Rescue of Sheep in Piers Gill

Sunday 16th March 2008


2008:20(a) 16/03/08( 11.00 a.m.) - Sunday  

Whilst out on a training day the team found a crag fast sheep, well down one of the gulleys.  The sheep had been down the gulley for some time (all the vegetation around it had been eaten) and there was no way it could ascend.  It was stuck with a 100 foot drop into the Piers Gill bottom.  Two team members were lowered in, secured the sheep all were safely hauled out.  A good training situation plus a valuable sheep saved.   

[NY2133 0851]


Sheep made secure using a system that would also apply to an extraction of a crag fast climber or walker


The sheep on its way up to the top.  Although it looks as though it could have climbed out itself, the 12 foot rock step that it had fallen down prevented it from getting out. It was relatively easy to catch as it was weak from hunger

Opportunities such as these are good as they help the local farmers but also help the team to practice rescuing. Oh......and they also help the sheep




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