saturday  

A request came in from the farmer at Burnthwaite to rescue two crag fast sheep on Great Gable.  Three team members spent 3 hours at the head of Little Hellgate on Great Gable.  The sheep were located on an exposed ledge and recovered safely.  Incident closed at 1.00 p.m.

[This incident is No. 31 out of 37 x '999's in 2008 compared to 33  out of 39 x'999's at the same time last year i.e.  similar increases to last year]

[NY2090 1016]

2008:30 03/05/08 (4.52 p.m.) - Saturday  

The team were paged by the police to rescue a 41 year old female walker who had injured her ankle, suspect fracture.  She and her partner were on the saddle between Illgill head and Scafell on the Burnmoor path.  22 team members attended.  The casualty was carried down by stretcher to Brackenclose where she was transferred to an ambulance and taken to West Cumberland Hospital in Whitehaven for further treatment.  Incident was closed at 7.30 p.m.  

  [NY1811 0608]

April 2008

2008:29 30/04/08 (5.33 a.m.) - Wednesday  

The team were called out at 0530 by Cumbria Police rescue a group of four 16 year olds and an 18 year old who reported themselves as being lost, very wet and very cold but unable to give their location.  A large search involving Wasdale, Langdale/Ambleside and Kendal  teams along with Search dogs from SARDA (Lakes) was mounted with the assistance of a Sea King helicopter from RAF Valley.  The group were found at 10.15 a.m. on the slopes of Slight Side, on the Eskdale flank of Scafell.  They had set off from the Old Dungeon Gill Hotel in Langdale at 11.00 a.m. the previous day.  They were taken to Furness General Hospital by helicopter for treatment for hypothermia.   The weather was very poor and the search was conducted in strong winds and driving snow.  35 team members were involved in the search and the incident was closed at 12.30 p.m.

This is yet another incident where fell walkers were unprepared for their walk and were unable to cope when things started to go wrong.  The Lake District Mountain Rescue Association and Cumbria Tourism are mounting a campaign to alert people to the necessity of being properly prepared for their day out in the mountains.  See BBC news report  also see a more 'critical' report on Grough website

[This incident is No. 29 out of 35 x '999's in 2008 compared to 29  out of 35 x'999's at the same time last year i.e.  16% increase in rescuers on the fell  and 13% increase on '999' calls]

     [NY2115 0440]

2008:28 26/04/08 (5.16 p.m.) - Saturday  

Police paged the team to attend a 44 yr old male walker from Leeds who had slipped on the descent path into Mosedale from Wind Gap, Pillar and sustained a fracture dislocation to his left ankle.  He was accompanied by a couple of colleagues.  22 team members attended and following casualty care and administration of analgesia the casualty was stretchered off the mountain to an ambulance at Wasdale Head Inn.  He was taken to West Cumberland Hospital by road.  Incident closed at 9.35 p.m. - We particularly liked the casualty's strategy of thanking everyone before the team had even set off with the stretcher carry, thus ensuring he got well looked after and as smooth a ride as possible. 

[NY1717 1129]

2008:27(a) 25/04/08 (11.00 p.m.) - Friday  

Call direct from the Wasdale Head Inn regarding a group of 4 x three peakers who were long overdue returning from the Pike.  All were apparently in their 30's, had maps, torches, waterproofs etc and had set off to do Scafell Pike at 6.00 p.m.  Conditions were poor, with thick fell mist from about 400ft and heavy rain.  The Team leader decided to wait until two hours after first light the following morning.
They turned up at some point during the night.  Incident closed and recorded as an (a)

[NYxxxx xxxx]


2008:27 22/04/08 (3.44 p.m.) - Tuesday  

Police paged the team to assist a 65 year old male who had slipped and suffered an ankle injury on Horn Crag, Scafell.  The party of four were up in the Lakes on holiday from South London.  The gentleman was stretchered down to the valley and taken to Whitehaven hospital by ambulance. 18 team members involved on the incident and the base was closed at 8.30 p.m.  Photos of the rescue here   and read his true story report here

[NY2091 0483]

2008:26 22/04/08 (7.46 a.m.) - Tuesday  

Police paged the team to assist a walker who had reportedly fallen into a crevasse on Scafell Pike and was shouting for help.  His companion could not see him from above [ although the informant was unsure as to which mountain he was actually climbing].  The fallen walker managed to climb out of the crevasse with the assistance of his companion while the team were traveling to the incident.  There are no glaciers in Wasdale.  Incident stood down at 9.00 a.m. Around 12 team members attended - location of where the walker fell on Scafell remains a mystery 

[NYxxxx xxxx]

2008:25 21/04/08 (12.45 p.m.) - Monday  

Police paged the team to go to the rescue a diver who was in Wastwater lake and in difficulties.  He had been diving at depth when problems occurred with breathing.  12 team members attended and the rescue boat was taken to the Lake.  Before the rescue got fully underway the man was brought to shore by his diving colleagues and the incident was stood down.  Incident closed at around 2.00 p.m.

[NY1535 0537]

2008:24 3/04/08 (3.07 p.m.) - Thursday  

Police paged the team to report a broken ankle on the path to the west of Penny Hill farm. The casualty was a local lady in her mid 50s.  She was located on the footpath between Penny Hill farm and Wha House Bridge near the head of Eskdale.  14 team members attended and the lady was stretchered back to the road head at Wha House bridge where an ambulance took her to Whitehaven hospital. Incident was closed at 6.00 p.m.  Photo

The team gratefully acknowledges a donation to the team by the casualty


[NY2027 0053]

March 2008

2008:23(a) 28/03/08( 2.10 a.m.) - Friday  

Team paged by Police to help three 20 year old lads who said they were lost on the top of Scafell Pike in high winds and their tent was "holding up" in very strong winds.  The team leader quizzed them for over an hour on their mobile to establish where they were and understand the clues they were giving as to location.  Their descriptions of having seen a white cross made of stones put their route as Scafell and not Scafell Pike.  They had done a lot of turning left and right and walking on snowy footprints without a clue what direction they were actually heading in.  They had originally come up out of Eskdale on a three day camping expedition.  After passing over Scafell it would appear that they may have got all the way down Shamrock / Red Gill area and then gone over to Lingmell. Other descriptions did not help the location however sufficient information was given to give reasonably safe direction for descent.  They continued down the mountain with periodic checks by mobile phone.  Eventually at 7.00 a.m. they reported they were well down the mountain in a valley and no longer required the services of mountain rescue.  Which valley they had descended into was not clear to the team leader but at least they had got down without the need for what would have been a very full call-out.

[This incident is No. 23 out of 28 x '999's in 2008 compared to 17  out of 23 x'999's at the same time last year i.e.  30% increase on rescuers on the fell  and 20% increase on '999' calls]

[NY2075 0663]

2008:23 26/03/08( 9.28 p.m.) - Wednesday  

Team paged by Police following a '999' call from a mobile.  A family of five from Yorkshire which included two adults and three children under the age of 13 set off from Brackenclose, Wasdale to climb Scafell Pike via Brown Tongue, Lingmel Col.  On their descent from the summit they made a navigational error and descended to Mickledore and turned left into Eskdale.  At the time of the search they believed they were in the Lingmel area by a river.  The team could not reach them on their mobile.  They were eventually found at 2.40 a.m., safe and well below Yew Crags, above Brotherikeld in the Eskdale Valley. 17 team members were involved including a SARDA search dog Pippa.  The incident was closed at 4.30 a.m.

The team gratefully acknowledges a donation to the team by the family


[NY2196 0208]

2008:22 23/03/08( 4.06 a.m.) - Sunday  

Team paged by Police.  Three male walkers in their early 20s had become lost on their descent from Scafell Pike.  They were attempting the Three Peaks Challenge and had climber Ben Nevis the previous day.  They were well equipped but had made a navigational error.  Weather conditions were very poor with driving snow, strong winds and cloud down to 1,500 feet.  They reported on their mobile that they were on a north facing slope and could see a stream to their right.  The lost group were located at 8.00 a.m. in the Middleboot Knot area, just to the east of Piers Gill (incident Black spot).  They were walked off the mountain via Lingmel Nose and back in the valley bottom at 9.00 a.m.  The Wasdale Head Inn gave them hot drinks and food and they set off to Wales to complete their challenge.  12 Wasdale Team members were involved including Search dog Pippa, Wasdale team and SARDA Lakes.  The incident was closed at 10.00 a.m.

Video of the rescue on You Tube here 

[NY2138 0807]

2008:21 19/03/08( 4.30 p.m.) - Wednesday  

Team paged by Police.  Lady in her mid 40's reported overdue by her partner who was waiting at Hollins campsite, Eskdale.  The missing person had last been heard at 12.00 p.m. saying that she was "in trouble" and heading back.  She was training for an endurance event on Scafell / Scafell Pike.  The Team leader and a couple of other team members waited at the base whilst the Wasdale Head campsite was checked by a further team member for a lady fitting that description.  She was quickly located, putting up her tent.  Incident was stood down at 5.30 p.m. - only 4 team members involved

[NY1834 0760]

2008:20(b) 16/03/08( 1.00 p.m.) - Sunday  

Request came in from a local hound trailer to save his hound which had taken a fall over Stirrup Crag on Yewbarrow.  Two team members carried out the rescue and the dog was returned to the valley bottom.

[NY1756 0938]

2008:20(a) 16/03/08( 11.00 a.m.) - Sunday  

Whilst out on a training day the team found a crag fast sheep, well down one of the gulleys.  The sheep had been down the gulley for some time (all the vegetation around it had been eaten) and there was no way it could ascend.  It was stuck with a 100 foot drop into the Piers Gill bottom.  Two team members were lowered in, secured the sheep, and  all were safely hauled out.  A good training situation plus a valuable sheep saved.     see photos here  and short video here

[NY2133 0851]

2008:20 15/03/08( 7.16 p.m.) - Saturday  

Cumbria Police paged the team to assist two female walkers who had got lost on Irton Fell.  They were not on the high fell but above the tree line in the location of Flass.  They had a torch but needed assistance.  A limited callout was organised and the lost walkers were found by 8.15 p.m. and walked off the fell.  The incident was closed at 9.00 p.m. 

[NY1334 0278]

2008:19 2/03/08( 11.14 a.m.) - Sunday  

Alarm raised by an informant at Wasdale Head of a hypothermic casualty in the Lingmell Crag area on Lingmell.  An RAF Sea King rescue helicopter was already working in the Lake District and was asked for assistance.    The team assembled in the valley bottom whilst the helicopter went straight to the incident site and managed to locate and lift the casualty.  He was flown to West Cumberland hospital in Whitehaven.  16 team members were in attendance and the incident was closed at 1.00 p.m.  

[NY2081 0836]

[This incident is No. 19 out of 21x '999's in 2008 compared to 14 out of 17x'999's at the same time last year i.e. 30% increase on rescuers on the fell  and 25% increase on '999' calls]

2008:18 1/03/08( 11.20 p.m.) - Saturday

Whilst the team were attending rescue 2008:17, another call came in for assistance.  Two walkers had reported themselves lost on Crinkle Crags somewhere.  They were high, in mist and above steep crags.  Langdale and Ambleside team had searched the normal routes earlier that evening with team members and search dogs from SARDA lakes and needed assistance to search the southern crags above Cockley Beck.  Around 10 Wasdale team members assembled ready to start the allocated search routes on Ulpha Fell and Little Stand.  The lost walkers were found safe and well in the Little Stand / Cold Pike area to the south of Crinkle Crags by Langdale Ambleside around 12.15 a.m.  Wasdale were stood down at around 12.15 a.m. 

[NY2596 0353]

2008:17 1/03/08( 6.17 p.m.) - Saturday

The team were paged by the police to respond to a '999' call from 4 lost walkers.  They had left Seathwaite earlier in the day, became separated from their larger group and got lost on the Corridor route.  5 team members were involved in the rescue, 4 went on the hill to locate the lost walkers and take them to Styhead pass where they were handed over to the Keswick team who walked them back to their own transport at Seathwaite.    Incident closed at around midnight.

[NY2156 0797]

February 2008

2008:16 16/02/08( 1.30 p.m.) - Saturday

Whilst the team were attending the fallen walker on Broad Stand, a second callout came in from the police regarding a group of three walkers, again on Scafell and fortunately not too far from the Mickledore incident.  The group of three were scrambling up Deep Gill from Lord's rake.  They were off route to the left near the exit when one of the party, a male in his 50s  twisted his knee.  They were roped out of Deep Gill and flown down to Wasdale Head Hotel by the RAF Valley Sea King helicopter that was attending incident 2008/15.  A smaller number of Wasdale MRT members attended this incident whilst the remainder attended the fallen walker on Broad Stand, Mickledore who was also airlifted to the valley bottom.  All casualty parties were finally flown back down to Wasdale Head by RAF Valley.  Incident closed at 6.30 p.m.

[NY2082 0679]

2008:15  16/02/08( 12.22 p.m.) - Saturday

Police paged the team to respond to an incident on Broad Stand, Scafell .  A group of five male walkers from the Midlands were descending from the summit of Scafell via the Broad Stand route when one of their party, a male in his late 40's fell whilst climbing down the difficult rock step. He sustained fatal injuries.  He was airlifted by RAF Valley later that afternoon.  12 Wasdale team members were involved in the rescue along with a Langdale Ambleside member and team members from Cockermouth MRT called in to assist. The incident was closed at 6.30 p.m.

[NY2099 0683]

2008:14  8/02/08( 9.51 p.m.) - Friday

Wasdale were asked to assist in the search for two lost young male walkers, believed to be on Crinkle Crags.  They had a torch but were lost in mist.  10 team members were involved plus two SARDA search dogs (Pippi and Rosie) from the Wasdale Team,  with their handlers.  Parties were sent up Mosedale from Cockley Beck and from Brotherikeld parties to Upper Eskdale.  The two walkers were located safe and well at 1.00 a.m. by the Langdale team, 500 metres east of Ore Gap, near the summit of Bowfell. They were walked off the mountain via Angle Tarn by the LAMRT.  The Wasdale Base was closed down at 3.00 a.m. 

[NY2432 0716]

2008:13  2/02/08( 9.00 p.m.) - Saturday

Whilst searching for two lost climbers (see incident 2008:12), the Wasdale team found a lone male walker in his early 50's who had became separated from his walking companions at around 5.30 p.m. that evening.  They had climbed Scafell Pike.  He had no torch, map or compass and had made his way back down the fell until he saw the lights from Burnthwaite farm.  When he could descend no more due to the darkness he stayed put by a wall.  He was found by two Wasdale team members whilst out searching for the two climbers.  He was taken back to the Wasdale Head Inn to warm up and establish the details of his missing companion.  Keswick MRT who were already at Styhead and Grains Gill and had just found their two lost climbers, were deployed to search up the Esk Hause.  Wasdale team members already on the fell were told to hold their positions.  At around 9.30 p.m. the missing companion turned up at the Wasdale Head Inn safe and well.  Incident was closed at 10.00 p.m. 


[NY1967 0903]

2008:12  2/02/08( 7.42 p.m.) - Saturday

Call from Keswick MRT to help locate two male climbers who were lost somewhere to the west of Great End.  The two climbers had completed the winter route, Central Gulley on Great End and after coming out on the summit walked off to the right, descended, but became lost on their descent.  They were sheltering behind a boulder and were wet through and cold.  They had lights.  16 team members were deployed on the fell along with the Wasdale Search dog and handler.  Whilst ascending the fells, one of the search groups spotted a lone male walker by a wall who was waving.  He was located, found to be wet through tired and totally lost.  Having become separated from his walking companion, probably still on the mountain, he was taken back to the Wasdale Head Inn to establish his details. He and his companion became incident 13.

While the Wasdale team were carrying out their deployed routes, the Keswick team members already on the Corridor route saw the lights of the lost climbers/  They were eventually located at Stand Crag, half way along the Corridor route.  They were walked back to Seathwaite via Styhead Stretcher box.  Wasdale were stood down at around 9.00 p.m.


[NY2192 0868]


January 2008

2008:11  28/1/08( 8.50 p.m.) - Monday

Langdale Ambleside team requested assistance from Wasdale MRT to search for two lost walkers on Crinkle crags.  The two 70 yrs. male walkers from the North East who had left their car at the Old Dungeon Ghyl Hotel, were last heard of as a broken message at 5.00 p.m. LAMRT had also brought in SARDA search dogs with their handlers.  22 Wasdale team members including a Wasdale MRT SARDA search dog were deployed on the hill from the Eskdale and Cockley Beck Side.  The lost walkers were found at 10.30 p.m., safe and well opposite Heron Crags on the path in Eskdale making their way very slowly down in the dark to Brotherikeld.  Their only light was from their mobile phone screen.  The weather forecast for the remainder of the night was poor.  The lost walkers were walked back to Brotherilkeld and returned to their car by LAMRT .  Incident was closed at the Wasdale end by 12.00 midnight.

[NY2238 0282]


2008:10  19/1/08( 3.27 p.m.) - Saturday

Workington Police paged the team to respond to a '999' from two male walkers who were crag fast and stuck above Lord's Rake on Scafell.  The two who were in their late 30's / early 40's and had come up from Liverpool for the weekend had scrambled up Lord's Rake, got to the fallen pillar and had started to climb the rock terrace which overlooks Deep Gill.  When they were 30 metres above the Gill they became stuck, unable to go up or down.  A total of 12 team members were involved,  they were rescued by a team member being lowered from above, securing a rope and lifting the crag fast walkers to the top of the crag.  They were then walked off the mountain via Green How on the western flanks of Scafell and back down to Brackenclose.  Weather conditions on the rescue were heavy rain.  Incident was closed at 11.30 p.m. 

[NY2075 0683]

2008:9(a)  12/1/08( 1.45 p.m.) - Saturday

Two Wasdale team members were climbing on the snow slopes between Striding Edge and Swirral Edge on Helvellyn when they saw what they believed to be a climber falling down one of the eastern gulleys of Helvellyn.  They were first on scene, administered casualty care to the unconscious male who was in his early forties.  He had in fact fallen from the summit, had been with a group of five walkers and possibly due to the poor visibility, walked too close to the edge which was heavily corniced with snow and fallen over.

The Wasdale members called out the Patterdale Team and a Sea King helicopter from RAF Boulmer.  Other MRT personnel from Kendal, Bowland Penine, Cleveland, Penrith were also quickly on scene.  Despite basic life support efforts, the walker did not survive his fall.  He was airlifted to Carlisle at around 3.00 p.m.  Weather conditions on the summit were poor visibility, strong wind and fresh snow falls with cloud base just below Striding Edge ridge.  Freezing level was just above Red Tarn.  There was still significant depths of snow above 800 metres.  The man had fallen 250m. This was the second fatality within a couple of days.  Recorded here as an (a) as the Wasdale team members were fully involved even though outside the Wasdale area. 

The team gratefully acknowledges a donation to the team by the family


  [NY3456 1519]

2008:9   1/1/08( 4.50 p.m.) - Tuesday

Cumbria Police paged the team following a '999' call from a group of 4 walkers who had lost their way descending from Scafell Pike. They had dropped down to Lingmell Col and by the description given had carried on across the wall and were now on Lingmell.  The team leader gave them instructions to retrace their steps back to Lingmell Col and left to Piers Gill and the main corridor route path.  Due to the very poor weather, 5 team members were deployed on the hill to intercept the party and help them back to Styhead where they would be able to descend safely to Seathwaite where their car was parked.  In all 8 team members were involved and the incident was closed at around 8.00 p.m.  Unlike a lot of recent groups this group did possess torches.

  [NY2099 0807]

December  2007

2008:8   23/12/07( 4.50 p.m.) - Sunday

Cumbria Police paged the team to assist Langdale Ambleside MRT with a lost male walker.  He was in the Crinkle Crags area and Wasdale were requested to search Green Hole, the top end of Eskdale below Crinkle Crags.  As the team were approaching Eskdale he phoned into the police from the telephone box at the bottom of Hardknott after managing to walk out.  Incident closed at 6.30 p.m. with ten team members involved and a SARDA search dog and handler.

  [NY2378 0560]

2008:7   17/12/07( 5.50 p.m.) - Tuesday

Cumbria Police paged the team to respond to a mobile phone '999' from a man with breathing difficulties who was stuck on ice on Hardknott Pass, reported to be on the Eskdale side.  Two cars were involved with three people.  Treated as a medical emergency but with no anticipated fell work, only a limited callout made. The Team Leader plus two team members left directly from Eskdale with the first responder kit from the village, whilst six team members attended from a now manned base in Gosforth.  In all 11 team members were involved.

When we got there, the two cars were ice bound on the opposite side of the pass but only a short distance down the Cockley Beck side.  There was no requirement for medical assistance, whatever the difficulty was, it was cleared by the time we arrived.  The road was covered in sheet ice for a 20 meter section (and still not closed by the county highways department). They were winched up, over the most difficult section and then they proceeded unaided back down to Eskdale.  

The twist to the story was down to Sat Nav. One car was at Hawkshead going to Whitehaven at his Sat Nav directed him over the pass as the shortest route.  The other was on the Eskdale side trying to get to Ambleside and following their Sat Nav.  They both met in the middle after touch and go ascents and descents.  One unable to get up any further whilst the other, already having slid down the ice couldn't return.  Incident closed at around 7.30 p.m.

See video of rescue here

  [NY2316 0147]

2008:6   4/12/07( 5.50 a.m.) - Tuesday

Cumbria Police paged the team following a '999' mobile phone call from a single male 20 yr old walker who was doing the 3
Peaks.  He set off from Wasdale at about 1.00 a.m. but got lost on his way up.  The Team leader could speak to him on his mobile and established that he'd gone up Lord's Rake.  He knew he would be on the steep ground above the band of crags in the Red Gill area.  Height is crucial here so the team leader was not confident that giving directions over the phone wouldn't compound his problems whilst he tried to follow directions.  i.e. he could easily have got into an even more precarious position either in the lower or upper sections of Red Gill.   The team leader along with one of his deputies went to get him whilst other team members manned the base and relay points.  He was found him just below the Lord's Rake path line and above the band of crags that ice falls form on.  He was able to walk off down Green How and Rake End gully.   Base closed at about midday and 5 team members were involved see press release here.  Also a Grough article here

[NY2058 0686]

2008:5   2/12/07( 6.27 p.m.) - Saturday

Cumbria Police paged the team to ask for assistance to rescue 2 male walkers who had become lost on their descent from Scafell Pike.  They had met up with another pair of walkers, who themselves had got lost, but were now separated from them and no idea where they were but could see torches in the far distance which they believed were the other two.  The weather conditions were atrocious with high winds and driving sleet.  They were eventually found by the team members locating the other two walkers (see 2008/4). Incident closed at 11.30 p.m. with 6 team members involved.

[NY2132 0449]

2008:4   2/12/07( 5.48 p.m.) - Saturday

Cumbria Police paged the team to assist a male and female couple who had made a navigational error whilst descending Scafell Pike. The couple in their 40's were from Shropshire.  They had a GPS but gave their position in Degrees and minutes (Latitude/Longitude) - The team leader had these converted by the Liverpool coastguard which put them in the Scar Lathing area in upper Eskdale.  Whilst lost , they had met up with another pair of male walkers, again in their 40's, who had made a similar error and were descending into Eskdale rather than Wasdale (although they did not know that as they became lost.  They had turned left at the stretcher box (a typical error) and descended via the side of a large waterfall [Cam Spout] until they came across a group of very large stones [Sampson's Stones] then came across a wall and became lost and separated from the pair of male walkers as they gained height on the fell.  Whilst the team leader established where they where, the police paged the team again for a second '999' call.  This was the lost pair of male walkers who had now phoned in (see incident 2008:5) to the police.   As the team leader was pretty sure of the location, he and a SARDA dog handler another team member set off from Eskdale to run up the fell and walk them off.  Another SARDA dog handler/team member with her search dog and navigator set off up the zig zags from Taw House Farm as a back up.  A radio relay was set up on Hardknott Pass with a base station created at one of the team members houses in Eskdale where additional resources could be called out if necessary.  The missing pair were located by the SARDA search dog 'a classic indication and find' and walked off to Brotherikeld and transported to the Strands in Wasdale.  The other pair were located shortly thereafter very close to the first pair and escorted off the fell and transported back to Wasdale Head (all in team members personal vehicles).  Incident closed at around 11.00 p.m.  with 6 team members involved.

[NY2140 0448]

November  2007


2008:3   29/11/07( 5.27 p.m.) - Thursday

Police paged the team following a mobile '999' call from two 29 year old male and female walkers who had set off from Seathwaite, Borrowdale at about 7a.m. that morning and got to the summit of Scafell Pike at about 1.00 p.m. but got lost on the way down.  They had intended to come down to Lingmell Col and go back down the Corridor Route but got lost around the Col.  We believe they spent some time around the sides of Piers Gill but had more sense than try to go down it.   Despite having a map they couldn't work out where the right path was.  They ended up near the wet patch (the "green hole") on the Wasdale side off Lingmell Col. i.e. close to the path out to Lingmell Nose.  One small torch between them but in cloud and pitch dark.  Otherwise, reasonably well equipped and had in fact put a lot of effort into planning.  They were eventually found in Hollow Stones and walked off the mountain back to Brackenclose, Wasdale Head for 9.00 p.m. where another family member took them back to Keswick. 10 team members were involved and the incident was closed at 9.30 p.m.

[NY 2068 0779]

2008:2   17/11/07( 9.23 p.m.) - Saturday

Police paged the team following a call from a concerned parent in Liverpool over the whereabouts of missing walkers.  They were doing Scafell Pike via Brown Tongue, parking at Wasdale camp site and should have returned by 8.00  p.m.  They were from Liverpool and aged 24 but other than that we had no information on
clothing, experience etc. Duddon & Furness team were called in to assist but they had already been asked by Langdale and Ambleside MRT to assist in a search and were to cover the Green hole, Upper Eskdale area.  They would also look for our missing walkers and provided radio relay for the WMRT members searching the Eskdale side of Scafell Pike. 

The missing persons were located in the gully bed of Piers Gill, uninjured but very cold and wet.  They were just above the main waterfall pitch, exactly
where the team carried out an evacuation of an exercise casualty in a March 2007  see here .  The team were assisted by Cockermouth MRT who brought up the ropes and crag gear.  Two team members were lowered into the gulley bed, treated the casualties and got them winched out up the side just above the Christcliffe Gully connection.  There was a significant problem with loose rock and one team member was hit by a falling rock with a glancing blow to his helmet. 

Both casualties were further warmed and were assisted to walk down.  They were taken to the rescue base at Gosforth where they had showers and a change of clothes.  They left for Liverpool at about 6.45am and the base was closed at around 7.00 a.m.  43 team members were involved and the rescue took 7 hours.

Press release here      see also rescue 72 below 26/10/07 which was very similar in how it happens  incident  photos

[NY 2127 0841]

2008:1 (a)   17/11/07( 3.00 p.m.) - Saturday

Team Leader phoned direct by Cumbria police.  Incident handled by the Deputy Team Leader.  Informant at Wasdale head campsite phoned 999 having got separated from walking partner on Illgill Head about 1:30 p.m. in poor weather (low cloud, strong squalls) conditions.  He was concerned for his friend's safety and had no mobile phone contact details. His own phone was in his friend's sack but was locked. 
After interrogation it was established that his car was at Boot in the next valley, Eskdale.  The DTL drove over to confirm it was still there, checked bar at adjacent inn and found missing person with pint.  Showed him the way to Wasdale to pick up mate.  Incident closed 17:00.  1 person, 2 hours

[NY 1657 0479]

2008:1   13/11/07( 11.45 a.m.) - Tuesday

'999' mobile call to Cumbria police from a concerned walker who had come across a lone male walker in his early 50's lying down near the summit of Lingmell.  He was weak, cold and wet and had been out there since Saturday. The details were passed to the Team Leader who quickly established that the person concerned was indeed the same person the team had rescued a week earlier (see rescue 73 below).  The gentleman who has no fixed abode was reluctant to be taken back down to the valley bottom.  The team doctor managed to persuade him that the weather was not going to improve and he would struggle to survive at this elevation.  It was bitterly cold with very heavy rain and sleet showers.  He was stretchered off the mountain back down to Brackenclose where the police met him and transported him to Whitehaven. 17 team members were involved in the rescue and the incident was closed at 5.45 p.m.  

[NY 2093 0820]

We have included the last 10 rescues in 2007's incident recording year for information - if you want to read the full listing of 103No.  '999' calls and 73 incidents then click here the recording year ends at the AGM which was held Monday 12th November

7:73(a) 10/11/07( 6.20 p.m.) - Saturday

'999' mobile call to Cumbria police from a concerned informant regarding overdue walkers.  The team leader was gathering details from the police when the overdue walker(s) turned up at Seathwaite safe and well.  Callout cancelled with no team members deployed on the hill - hence recorded here as an (a) [team leader involvement] but not logged as an official team incident.

7:73 5/11/07( 4.12 p.m.) - Monday

'999' mobile call to Cumbria police from a walker who came across a 51 year old male who was laying down.  He was very cold, confused and had been there overnight from the previous day. 16 team members were deployed on the hill.  The casualty was warmed in a bivvy tent and stretchered down the mountain via Lingmell nose to Brackenclose where he was met by an ambulance and taken to West Cumberland Hospital.  Incident closed at 9.00 p.m. - Had the walker not been found by the passing walker he would have struggled to survive another night with no shelter or dry clothing. He was not reported missing by anyone.

[NY 2123 0789]

October  2007

7:72(b) 27/10/07( 3.35 p.m.) - Saturday

'999' mobile call to Cumbria police from walkers who were lost after descending Scafell Pike. The team leader established that they were located at the corner of Piers Gill where it comes up against Straight Gill (less than 50 metres from the incident 72).  He advised them to retrace their steps to the wall at the head of Piers Gill and turn right which would take them back to Brakenclose via brown tongue.  The couple phoned the team leader up at 6.00 p.m. when they were down safely.  Incident closed at 5.30 p.m. and not logged as an official team incident.

[NY 2110 0827]

7:72(a) 26/10/07( 7.00 p.m.) - Friday

Paged by the Police following a call for help to locate a group of 5 adults and 1 teenager who had set off that day "to climb a mountain somewhere in Eskdale or Wasdale".  They were all staying in a guest house in Eskdale.  As the informant, the wife of one of the walkers, could not give any more information and did not know the details of the cars they were in, the team were unable to take further action (noting rescue N0. 72 was in progress).  The police advised shortly thereafter that the group had turned up safe and well.  Incident closed at around 7.30 p.m. Not recorded as an official team reportable incident.

 7:72 26/10/07( 4.12 p.m.) - Friday

Paged by the Police following a '999' mobile call reporting 2 teenage male walkers who were somewhere near Scafell Pike, overlooking a river and stick on a rocky ledge.  One of the walkers had injuries.  Due to the uncertainty of location the team leader requested additional manpower for the search and eventual carry off.  Duddon & Furness MRT, Cockermouth MRT and Keswick MRT were called in to help with the search.  Early into the search the advance came upon a group who were aware that the fallen walker was located in Piers Gill. One of the walkers had fallen 50 ft down a rock step in the bottom of the Gill and landed on his back.  His only injuries were bumps, bruises and sore ribs.  His only evacuation route was to be hauled up a 300 foot rocky gulley.  The  four crag fast walkers had to be roped out from their location, belayed from above as they traversed out of their precarious location and then back up Piers Gill to Lingmel Col.  Weather conditions for the rescue were severe with low cloud and driving rain. - the following extract from the press release summarizes the incident which closed at 1.00 a.m. on the 27th with all the missing and injured persons accounted for.  

Nature of incident and details of injuries:

Wasdale MRT were called to assist what they thought was a party of 2 fell walkers who were stuck on a ledge overlooking a river on Scafell Pike – no further information!  As the incident unfolded it became apparent that the incident involved 6 fell walkers, 2 separate parties of 3 who had joined forces after losing the path in thick cloud and heavy rain.  They had strayed into Piers Gill, an accident black spot in Wasdale where 4 of the party became crag fast, one fell some distance into the bottom of the gill and the sixth managed to make his way out where he met the rescue team who were searching for the 2 “reported|” missing walkers.  After a very difficult and technical extrication all 6 walkers were escorted back to the valley.  Miraculously, apart from a few bumps and bruises all were uninjured

Taken to: No hospital treatment needed.

Number of team members involved: 35       

Duration: 8 hours

Other teams or agencies involved:  Cockermouth, Duddon & Furness, Keswick

Further information: Six very lucky people.  Piers Gill contains a severe rock climb.

[NY2115 0830]

GPS Trace of the Rescue Party and their final descent plus rescue photos


7:71(b) 25/10/07( 7.43 p.m.) - Thursday

Paged by the Police following a call regarding 3 missing/overdue walkers in the Kirk Fell area.  The Deputy Leader made the decision to take no further action at this time but to wait.  The three missing walkers turned up safe and well at Seathwaite at 8.06 p.m.- No further action necessary and the incident log closed.  Recorded as a (b) incident as no fell response required.

7:71(a) 20/10/07( 8.37 p.m.) - Saturday

Paged by the Police following a '999' call for missing climbers who had spent the day on Scafell. It was clear night and the team leader decided to wait to see if the missing climbers would turn up. The climbers turned up safe and well, one hour later at 9.27 p.m., incident closed with no team members on the fell.

7:71 15/10/07( 1.14 p.m.) - Monday

Paged by the Police following a '999' call from a 34yr old male walker from Wakefield, Yorkshire who was stranded on the summit of Pillar.  Weather conditions were rain with low cloud and poor visibility.  Despite attempts over an hour to talk him off the mountain using map and compass and his GPS, the team decided to mobilize at 2.50 p.m.  Very few walkers were out that day due to the poor weather so it was unlikely that he would be able to buddy up with someone descending.  10 team members attended and reached him on the summit at 5.00 p.m.  Incident was closed at 7.00 p.m.

[1712 1212]

7:70 14/10/07( 12.30 p.m.) - Sunday

Paged by the Police following a '999' call from concerned mother from Oxfordshire whose husband and 5year old son had left Wasdale the previous day to camp overnight on Scafell and had not reported in.  The fathers car was still parked at Wasdale Head.  A small group of 4 Team members were already on Scafell Pike that day so were redirected by the Team leader to investigate Hollowstones.  A father and son fitting the description had been seen in the Sprinkling Tarn area so this area was also targeted for a search.  The overdue father and son turned up safe and well at 1.45 p.m.  Number of team members involved 6.

7:69(b) 11/10/07( 00.30 a.m.) - Thursday

Paged by the Police at 00.30 hrs.  Informant was in Essex, reporting husband (61) and son (31) overdue from a walk on Scafell Pike.  They were staying in a caravan near Haverigg and should have parked at Seathwaite (Borrowdale).  The last contact was at 4pm (by mobile) at which time they'd done the Pike but were probably on Lingmell.   The Police couldn't locate the vehicle so the team leader wouldn't turn the team out.  The situation was reviewed again at 7a.m. and again at 9a.m. but still no vehicle.  9.15am the Police confirmed that they were indeed OK, having spent the night in a hotel at Calderbridge.  They had been stopped at Calderbridge due to a fatal traffic accident

7:69(a) 10/10/07( 7.00 p.m.) - Wednesday

Following a serious 4 vehicle road traffic accident on the A595 at Calderbridge, the team leader and team doctor (at the rescue base at the time of the accident) attended with advance vehicle and casualty care equipment.  The road was closed for 6 hours.  One of the drivers in the accident did not survive his injuries. 2 team members involved and recorded as an (a) - this accident also resulted in incident 69 (b) see above.

7:69 8/10/07( 11.40 p.m.) - Monday

At the same time as incident 69, the team were asked to assist Keswick MRT in a search for another 2 fell walkers who were several hours overdue.  After a long search in atrocious weather they were found at 3.30 a.m. in Upper Eskdale and escorted to the road before being taken back to their hotel in Keswick by Keswick MRT vehicle. 

Duddon and Furness team and SARDA (Lakes) assisted in both searches. Around 35 mountain rescuers were involved and the rescue lasted 7 hours.

[2284 0676]

7:68  8/10/07( 11.30 p.m.) - Monday

The police paged the team to search for 5 teenagers who had reported themselves lost on Scafell Pike.  They were quickly located, in very heavy rain, near the bottom of Scafell Pike, having lost the path back to their car in Borrowdale.  They were transported back to their accommodation near Bothel in one of the team’s vehicles, rather disappointed that they had not been picked up by a helicopter.  There were 15 Wasdale team members involved and this incident was closed at around 1.00 a.m.

[1953 0744]

7:67 6/10/07( 5.46 p.m.) - Saturday

Whilst the team were training with RAF Boulmer at Wasdale Head, a '999' call came in for a male climber who had fallen 30 ft off a climb on Kern Knotts, Great Gable.  He had sustained chest, facial and head injuries.  The team quickly mobilised the RAF helicopter to assist.  An air ambulance that was already on the way to the incident was stood down due to the steep nature of the ground at the incident site.  The casualty was treated by the RAF winchman and flown to West Cumberland Hospital.  The three team members on board the helicopter were not required and taken back down to the valley bottom where a further 11 team members were standing by with additional equipment.  The casualty was later taken to Newcastle.  In all, 17 team members were involved in the incident and the incident was closed at around 7.00 p.m.

[2150 0963]  

7:66(a) 5/10/07( 6.30 p.m.) - Friday

Whilst the team were returning from incident 66, they were flagged down by a driver who had driven his van down a lane and slid off the track into the side of the track.  He asked for assistance.  The vehicle was towed out and he went on his way, happy that he had not need to call in a local farmer. Recorded here for interest only and recognition of support to the community at large.

[1018 0421]

7:66  5/10/07( 3.00 p.m.) - Friday

Police paged the team to rescue a female walker in her early 40's who had injured her ankle (suspect fracture).  She and her husband had set off from Langdale to climb Scafell Pike.  Due to the relatively small numbers of team members available and the long carry out, a helicopter was requested.  RN Gannet, Prestwick was tasked and a Sea King dispatched.  The advance group managed to get within 10 minutes of the location when the helicopter arrived on scene and winched the casualty from the Col.  Her husband returned to Langdale to retrieve their car whilst the casualty was flown to West Cumberland Hospital A&E in Whitehaven. 11 team members were involved in the rescue with 6 on the fell.  Incident was closed at 6.30 p.m.  photos here

[2174 0744] 

Further photographs added from the walkers involved in incident 64(a) and other walkers who subsequently have been to the location.

see true story for details and the new photos


September  2007

7:65 27/09/07( 4.27 p.m.) - Thursday

Police callout to investigate a sighting of a possible body located on Lingmell Crags.  The informant initially gave a description which put the body on the Crags above Piers Gill, viewed from the Corridor Route.  However, once the team were on the hill, more information was obtained which put the sighting on the northern crags viewed from the Styhead Path on the Great Gable side.  Although it was suspected to be a coloured bag by the team leader, a thorough search was needed to establish that no one was injured.  The bright orange survival bag was eventually sighted and located but did not contain a person.  The bag was removed off the mountain and incident closed at 8.00 p.m. 15 team members were involved in the callout which was a well intentioned '999' which could have been a lot worse. 

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7:64(a) 25/09/07( p.m. ) - Tuesday

Not exactly a team callout but as close to one as you could get. Self rescue and a very close shave.  Boulder slide at Foxes Tarn which trapped a walker and very nearly ended as a major rescue - see true story for details

There have now been a couple of emails and telephone messages from concerned walkers so walkers need to take extra care when ascending or descending the gulley

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7:64 22/09/07( 12.10 p.m.) - Saturday

Team called to assist a female fell-walker who had a suspected torn calf muscle and was unable to walk off the fell by herself.  She was quickly located on the Corridor Route, just off Lingmell Col and stretchered down to Wasdale. The injury did not require hospital treatment but was very painful. 15 team members attended the incident.  The injured party were very well equipped and experienced and would have wished to get themselves off the mountain unaided which was impossible with her injury. 

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7:63 19/09/07( 8.08 p.m.) - Wednesday

Two walkers were reported to be stuck on the Screes above Wastwater.  A small team were sent to establish their location.  They were found quickly, not in any danger and not far from the pumphouse end of the lake - they had just run out of daylight and had no lights - more details to follow.

see press release that was sent out by the team earlier that day re callouts that should be avoidable

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