Rescue Team call-outs - November 1994 to October 1996

Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team


November 1994 - October 1996




1/95     23rd

            Raven Crag, Eskdale.  Crag-fast sheep.  It had managed to extricate itself by the time the time the Team arrived.  Found at the bottom of the crag nursing a sore leg.




2/95     1st

            9.15 pm:  Flashing lights reported in the Wath Brow/Dent area.  A search was carried out but nothing was found.  Perhaps meteorites?  A well-intentioned false alarm.

3/95     20th

            5.15 pm:  Fellwalking, Scafell.  Call from the Police about two people on Scafell who thought they were on Esk Hause.  They turned up at the Woolpack Inn, Eskdale.  (Mobile phone.)

4/95     26th

            3.00 pm:  A person walking from Boot to Blea Tarn thought he saw a flare on Hardknott Pass.  No action taken due to poor visibility.  Well-intentioned false alarm.

5/95     27th

            4.30 pm:  Fellwalking, Screes path, Wasdale.  Reports of cries for help from the lakeside path.  Two persons taken off unhurt by boat.

6/95     27th

            Fellwalking, Great Gable.  Three walkers descending, female thought to have knee injury.  Made their own way off the fell.  (Mobile phone.)




7/95     6th

            5.30 pm:  Fellwalking, Styhead Pass.  Two males (one disabled) reported overdue.  Turned up safely wishing to complete their walk unaided despite offers of assistance from other walkers.




8/95     2nd

            10.50 am:  Fellwalking, Dunnerdale to Sprinkling Tarn.  Two males set off from Birks Bridge by different routes to Sprinkling Tarn, and arranged to meet there.  Both claimed they were there at the same time.  One returned to their car, waited, then drove to Ambleside for something to eat.  Meanwhile, the second person arrived at Birks Bridge and spent the night there.  The first person reported the other missing the next day.  The second person thought he should let someone know he was OK after being off the fell for 18 hours.  Most considerate!  The four rescue teams which had been called out were stood down.

9/95     11th

            8.00 pm:  Fellwalking, Scafell Range.  Party of 3 unable to cross the beck at the junction of Piers Gill and Great Gill.  A rope assisted crossing was effected.  The party dried out and were accommodated overnight at Mill Forge.

10/95   26th

            9.15 pm:  Three mountain bikers overdue, thought to be in Burnmoor Tarn area.  Turned up safely in Buttermere.


MARCH 1995


11/95   18th

            2.50 pm:  Fellwalking, Great Gable.  A walking party from the Newcastle-upon-Tyne area were descending from the summit when a 48 year-old lady slipped on hard snow.  A male member ran to see what had happened and also slipped.  They both bounced about 150 metres down a very rocky slope.  The lady died shortly after falling.  The man sustained severe head and chest injuries as well as fracturing his right arm and left leg.  He was airlifted to West Cumberland Hospital and later transferred to Newcastle General Hospital.  None of the party had ice axes or crampons.

12/95   18th

            3.30 pm:  Broad Crag Col area.  A 42 year-old male fell walker was found dead by a party of walkers.  It appeared he had probably slid about 200 metres down a very steep snow slope and collided with boulders sustaining fatal head and chest injuries.  He was not in possession of an ice axe or crampons and no rucksack was found.  (Due to Team involvement in the previous incident his body was not recovered till early next day.  He had obviously been dead for some time when found.)

13/95   23rd

            4.30 pm:  Fellwalking, Straight Gill, Lingmell.  A 52 year-old male and his 20 year-old daughter made a navigational error coming off Scafell Pike and walked down the wrong side of Piers Gill.  the father broke through the cornice and fell 40 ft into Straight Gill.  He managed to climb out the other side and got crag-fast trying to gain height to use his mobile phone.  His daughter was left stranded on a steep snow slope.  Both were led off safely and were able to walk down.  (Mobile phone.)

14/95   29th

            8.38 pm:  Fellwalking, Scafell range.  A well-equipped party of 8 became separated and on return to vehicle decided to go out and look for each other.  Turned up safely an hour later.


APRIL 1995


15/95   4th

            4.45 pm:  Piers Gill area.  a 26 year-old female slipped on the path descending from Scafell Pike.  She sustained a very nasty fracture of her right tibia and fibula.

16/95   9th

            10.30 pm:  Duke of Edinburgh party on practice for silver award.  Long overdue on walk from Turner Hall, Duddon Valley to Blea Tarn, Eskdale.  A search started next day and found the party safe and well near Green Crag.

17/95   11th

            5.20 pm:  Fellwalking, Seathwaite to Wasdale Head.  A father and his daughter were supposed to leave Seathwaite at 11.30 am to walk to Wasdale Head Inn.  His wife thought they were not well equipped and had little experience and may have gone home.  Police could not find the car so wife returned home to find husband and daughter already there.  No comment.

18/95   13th

            4.15 pm:  Fellwalking, Broad Crag Col.  A young lady with her boyfriend told two separate walkers she was unable to walk down to her car at Seathwaite.  An RAF helicopter from Leconfield was in the area and picked up team members.  An aerial and ground search of all paths from Scafell Pike to Seathwaite was done but no distressed walker was found.  The couple phoned at 7.00 pm to say they were off the fell.  A complete waste of everyoneís time, effort and resources.  No explanation or apology was received.

19/95   15th

            6.40 pm:  Fellwalking, Corridor Route.  A couple from Sutton Coldfield who had not walked on the fells for some time were descending from Scafell Pike when the man developed an acute arthritis in his knees.  A helicopter from RAF Boulmer transferred the casualty to the Team vehicle for evacuation from the fell.  (Mobile phone.)

20/95   21st

            9.42 pm:  Fellwalking, ?Scafell range.  A man and his 10 year-old son spent 3 nights at Eskdale Youth Hostel, then booked into Wasdale Youth Hostel at 10 am and left a route card for a walk on Scafell range.  Said he would be back for dinner at 6.30 pm.  Search of the valley failed to find his car.  Phoned his home in Manchester.  He said he had told the warden he was going home and couldnít understand why he had been reported missing.  ?? Misunderstanding.

21/95   21st

            10.00 pm:  Missing person, Blengdale.  A gentleman left his home in Gosforth at 9.30 am to walk his dog in Blengdale.  He turned up as his wife was being interviewed.


MAY 1995


22/95   8th

            4.20 pm:  Fishing, Devoke Water.  Fatal.  A 74 year-old man suffered a fatal heart attack whilst fishing at Devoke Water.  It was a beautiful sunny day and he died whilst doing something he enjoyed.

23/95   27th

            2.00 pm:  Scrambling, Middle Fell.  A party of 4 were on a recorded scramble when a huge boulder (?0.3 tonne) became dislodged and fell onto a 37 year-old female.  She then fell a further 20 ft.  She sustained a severe crush injury of her left lower leg, a large laceration of her left upper arm and multiple abrasions.  After first aid she was flown to ITU Carlisle and later transferred to Newcastle General Hospital.  Her leg was later amputated above the knee.

24/95   29th

            4.45 pm:  Fellwalking, Scafell Pike.  A 33 year-old lady was found alone suffering from stomach pains and vomiting.  She was stretchered off and taken to West Cumberland Hospital where she appeared to make a rapid recovery.  (Mobile phone.)

25/95   30th

            11.00 pm:  Fellwalking, Scafell Pike.  A 50 year-old male was long overdue on a walk up Scafell Pike.  He was found by police at 11.45 pm as he returned to his car at Wasdale Head.


JUNE 1995


26/95   25th

            8.30 am:  Fellwalking, Scafell Pike.  One of a party of 600 doing the 3 Peaks reported to be exhausted and unable to walk off the fell.  Apparently he recovered and made his own way down before the Team was mobilised.

27/95   25th

            4.30 pm:  Rock climbing, Kern Knotts, Great Gable.  A 31 year-old male was attempting to lead Button Hook route, but fell about 15 ft and sustained compression fractures of 1st and 2nd lumbar vertebrae.  After first aid by the Team he was air-lifted by RAF Boulmer to West Cumberland Hospital.

28/95   25th

            8.25 pm:  Rock climbing, Jonesí Route Direct from Lordís Rake, Scafell Pinnacle.  Two men in their 20s from Nottingham were overdue on rock climb.  Found by Team member, descending after having difficulty getting off the top of the Pinnacle.  Both OK.

29/95   25th

            10.20 pm:  Rockclimbing, Engineers Slabs, Gable Crag.  Report by 3 fellwalkers of a climber hanging upside down and unconscious on climb.  Search on foot and from the air by RAF Boulmer found some abandoned gear, but no climbers.  Three people were seen crossing the skyline as the Team approached, but no contact was made.  It seems someone had an epic on Engineers Slab (not the first!) but got off OK.  Well-intentioned false alarm.  Quite a day!

30/95   28th

            Cragfast sheep, Blacksail Crag.  Request to free 2 cragfast sheep.  Crag searched, but nothing found.


JULY 1995


31/95   2nd

            4.30 pm:  Fellwalking, Lingcove Beck, Upper Eskdale.  A 16 year-old girl on a Duke of Edinburgh expedition collapsed with diarrhoea and vomiting.  She was given intravenous fluids and medication then stretchered to Brotherilkeld for transfer to West Cumberland Hospital.  Diagnosed as having a salmonella infection.

32/95   6th

            6.00 pm:  Fellwalking, Scafell.  A school party of 12 boys and 3 teachers became disorientated in bad weather and used a mobile phone to raise the alarm.  Two of the team were able to work out their location and guide them to safety.  The mobile phone was useful for communicating but would they have sorted themselves out if they hadnít had one, and perhaps not have called on the Team?  (Mobile phone.)

33/95   7th

            4.20 pm:  Fellwalking, Long Top, Scafell range.  A school party from the Wirral practising for Duke of Edinburgh gold expedition, made a navigational error walking from Langdale to Borrowdale in bad weather.  On Long Top, one girl slipped and cut her forehead.  She was able to walk down with assistance.  The party managed OK, but supervision was not adequate.

34/95   19th

            Midnight:  A professor from the University of Moscow became separated from a party of 20 who were walking and camping in the Blea Tarn area.  He turned up at Low Place, Mitredale, where he was accommodated for the night.

35/95   23rd

            1.25 am:  3 Peaks Walk, Scafell Pike.  A 27 year-old male left Seathwaite to ascend Scafell Pike, to be picked up at Wasdale Head.  Reported to be 3 hours overdue.  Suggested he would turn up, which he did.

36/95   31st

            3.40 pm:  The Screes, Wasdale.  A man and his daughter painting on the lakeside saw what they thought to be a red flashing light high up in a gully above Vicars Howe.  A search with the telescope revealed a red heart-shaped metallic balloon, caught in the bracken and reflecting the sun as it moved in the wind.  Well-intentioned false alarm. (We checked to make sure that there wasnít a small child still hanging onto it!)




37/95   5th

            4.10 pm:  Fellwalking, Scafell Pike.  A 25 year-old female collapsed, fainting, and had a nose-bleed due to heat exhaustion.  She was airlifted off whilst the Team tried to avoid heat stroke getting to her!

38/95   5th

            4.40 pm:  Scafell Path.  Whilst on route to the last incident we were alerted to a 43 year-old male also suffering from heat exhaustion.  After rest and rehydration he was able to walk off with assistance.  He was checked out by the Team medics before and after walking off.  The Team carried on to the first casualty site, losing a fair amount of perspiration in the process.

39/95   10th

            2.45 pm:  Scafell Pike.  A 15 year-old girl on a Duke of Edinburgh expedition sustained a badly sprained ankle near the summit.  She was stretchered off.  Another scorching day.  (Mobile phone.)

40/95   23rd

            10.30 am:  Yewbarrow.  Cragfast sheep.  Request from Scott Naylor to free cragfast sheep.  It turned out to be a sheep-shaped piece of rock bleached white by the sun.

41/95   23rd

            9.35 pm:  Fellwalking, Scafell Pike.  A male with a mobile phone reported a party of 4 persons 4 hours overdue.  They turned up safely as their details were being obtained.  (Mobile phone.)

42/95   24th

            10.30 am:  Cragfast sheep Red Pike.  Request to assist Jos Naylor in recovery of cragfast sheep.  After 2 months of scorching weather it was quite novel to have water running out of our boot-tops.  We got the sheep off in one piece.

43/95   31st

            9.05 pm:  Fellwalking, Pillar.  A 60 year-old male left his two companions on the summit of Pillar to return to Wasdale Head via Wind Gap and Mosedale.  The others returned via Blacksail to await his return.  His guesthouse in Gosforth was checked and a search was being organised when he turned up at Croasdale in Ennerdale having made a navigational error.




44/95   7th

            1.00 pm:  Cragfast sheep, Bull Crag, Red Pike.  Again, two of the Team assisted Jos Naylor to recover a very large and fit sheep from a crag.  We built some walls to prevent further problems and having to go back there in the future.  We also got caught in a thunderstorm on the way down.  Most refreshing.

45/95   27th

            10.30 pm:  Fellwalking, Little Narrowcove.  A party of 5 people from Essex doing the Three Peaks make a navigational error coming off Scafell Pike.  They got onto difficult ground and were reluctant to carry on in darkness.  Escorted down to Taw House.  (Mobile phone.)




46/95   1st

            4.00 am:  Fellwalking, Borrowdale to Eskdale.  Two males in their 20s from Merseyside left Seathwaite to walk via Scafell Pike to Brotherilkeld.  They hoped to do it in 5 hours.  The Team were called when they were 2 hours overdue.  Suggested we wait until 8.00 am before mounting a search.  They turned up at Brotherilkeld 10 hours after they set out.  Itís a good job we hadnít put the kettle on!

47/95   15th

            11.10 am:  Missing person, Cold Fell area.  An 85 year-old man was reported missing overnight and being in a disturbed state of mind.  He was eventually found safe and well at Croasdale in Ennerdale.

48/95   18th

            8.30 pm:  Missing person, Holmrook.  Fatal.  A 32 year-old male failed to return home from an afternoon walk.  The Team Leader, the manís father and two Police dogs and their handlers searched known paths till 1.30 am


            6.45 am.  A full Team search of river banks, and the river by inflatable boat and canoes was mounted.  The young man was found dead in dense woodland 0.5 miles from his home.  A tragic loss.

49/95   21st

            8.30 pm:  Fellwalking, Scafell Pike.  A 37 year-old male and 21 year-old female made a call on a mobile phone to say they were Ďwalking round in circlesí.  They were told to stay put, but carried on walking.  31 Wasdale and 25 Keswick Team members turned out on a foul night.  The were eventually found near Calf Cove by Keswick.  They would be better off selling the phone and buying a map and compass and learning how to use them!  (Mobile phone.)

50/95   22nd

            11.00 pm:  Fellwalking, ?Harter Fell area.  A 56 year-old man from Kendal left home for Dunnerdale to walk over Harter Fell.  Police searched car parks in Dunnerdale and Eskdale but failed to locate his car.  Further daylight search by Police and spotter plane.  Turned up at 10.15 am at home.  Apparently, due to bad weather, he went for a walk near Coniston, got lost, spent the night on the fells and found his way off the next morning.

51/95   24th

            6.30 pm:  Reports of flashing lights on lakeside Screes path, Wastwater.  Three separate groups of walkers were found, but none were in difficulty.  Well-intentioned false alarm.  Just as well with severe gale force winds and torrential rain.  It was not a night to launch the boat.  Our Helmsman was terribly disappointed!

52/95   25th

            8.30 pm:  Fellwalking, Scafell.  A 42 year-old man from Cambridge slipped whilst descending Broad Stand and fell about 60 feet.  He sustained 3 fractures of the spine and multiple abrasions, but still managed to crawl about 50 metres to Mickledore Ridge to shout for help.  He fell at 3.00 pm, the Team were called out at 8.30 pm and he was found shortly after 11.00 pm.  Considering his fall, severe gale force winds and torrential rain, he did remarkably well to survive.  A very lucky man.




1/96     17th

            12 noon.  Cragfast Sheet, Blacksail Beck.  Request from Scott Naylor to free cragfast sheep.

2/96     19th

            2.55 pm: Cragfast walker, Mickledore, Scafell Pike.  A 27 year-old male descending from the summit turned downhill before reaching Mickledore and got into a craggy area.  His father had a mobile phone and requested the Team to assist.  The young man got himself out of difficulty as the Team were setting out up the fell.  Marvellous things these mobile phones! (Mobile phone.)




3/96     13th

            11.00 pm: Fellwalking, Great Gable.  A school party descending Gavel Neese at 10.30 pm lost one of its members.  A search was made up to the point where he was last seen.  He turned up at Lingmell House, Wasdale Head after somehow managing to pass his party and team members without seeing them or being seen!

4/96     14th

            4.45 pm:  Fellwalking, The Screes.  Two people attempting to walk along the Lakeside path managed to get onto a sheep track and became benighted high up on the Screes.  No equipment or lights etc, but did have a mobile phone.  Brought down to Lakeside and evacuated by boat.  (Mobile phone.)

5/96     27th

            5.40 pm:  Ice climbing, Great Gully, The Screes.  A local farmer reported climbers in difficulty on the right hand finish.  The Team investigated and found three climbers who had completed the climb safely with no problems.  Well-intentioned false alarm.




6/96     22nd

            6.20 pm: Fellwalking, Hard Knott Pass.  A 23 year-old male left his companions on the summit of Hardknott Pass to go for a short (15 minute) walk.  He set off in a southerly direction not equipped for walking, and with a high wind-chill factor.  The Team was called out.  The man turned up 30 minutes later at the Woolpack Inn in Eskdale (due west).  (Mobile phone.)

7/96     25th

            5.45 pm: Fellwalking, Great Gable.  A male walker stumbled whilst descending and though unhurt, became unable to descend.  Escorted down by the Team.




8/96     5th

            3.30 pm: Public Service.  Request from Cumbria Ambulance Service to transport several patients to West Cumberland Hospital as ambulances were unable to move due to heavy snowfall.  Three members of the Team did a 24-hour shift in appalling conditions.

9/96     6th

            3.30 pm: Fellwalking.  Two walkers failed to return to their tent at Wasdale Head.  They turned up the following day having been stuck in heavy snow in the Keswick area.  They did not notify anyone of their return and the Team did not learn of their return until the day after.  It would have been pointless to mount a search due to severe snowfall.  A couple of thoughtful chaps!

10/96   14th

            11.30 am:  Cragfast sheep, Raven Crag, Blengdale.  Request from local farmer to free sheep.  Abseil arranged and recovery completed successfully.

11/96   20th

            5.20 pm:  Fellwalking, Scafell.  A 36 year-old lady from Somerset slipped on frozen turf whilst descending.  She slid and bounced quite a distance and fractured her left ankle and heel.  Treacherous conditions and a very cold wind made the stretcher carry interesting.

12/96   21st

            2.15 pm: Fellwalking, Scafell Pike.  A 47 year-old man from Oxford slipped on new snow as he started to descend from Mickledore.  He made the descent rather quickly and was stopped by a huge boulder some 300 ft lower down.  He fractured 3 ribs and his right collar bone and sustained a pneumothorax.  No ice axe or crampons.  (Mobile phone.)


MARCH 1996


13/96   21st

            8 pm: Snow and ice climbing, Steep Gill, Scafell.  Three experienced and well-equipped climbers were reported 1.5 hours overdue on an attempt at climbing Steep Gill.  They turned up safely 20 minutes after the Team was alerted.

14/96   24th

            2.50 pm: Fellwalking, Great Gable.  Five people from two separate partied slipped on old wet snow whilst descending to Beck Head.  Three escaped uninjured, one male fractured his pelvis and a second sustained multiple abrasions and suffered from haematuria.  They were airlifted off by RAF Boulmer.  We had four stretchers, and the Millom Team as back-up: fortunately they were not needed.  (Mobile phone.)

15/96   30th

            5.15 pm: Fellwalking, Borrowdale to Wasdale.  Members of RAF Leeming found two scouts poorly equipped and with sore feet and backs wandering around near Raven Crag.  They escorted them to Seathwaite and contacted the Team as the scout transport was in Wasdale.  The scouters were contacted at 6 pm and the lads were taken to Portinscale by the RAF for collection.

16/96   30th

            5.50 pm: Fellrunning, Grasmere to Wasdale.  Two fellrunners lost contact with their support person who was carrying three rucksacks.  He was last seen on High Raise at 12 noon.  He turned up at Wasdale head at 6.50 pm.


APRIL 1996


17/96   4th

            4.20 pm: Cragfast, unable to move on steep snow/ice/crag.  A person rang the Police on a mobile phone to say that a family had been stuck on Mickledore for two hours - a man, woman, small boy and older girl.  When phoned back, the mobile phone did not answer: either switched off or out of range.  Discussions between the Police and Team Leader suggested no action should be taken.  At 5.25 pm three walkers arrived at the Woolpack in Eskdale saying that they had spent 10 minutes with 2 males and 2 females on Broad Stand, but had no rope to assist them.  The Team searched the area around Mickledore and the summit and found lots of boot marks in the snow.  A party of a teacher and 6 boys from Abingdon were found descending Green Howe after being stuck on Broad Stand for 3 hours from 4.10 pm.  They were badly equipped with no ice axes or crampons and should not have been put in that situation by the person in charge.  If all reports were correct, 15 people in all were at some point in difficulty on Broad Stand.  A good start to the Easter Holiday!  (Mobile phone.)

18/96   5th

            4.10 pm: Paragliding, Esk Hause.  A 32 year-old male from Co Durham got that sinking feeling as his chute deflated about 100 ft above Calf Cove.  He landed heavily on a rocky outcrop and was feared to have internal injuries and was given first aid by the Team and flown by RAF Boulmer to hospital.  Remarkably he had only a badly broken wrist and a few bumps and bruises.  A very lucky lad.

19/96   7th

            8.20 pm: Scrambling, Great Gable.  A experienced climber was reported overdue after leaving his friends to do a scramble on the Napes.  He turned up safely before the Team set out.

20/96   8th

            10.45 pm: Fellwalking, Borrowdale.  A couple turned up at Wasdale Head instead of Rossthwaite.  Their sons, who had been looking for them, were located on Honister, and the Cockermouth Team and the Police, who had been alerted, were notified.

21/96   10th

            4.45 pm: Fellwalking, Long Green, Slight Side, Scafell.  A 16 year-old girl from the Swindon area dislocated her patella entailing a long carry back down to Eskdale.  Why is it called Slight Side?  It goes on for ever! (Mobile phone.)

22/96   23rd

            9.15 pm: Two males set off from Langdale to walk to Wasdale Head via Great End and Scafell Pike.  They failed to arrive at their booked accommodation.  It was felt they would probably sit it out and turn up next morning.  When at 9.00 am they still hadnít turned up the Team was called out and assistance requested from Langdale, Keswick and Millom Teams.  The two turned up at Burnthwaite at 9.50 am.  They had spent the night on Scafell, set off down Eskdale but returned by way of Styhead to a hot bath and good hospitality at Burnthwaite.

23/96   25th

            Cragfast sheep, Scar Lathing Crag, Eskdale.  A ewe in lamb was successfully retrieved from a steep bit of the crag despite torrential rain.  Both seemed healthy.


MAY 1996


24/96   4th

            9.00 pm: Fellwalking, Lingmell Nose.  A lady sustained a badly sprained ankle and a passing walker requested the help of the Team.  A member of Holme Valley Team went to help her and through his mobile phone we were able to learn that she was only 500 m from Brackenclose and was able to get down with assistance.  She was off the fell by 9.45 pm.  Thanks Alan.  (Mobile phone.)

25/96   5th

            6.30 pm:  Scafell Pike.  At 5.30 pm a radio ham in Liverpool picked up a message from a person with a radio whose companion had injured a knee and required assistance.  Contact was lost with the person on the fell.  The Team searched the main paths but found no one in difficulties.  As the Team were winding down the search at 9.10 pm a 999 call was received stating that the two were off the fell and were at Blea Tarn House in Langdale.  They had walked down to Wasdale, driven over Hardknott to Wrynose and Blea Tarn passes before deciding to let someone know they were safe.  Thoughtful chaps!  It must be easier to shoot geese than chase them.

26/96   8th

            9.15 pm: Fellwalking, Scafell Pike.  A male from a guesthouse in the Ambleside area was late returning and his wife was concerned for his safety.  He turned up 25 minutes later having spent some time in a local pub.

27/96   18th

            8.45 am:  Fellwalking, Scafell Pike.  Three members of a party doing the 3 Peaks left Seathwaite at 3.00 am.  They were on the summit at 6.30 am and at 8.45 am made a 999 call on their mobile phone to say they were lost in a large valley.  Despite many attempts we were unable to contact them - phone switched off or out of range.  They eventually turned up at Wasdale Head at 12.55 pm.  (Mobile phone.)

28/96   24th

            3.00 pm:  Cragfast sheep, Harter Fell.  Request from farmer to free three cragfast sheep from rock ledge between two waterfall pitches in a gully.  Successful.


JUNE 1996


29/96   2nd

            5.50 pm: Beck-jumping, swimming, Vicar Swa waterfall, Eskdale.  A 21 year-old male jumped into the beck and hit a rock on entry sustaining a laceration to his knee.  His judgement may have been impaired - there were a large number of empty cans in the area.

30/96   23rd

            4.15 am:  Fellwalking, 3 Peaks, Styhead.  Request from Keswick Team to assist in search for member of a large party long overdue.  Had pulled muscle on Ben Nevis but carried on and was last seen near Broad Crag Col.  He was found and was assisted down from Sty Head by members of the Keswick Team.  Over a thousand people attempted the 3 Peaks this weekend.  God help the footpaths.

31/96   23rd

            3.45 pm:  Scrambling, Illgill, Kirkfell.  A man and his son were attempting to climb the gill but decided to avoid the main waterfall pitches by scrambling out of the gill.  The father got into an area of steep loose rock and became cragfast.  He was evacuated safely.

32/96   28th

            11.20 am:  Fellwalking, Scafell Pike.  A party of three attempting a 4 Peaks challenge became lost in cloud and made a 999 call on their mobile phone, which then went dead.  They asked for the Team to guide them off, but due to no-one being injured and having 12 hours daylight left, the Team Leader felt it was not justified to call out the Team.  It was suggested the organisers wait at Brotherilkeld for the party to turn up.  They did at 3.15 pm.  The event had been marshalled and red tape place on cairns.  No substitute for the ability to use a map and compass.  (Mobile phone.)

33/96   30th

            1.45 pm:  Rockfall, the Napes, Great Gable.  A massive rockfall was heard and seen from miles down the valley.  Debris reached the valley floor.  As its fall line crossed four popular paths, a search of the area was made on foot and from the air.  Thanks to RAF Leconfield who were training in the area.  No casualties, apart from a dry stone wall.


JULY 1996


34/96   7th

            12.15 am:  Orienteering, Broad Stand, Scafell.  A 32 year-old male competing in the Saunders Mountain Marathon slipped whilst descending Broad Stand and fell onto the scree below.  He sustained head and pelvic injuries but managed to walk partway down with assistance.  Stretchered off by the Team.  Very lucky lad!  (Mobile phone.)

35/96   12th

            10.15 pm:  Duke of Edinburgh award scheme expedition, Wasdale Head to Ennerdale.  A group of 7 scouts (3 female, 4 male) were reported 4.5 hours overdue.  As they were well equipped the Team decided to take no action.  They turned up at 11.15 pm but the Team were not told till 10 am the next day.  Not a particularly well organised event.

36/96   15th

            11.00 pm:  Duke of Edinburgh award scheme expedition, junction of the Esk and Little Narrowcove.  An 18 year-old girl camping in Eskdale overnight knocked over a stove and sustained burns to her leg.  Because of the remote location she was airlifted to hospital by RAF Boulmer.

37/96   26th

            12.55 pm:  Mountain biking, Blacksail Pass.  A 36 year-old male fell from his bike and sustained a broken collar bone and multiple abrasions.  He was able to walk down with assistance.

38/96   26th

            2.00 pm:  Fellwalking, Wasdale Head.  Whilst involved in the previous incident we were asked for assistance by a group of walkers from Belgium.  One girl had a groin strain and could not continue the walk to Buttermere.  We noticed a second girl suffering from mild hypothermia.  Both were taken by car to Buttermere.

39/96   27th

            2.30 pm:  Fellwalking, Scafell.  A 33 year-old male slipped from the West Wall Traverse of Deep Gill.  He sustained injuries to his left leg and face.  He was airlifted to West Cumberland Hospital by RAF Boulmer.  (Mobile phone.)

40/96   27th

            3.25 pm:  Fellwalking, Scafell Pike.  A 14 year-old boy from Lancashire became separated from his father who requested the Team to search for him.  He turned up an hour later, as expected.

41/96   27th

            9.20 pm:  Rockclimbing, Moss Gill, Scafell.  A party of four were reported three hours overdue.  They turned up safely whilst the Team was checking to see if the missing personsí vehicles were still at Wasdale Head.




42/96   17th

            4.00 pm:  Fellwalking, Burnmoor Tarn.  A 61 year-old female from a FRCC party was reported missing by a SARDA dog handler on his mobile phone.  It was a beautiful sunny day and the lady turned up as the phone call was being made.  Shades of Linford Christie?  (Mobile phone.)

43/96   27th

            1.25 pm:  Fellwalking, Broad Stand, Scafell.  A German fell 15 ft from Broad Stand whilst descending and rolled a further 25 ft down the Scree.  He sustained head injuries, a fractured left wrist and multiple lacerations and abrasions.  After first aid by the Team and a paramedic who happened to be there, he was airlifted to West Cumberland Hospital by RAF helicopter. (Mobile phone.)




44/96   19th

            9.20 pm:  Fellwalking, Eskdale to Scafell.  A man from Kent left his motorcycle outside the Woolpack and asked for directions to Scafell.  When he failed to return the Team were informed.  He turned up safely at 9.40 pm.

45/96   26th

            1.55 pm:  Fellwalking, Lingmell.  A 36 year-old lady slipped whilst descending and sustained a fractured right tibia and fibula.  After analgesia was given, the fracture was reduced and splinted.  She was then carried off the fell.  Torrential rain and flooding.




46/96   3rd

            2.30 pm:  Fellwalking, Green Howe.  A 61 year-old male slipped whilst descending and hurt his ankle. No obvious injury but he was stretchered off.  Torrential rain, gales and flooding.  Most invigorating!

47/96   19th

            5.50 pm:  Fellwalking, Scafell Pike.  A couple descending from the Pike in cloud made a navigational error and became lost on the west bank of Piers Gill.  Map reference given as Scout Crag, Langdale.  By asking them to describe the features around them, ascertained they were near Piers Gill.  They requested a helicopter but were persuaded to follow directions down Lingmell to Wasdale head.

48/96   24th

            4.15 pm:  Fellwalking, Piers Gill.  Two young men descending from Scafell Pike along the Corridor Route mistook Piers Gill for the footpath.  They continued all the way down the Gill (a very difficult rock climb) till the first (or last) waterfall pitch of 20 feet.  One managed to climb down, the other jumped into 6 ft of water and was hit on the head by a rock sustaining concussion and cuts to his scalp.   His companion raised the alarm but thought they were in Greta Gill.  After a long search aided by a helicopter from RAF Boulmer, he was found in Piers Gill.  Remarkably he was able to walk down.  A very lucky lad.

49/96   26th

            2.15 pm:  Fellwalking, Burnmoor Tarn area.  A 21 year-old American student slipped on the path and sprained her ankle.  She was stretchered off and transported to Eskdale Youth Hostel where she was staying.




50/96   9th

            2.15 pm:  Fellwalking, Wind Gap, Pillar.  A 30 year-old female had a recurrence of a cartilage problem in her right knee which was locked in a bent position.  Because of the length of carry a helicopter from RAF Leconfield evacuated her to hospital.  (Mobile phone.)