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Number of '999' calls to date = 77 which includes 53 with the team on the fell and 24 alerts, where the incident was reported in as a '999' but there was no need for any significant team involvement and therefore not formally logged as an incident (given postscript (a) or (b)) - this is where, for example, the Team Leader talks them off the mountain with minimal team member involvement or missing persons turn up before the team is fully mobilised.

Donations to the team  are now being acknowledged at end of incident write up  - MRTs are registered charities - many walkers we meet are surprised that there is no government funding and that all team members are unpaid volunteers - 3,500 covering England and Wales

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September 2011

11:53 04/09/11 ( 6.34 p.m.) - Sunday

Call cam in from the police to rescue a female walker who had fallen at Stand Crag on the corridor route from Scafell Pike.  An air ambulance and road ambulance had also been tasked to this incident.  The casualty was airlifted from the scene of the incident as the team were making their way up to the casualty site.  The team was stood down once she was in the aircraft and flown to Whitehaven hospital.  Incident closed at around 8.30 p.m. 11 team members attended.

[NY 21852 08567]

(22 man hours)


11:52 04/09/11 ( 12.25 a.m.) - Sunday

Call came in from Keswick MRT 
who had been contacted by Cumbria Police for the Wasdale team to respond to a fallen three peak challenger.  The walker who was in his 40's had fallen around 10meters whilst negotiating the Skew Ghyll gulley crossing on the ascent / descent from Scafell pike.  He was part of an organised three peak challenge event group.  20 team members attended in dreadful conditions underfoot following a day of torrential rain and very low cloud.  The casualty was stretchered down to the valley bottom where he was met by a road ambulance and taken to Whitehaven Hospital for further treatment.  The following is the press release.  Incident closed at 6.30 a.m.

[NY 22130 09092]

(120 manhours)

Casualty being given first aid treatment where he lay within the bivvy tent, limbs being splinted after pain relieving analgesia administration and wound dressing.  The bell stretcher (carried up in two halves), assembled and being made ready to receive the vacuum mattress and then casualty for the2 to 3 hour carry down 


Team doctor checking the casualty condition, ensuring that he is comfortable and not in any pain from his injuries
The casualty being sledged down a section of grass which was a relief for the team as most of the terrain was broken ground requiring full carry or hand over hand in the more steep sections



After a full day spent organising and running a fund raising day at Wasdale Head, including an auction that finished at 11.00pm members of Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team were relieved to be in their beds by midnight but not so relieved when they were called out at a quarter past midnight to rescue a gentleman attempting the Three Peaks Challenge who had slipped and tumbled about 30 feet into Skew Ghyll.  The man was treated on scene for head, arm and leg injuries before being stretchered down to an ambulance in the valley.  The team were back at their base by 05.45 and in their beds (again) by 06.30.

It is interesting to note that the Three Peaks Challenge, originally attempted during long daylight hours of midsummer is now a year round activity. Throughout the day there was a constant stream of minibuses disgorging their occupants ready for their second ascent of the Challenge, Scafell Pike, even though the weather was atrocious with very heavy rain, zero visibility in the thick cloud and stream crossings made hazardous by the high rainfall. There were still teams of Three Peakers coming off Scafell as the rescue team returned and one team even had the audacity to ask the team minibus to ferry them back to their own minibus, a mile up the road.

The fundraising day was very successful with over £2000 being raised.  Unfortunately this does not make up for a sleepless night.  

Also see grough article

11:51(d) 03/09/11 ( 7.24 p.m.) - Saturday

Call came in from the police for a party of five walkers who were overdue from their walk up Scafell Pike from Seathwaite.  Whilst the Team members were gathering information for a potential search later that evening the informant called back to the police to say that they had established that the walkers car had now gone so they were happy they were off the mountain.  Incident closed with no further action necessary.

(1 man hours)

11:51(c) 03/09/11 ( ~5.30 p.m.) - Saturday

Call came in to one of the team members from the Strands Hotel for a missing male and female walker who had set off for the summit of Scafell Pike early that morning and had failed to turn up at the Hotel.  While the Team Leader was gathering information and checking the car parks for their car, the call came in from the police that they had turned up safe and well.  The hotel had been told to call for assistance if they had not returned by 5.00 p.m.  The people were delayed due to extra time needed to cross the gills due to their swollen state.   Incident closed with no further action necessary

This incident did not come as a surprise to the team as the conditions were quite treacherous on the mountain and goes to shows that whilst you may be able to cross the streams in the morning, they can quickly rise during severe weather and cut -off your planned descent route.  It is therefore essential to check the weather conditions both before and during the days walking and have a contingency plan which may mean a low level walk.   

(1.5 man hours)

11:51(b) 02/09/11 ( 10.03 p.m.) - Friday

Call came in from the police for a party of walkers lost on Scafell Pike.  The team leader was unable to contact the informant on their mobile phone but a call came in at 10.35 p.m. to advise that that party was safe and well and no further action was necessary.  Incident closed.

(0.5 man hours)


10.03 10.35

11:51(a) 27/08/11 ( 8.11 p.m.) - Saturday

Call came in from
the police for a lost group of walkers on Scafell Pike.   The Duty Team leader spoke to the party and managed to talk them down off the fell with no need to do  a full callout.  Incident closed at 11.10 p.m. with the group down safe and well.

(3 man-hours)

11:51 20/08/11 ( 10.39 p.m.) - Saturday

Call came in from Langdale team to search the upper Eskdale for a missing 63 yr old walker last seen on the summit of Bowfell heading for Crinkle Crags.  11 team members attended.  He was eventually found by a member of the Langdale team in the upper Esk in the
Swinsty Gill area in the early hours.  Incident closed at around 2.00 a.m.

(34 man-hours)

11:50 18/08/11 ( 6.30 a.m.) - Thursday

Callout following a report from a group of three peakers of shouts for help and whistles in the Lords Rake area of Scafell.  16 team members turned out to the incident which turned out to be a cragfast female walker who had been stuck on the crag all night.  The lady was completing the Bob Graham round, summiting the previous evening but on her descent, looking for a quick descent down Rake Head Gulley, ended up dropping down into Lords Rake from the Green How side and then descending the side of Red Ghyll and straying onto the crag.  She used her torch through the night to try and raise the alarm but it was only in the early morning that the passing group of three peakers heard her shouts for help and whistles.   The advance party headed up the fell with some crag gear and first aid equipment whilst other team members brought up longer ropes and more equipment. Three members of the advance group climbed to her very exposed position.  After a quick check up to confirm she was OK with no injuries, a rope system was set up and she was lowered to much safer ground 30m below.  The lady was well equipped for her night on the crag.  The team then accompanied the walker back to Brackenclose and gave her a lift to Gosforth from where she took buses back to Keswick.  The incident was closed at around 11.30 a.m. 

Staying put was a wise decision; the team has attended several very serious incidents around Red Ghyll. The casualty was also very well equipped; the fact that she was reported by the first group to enter Hollowstones shows the importance of a whistle.


The walker being lowered down the crag from her exposed overnight location.


The mobile 2 party returning to the road head after the successful rescue 

[NY 20570 06904]


( 64 manhours)

11:49(a) 15/08/11 ( 10.14 p.m.) - Monday

Team was paged by the police for overdue walkers.  The three had set off to climb Scafell Pike at 8.30 a.m. and 14 hours later had still not turned up. As more details were being gathered they turned up safe and well.   Incident closed at around 10.30 p.m. with no further action required.

(0.5 manhours)

11:49 4/08/11 (5.56 p.m.) - Thursday

While the team were finishing rescue 48, a further call came in from Cumbria Police to respond to a male walker in his early 20's who had become lost whilst climbing Scafell Pike.  He was tackling the three peaks on his own, cycling between the three mountains.  He had left Langdale earlier that day.  He was quickly located by the advance group and walked back down to Brackenclose.  He was dropped off at the Wasdale Head Inn where accommodation had been kindly organised.  His plan was to walk back to Langdale the following day.  16 team members were involved and the incident was closed at 11.30 p.m.

The Mobile 3 back up group at the top of Lingmel Nose, happy to be standing by whilst the lost walker was being walked back down by the advance group who had now located him on the summit of Broad Crag. Photo by M Gu.

[NY 21860 07554]

(88 man hours)

11:48 4/08/11 (12.56 p.m.) - Thursday

Two walkers, male and female on Scafell Pike and reported themselves lost somewhere in the region of Piers Gill in low cloud.  As their general location was known from the description they gave and they were relatively safe, a limited callout was instigated and 8 team members located the lost walkers on Lingmel Col.  They were walked back down to Brackenclose at Wasdale Head.  The incident was closed at 5.30 p.m. just in time for the second incident of the day, 30 minutes later. (see # 11:49) 

[NY 21142 07904]

(36 manhours)

11:47 3/08/11 (5.56 p.m.) - Wednesday

The team was involved on a major search  for a missing male in his 80's with a medical issue.  He had been missing since 3.30 p.m. at Muncaster Castle.  He turned up safe and well at Windermere train station.  We thank lake district SARDA search dogs, Civil Nuclear Police, Cumbria Police for their assistance.  Search dogs were called in but turned back when the man was reported safe and well at around 8.30 p.m.  15 team members attended.

(37 man hours)

July 2011

11:46(b) 23/07/11 (12.00 p.m. - Saturday

Called out by North West Ambulance service to assist their crew with an injured tourist who had stumbled at Muncaster castle and sustained a head injury.  Whilst the team leader was gathering details a further call came in to advise that assistance was no longer required and the team was stood down.

(0.5 manhours)

11:46(a) 19/07/11 (1.52 p.m.) - Monday

Paged by Cumbria Police to rescue a group of four walkers from Oldham who said they were lost on Pulpit Rock, Scafell Pike  in cloud that had descended on them.  Whilst the team leader was assessing the details a further call came in from the Police to say that the cloud had now lifted and they could see where they were and could make their own way off.  Incident stood down within minutes of the '999' call.   Premature call for help?

Pulpit Rock on Scafell Pike - not a place to wander to when the cloud comes down and you lose your bearings.

[NY 20975 07152]

(0.5 manhours)


11:46 16/07/11 (6.33 p.m.) - Saturday

''999' call came in to Cumbria Police from a male walker who was lost in low cloud on descent from Scafell Pike.  The man in late 20's had been with a group of ten who were out on a stag weekend when he was left behind on the summit of the Pike with no equipment,  no wet weather gear or suitable footwear for the heavy rain that was forecast for later that day.  He made a valiant attempt to get himself off the mountain with no map but ended up on the crags above Great Moss on the Eskdale side.  Realising that he was out of his depth he called the police for help.  The Team were called and the Team leader made contact with him, asked him to retrace his steps to the summit and see if he could get back down to Wasdale from there.  This he did but was happier to make his way back down to where he had been and then drop down into the Great Moss area of upper Eskdale and follow the river out.  As his location and intended route was understood a limited callout was made and six team members went to meet up with him.  He was eventually located ay around 9.45 p.m. between Scar Lathing and Sampson's Stones.  His walk out to the vehicles at Brotherilkeld was assisted by team torches.  He suffered a minor knee complaint (and was very hungry as his last meal had been breakfast earlier that day).  He was driven back to the rest of his friends who were staying in accommodation in the Eskdale Valley.  The rescued man, although he should never have been put in the position he was in,  had done the correct thing in calling out the team.  He would have definitely been unable to get off the mountain that night and unsuitably kitted out for the bad weather front coming in.  Incident closed at 11.30 p.m.  Eight team members involved.

This very avoidable rescue would have been prevented by the group keeping just together or at least keeping in sight of each other at all times.  Groups should always progress at the pace of the slowest members.  Suitable equipment (including torches) and clothing.  (His friends had eventually called the police at around 8.00 p.m. to report him missing).

[NY 22002 05032]

(40 manhours)

11:45 15/07/11 (9.00 p.m.) - Thursday

'Call passed onto Cumbria Police from North West Ambulance service who had received the '999' call and dispatched a road ambulance.  Report from the police was that a male had fallen off Scafell Pike.  When details were gathered it transpired that the male walker had stumbled and fallen on the summit of Scafell Pike and sustained a minor head injury but had made his way down to the Brown Tongue path before having to call the team out.  A full callout with around 18 team members followed.  The casualty was located on the other side of the stream crossing at the bottom of Brown Tongue.  He was given casualty care on scene and after a short period was able to walk back down to Brackenclose where he was given a check up before proceeding to his vehicle.  The road Ambulance which had been waiting at Wasdale Head was stood down.  Incident closed at 11.30 p.m. 

[NY 19547 07422]

(50 manhours)

11:44 9/07/11 (9.34 p.m.) - Saturday

Call came in from Cumbria Police regarding two climbers who had failed to return at 6.30 p.m.  They had been climbing on Esk Buttress.  The team Leader waited until 10.35 before doing a full callout.  As seems to regularly happen, once the full team had been called out the two climbers inevitably turned up safe and well with no further action required.  The two climbers had taken much longer on the route than they had anticipated.  Team was stood down at 10.40 p.m.

(6 manhours)

11:43 8/07/11 (3.52 p.m.) - Friday

Call came in from Cumbria Police regarding a '999'cal from two ladies who reported they were lost on Scafell Pike and next to a cliff edge.  The Team leader was unable to make contact with the two ladies on the mobile number as their phone had been switched off.  No further action was taken as the weather had improved and no contact could be made.  At around 8.30 p.m. the police requested an update and were hopeful that some action might be taken to find the two ladies.  A limited callout at 9.00 p.m. with six team members responding.  Two of these team members had already been walking up the Pike and had met two ladies who reported that they had been lost but had met up with a couple of other walkers who put them on the right path.  When the team leader eventually managed to speak on the phone to the two ladies, they confirmed that they were safely off the mountain and that they had been in touch with the police to say so and that no further action was necessary.  Incident was closed at 10.20 p.m.

Walkers are reminded to keep their phones switched on after dialing '999' and to avoid moving from their location.  A member of the team will always be trying to call the number and if there is a weak signal will use text messaging.

[NY 20822 06859]

(11 manhours)

11:42 2/07/11 (6.40 p.m.) - Saturday

Team called to the help of a male walker in his 40's.  The group of four plus dog had climbed Scafell that day from Boot where they were camping.   One of the male walkers had sustained an injury to his knee and was unable to make any further progress down the hill. 19 team members attended and the casualty was stretchered down to the valley bottom.  Two of his walking partners made their own way back to Boot to collect their car and pick him up from the Wasdale Head Inn.  Incident closed at 11.00 p.m. 

[NY 20822 06859]

(86 manhours)

11:41 2/07/11 (~12.30 p.m.) - Saturday

Whilst the team were dealing with incident 40, another incident came in from the Police.  A 22 year old male climber had fallen on Scafell Crags.  He was in a group of three who were heading for a rock climb on Scafell Crags.  They were on the approach scamble when he took a 7m tumble fall seriously fracturing he wrist and injuring his back.  He was treated as a potential spinal injury and the Sea King Helicopter employed on the first rescue, following refueling, returned to assist with this second incident.  The injured climber was flown to Whitehaven Hospital.  20 team members involved and incident closed at 4.30 p.m.   

[NY 20822 06859]

(110 manhours)

Sea King from RAF Boulmer above Hollowstones with casualty and team mebers below the crags just in front of the helicopters nose.  Lords Rake to the right

Casualty being winched into the helicopter with Mickledore Ridge in the background.  Broad Stand, location of the previous incident just off to the photograph to the right, down on the other side of the ridge 

11:40 2/07/11 (10.47 a.m.) - Saturday

Call from Police for a 62 year man who had taken a 30m fall off Broad Stand on Scafell.  He sustained major injuries and was in a critical condition.  Team members were flown up to the area in an Air Ambulance whilst the Paramedic remained on scene.  The air ambulance had been dispatched immediately and an RAF Sea King was also requested.  20 team members attended and the casualty was winched and flown to Whitehaven Hospital after receiving considerable casualty care on scene.  Incident closed at 4.30 p.m. following incident 43.

[NY 20982 06829]

(110 manhours)



June 2011

11:39 28/06/11 (12.31 p.m.) - Tuesday

The alarm was raised at Blacksail Youth Hostel by a walker who could hear shouts for help in the Blacksail Pass area. As this is on the boundary between Wasdale and Cockermouth teams both attended. On arrival at the pass it was apparent there were no longer shouts for help and a search of the crags on Kirkfell by Cockermouth team failed to reveal any trace of people in trouble. We subsequently spoke to other walkers who confirmed there had been shouts in the area around mid-morning but they were less certain whether help was needed. We presume whatever problems were being experienced they were resolved by the people themselves who made their own way off the fell, unaware of the later interest in their whereabouts.
 Well intentioned false alarm. Incident closed around 5.00 p.m.  14 Wasdale members involved.

(63 man hours)

11:38 25/06/11 (10.21 p.m.) - Saturday

Two sons in their early 20's were reported overdue by their mother who was in Ambleside.  The information provided suggested that the two sons had gone to walk up Scafell Pike starting from near Wha House farm in Eskdale and had phoned around 8.00 p.m. to say they were at Burnmoor Tarn.  They had not been heard from since.  A search of car parks and pubs in the Eskdale valley was undertaken which failed to find their vehicle.  Just as the search was about to be called off for the night the police contacted the team to say they had turned up at the bottom of the Birker Fell road far away from both their supposed parking place and any routes from Burnmoor Tarn or Scafell (Pike).  It then transpired their car was actually near Blea Tarn in Langdale.  Team members took pity on them and gave them a lift back to their vehicle, which was needed to get their mother home as well.
 We're not sure where these people walked during the day and night, but they'd clearly been a long way and unlikely to have been close to any of the places suggested.

(5 manhours)


11:37(a) 25/06/11 (12.38 p.m.) - Saturday

'999' call went into Cumbria Police for a missing walker.  A man on the 3 peaks challenge became separated from his group and was reported missing by his companions.  Whilst the Team Leader was gathering information the missing persons turned up safe and well - incident closed very quickly at 12.46 p.m. - weather condition in the valley extremely poor with cloud down to 500 feet and heavy drizzle.  There were many Three Peaker groups already out on the mountain and roads clogged up with private cars and Transit vans.  

11:37 24/06/11 (5.55 p.m.) - Friday

A father and son became separated during a descent from Scafell Pike summit.  Despite a prolonged effort the father was unable to find his son in the area last seen and was forced to return to Langdale where he raised the alarm.  Wasdale team had initiated a check of the Eskdale road and during this police contacted the team to say the missing son had turned up safe and well a bit further up the valley.  Langdale team had also been helping with a visit to the father to gather information and a check of roads on their side and we were able to take the son to meet the Langdale team members at Cockley beck. Incident closed around 19:30.  

(5 manhours) 

11:36 20/06/11 (6.15 p.m.) - Monday

Callout from the police for a female with an injured leg on Scafell Pike.  A party of 12 which included three teachers and 9 students were descending from the summit when one slipped and injured her lower leg.  21 team members attended and a further number of Duddon & Furness MRT also turned out to assist but were later stood down when sufficient Wasdale team members arrived.  The lady was given analgesia and stretchered off the mountain to their vehicles in the valley bottom and driven to Whitehaven Hospital with a suspect fracture.  Incident closed at 11.00 p.m.  

(100 manhours)

[NY 21135 07559]

[Two interesting postscripts - firstly the incident location was only a stones throw from the previous incident No. 35, the second was when the team leader asked over the phone before the team arrived for a check to be made on blood flow to the foot.  The party were asked to press on the toe nail and check capillary refill.   This is where the bed of the nail goes white and then quickly becomes refreshed with blood and goes a healthy pink.  They removed the boot and advised there was a slight problem.............the lady had painted toe nails......

It was also good to see that the group were very well equipped for the hill and were in good spirits when the team arrived, they were already warm inside their own bivvy shelter.]

Photos supplied kindly by the daughters of the lady who was rescued who suffered a fracture to her tibula (lower leg)


Lowering the casualty on the stretcher using hand-over-hand technique to minimise the jolting when moving down difficult terrain.  

11:35(b) 18/06/11 (12.21 p.m.) - Saturday

Report from police - missing male.  mid-late 40's on 3 peaks challenge, failed to turn up at Seathwaite having set off at 3.50am. Informant Organiser at Seathwaite said that the missing person got split up from the rest of the party on the return from the summit because he was slower than them. The second group saw him on the boulder field on Broad Crag as they were ascending but didn't see him on their return (via Esk Hause).  He had full waterproofs, map, hat, poles, sac & spare food. The missing person turned up safely at Seathwaite before a call-out was initiated.   Incident closed 15.15.

(3 manhour)

11:35(a) 18/06/11 (2.33 a.m.) - Saturday

Call from police re a group of 5  3-peakers lost on Scafell Pike.  The Team Leader spoke to the informant - two were very wet and cold and only two of party had waterproofs. They were dressed in shorts and fleeces, and had no food or whistle. They did have a map and compass and two space blankets, but the GPS was broken.  They had been on the top at midnight and had tried four times to find a way down without success.  After a very long conversation, (30 mins) the Team Leader established that they were below the corridor route at the head of Piers Ghyll. They were persuade to rejoin the path and walk westwards where they met up with another party who were descending and were then happy to continue without MR assistance.  Incident closed at 3.11 a.m.

11:35 17/06/11 (10.50 a.m.) - Friday

A party on the 3 peaks became disorientated on their descent after loosing the path and were now lost.  Due to the poor weather conditions they were also wet and cold and one of them was having difficulty walking due to a sore knee.  As their location was uncertain the team initially mounted a search and they were found close to 'The Slabs' on the main descent path from Scafell Pike summit.  After re-warming and a change of clothing they were able to start walking off the mountain, however, it was faster and more comfortable to move the man with the sore knee on the stretcher brought up the fell by the Duddon and Furness Team who had come to help with the incident.
 Thanks to Duddon Team for assisting with ten team members.  In total around d 25 team members were involved and incident was closed at 5.00 p.m

150 manhours  

[NY 21215 07442]

Warmed up and in dry clothing the party of three sets off.  By this time the cloud had lifted and visibility was good

Lingmel Nose and sledging the casualty back down to the valley bottom

Back rope provides security for the long descent




11:34(a) 15/06/11 (6.02 p.m.) - Wednesday

A man contacted police to report his wife missing on the fells after a walk in the Green / Great Gable area. Given the location of the informant and the possible locations for his wife the incident was passed to the Keswick team. We understand the lady was soon located at Honsiter Pass safe and well.

11:34 12/06/11 (10.59 a.m.) - Monday

Call from Police for two missing Three Peakers.  A group of four walkers had set off from Wasdale Head at 5.00 a.m. to climb Scafell Pike in wet and windy conditions.  They separated on the way up and a 40 year old male and female pair became lost on their descent - They were last seen at 7.00 a.m. on the plateau descending after summiting.  The team leader decided to wait until 1.15 p.m. before calling out the Wasdale team along with the Duddon and Furness MRT.  Around 20 team members in total attended.  As Wasdale members were preparing to leave the base the missing persons turned up safe and well.   The Duddon and Furness team members were stood down and the incident closed at 2.30 pm.

Postscript - the pair, who were ill equipped with only a handwritten map, had made a navigational error and descended into Eskdale, walking out to find a phone but then, having had no luck, retraced their steps back up Little Narrow Cove and over the top back into Wasdale.

11:33(d) 11/06/11 (11.30 p.m.) - Saturday

Call came in to the team leader directly from a local guest house about a 52 year old who had got split up from the rest of his party.  The party had got back down from the mountain at 7.30pm. but the man was still overdue.  As they were discussing the situation the man turned up safe.  Potential incident stood down with no further action necessary.

11:33(c) 8/06/11 (5.12 p.m.) - Wednesday

A man reported himself lost in thick mist on the ridge between Scafell Summit and Slight Side. A team leader provided directions over the phone and the man was able to make his own way off the mountain without the need for a call out. Incident closed 20:30

11:33(b) 4/06/11 (8.41 p.m.) - Saturday

Team alerted by Cumbria Police to respond to a '999' call from an informant over a walker who had become long overdue.  The Team leader gathered details but waited before mobilizing the team.  The overdue walker turned up safe and well at 9.10 p.m. and the incident was stood down with no further action required.  No team members deployed.

11:33(a) 3/06/11 (10.35 p.m.) - Friday

Call from the police for missing persons on Scafell Pike - Team Leader decided to wait until the morning (9.00 a.m.) to review the situation as it id normal for walkers to make it out under their own steam from first light.  The missing person turned up safe and well at 4.30 a.m. and incident closed with no further action necessary.

11:33 3/06/11 (2.07 p.m.) - Friday

Call from the police to rescue a 65 year old female walker who had fallen backwards and sustained a bad gash to the back of the head on a sharp rock.   The lady was accompanied by her son and their two dogs.  They had come up from the Old Dungeon Gill Hotel and were returning from the summit of Scafell Pike.  Their location was 50m to the south east of the summit.  Due to the head injury and age and condition of the casualty a Sea King helicopter was tasked from RAF Boulmer.  12 team members attended in very hot conditions and proceeded up the fell although the helicopter managed to evacuate the injured walker on their stretcher to Whitehaven hospital just before the first team members arrived on scene.  The son along with his two dogs was able to make his own way back to the car in Langdale.  Incident closed at 5.30 p.m. with all team members safely off the hill.

(42 man-hours)

[NY 21612 07244]

11:32 2/06/11 (5.56 p.m.) - Thursday

Just as incident 31 was closing the team were called to another incident where a male had suffered a tumble fall and injured his head and arm. The informant with the casualty was unable to give their location and attempts to get him to describe the location proved difficult.  Eventually he was asked to send a picture of the view from his location by mobile phone. The area was quickly identified.  Because of the potentially serious injuries from a 25 metre tumble fall support from a RAF helicopter was requested.  It arrived on scene at the same time as the team and the casualty was airlifted to Whitehaven Hospital. 

A total of 26 team members were involved in the two rescues which together lasted 7 hours. 

(182 man-hours)    see BBC report with photo

From the above mobile phone shot could you make the decision as to where the casualties were located?


Sea King helicopter winching the casualty from his location on the northern face of Broad Crag.  The team have undertaken a number of rescues from this area where walkers stray from the paths and make their down through the maze of terraces until they can go no further - neither up nor down.

[NY 21885 07832]

11:31 2/06/11 (3.07 p.m.) - Thursday

Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team were called out to assist a 77 year old man who was suffering from leg cramp and unable to walk.  He was located on the top of Great Gable so, to avoid a protracted and uncomfortable stretcher ride, assistance from an air ambulance was requested.  North West Air Ambulance lifted 4 team members to the top of the 2949 foot mountain to assist the casualty’s companion and their dogs and then took the casualty down to the valley where he was given a lift to his own car. He did not require further medical treatment.  Incident closed at around 6.00 p.m. with around 20 team members involved.

 [NY 21060 10305] 

May 2011

11:30(a) 30/05/11 (4.39 p.m.) - Monday

Call came in from a concerned husband whose wife and 4 year old child were overdue.  The family had set off from Wasdale head camp site to walk up to Burnmoor Tarn.  The father and 11 year old son carried on up to Ill Gill Head but when they returned the mother and 4 year old were no longer there.  When he got back to the valley bottom there was no sign of the mother who had returned but went the wrong way and ended up in Eskdale.  She returned at 5.16 p.m. and therefore no further action was required by the team. 

11:30 27/05/11 (11.00 p.m.) - Friday

Whist the team were descending the mountain with incident 29 (panic attack in Hollowstones); one of our team members slipped on the wet path and landed awkwardly, badly injuring their wrist.  The other 5 team members on the hill split resources to deal with this second incident.  Casualty care and analgesia were administered to relieve the pain and the wrist splinted.  Our team member managed to walk down to the valley bottom under their own steam and driven to Whitehaven Hospital in the landrover.  Incident closed at around 12.45 a.m.

(15 man-hours)

[NY 19590 07400]



11:29 27/05/11 (8.36 p.m.) - Friday

'999' call to the Police from  a male walker in his early 40's accompanied by his nephew who suffered a panic attack in the Hollowstones area on their descent from the summit of Scafell Pike.  The walker was already on medication for his condition and following a conversation between the team leader and the casualty, the decision was made for a limited callout of the team.  13 team members attended including a Wasdale MRT search dog handler from the Lake District Mountain Rescue Search Dog Association.  6 team members plus the search dog handler and two search dogs were deployed on the hill with a further  6 team members held back at Base.  The walkers were located (by search dog Pippi and Olly) at around 10.15 p.m. and were walked back down the mountain to the vehicles in the Valley bottom.  It is worth noting that whilst the party of two were being readied for the walk back down, another two walkers appeared out of the darkness along with a further three, all looking for assistance.  The two rescuers were now accompanying a largish group of seven walkers which was further swollen when the other team members made contact..   As the group neared the valley bottom, one of our rescuers slipped and suffered a broken wrist (see incident 30).  The first incident casualty was walked back to his car with the incident finishing around 11.45 p.m.

This does emphasise that mountain rescuers do expose themselves to risks in carrying out their work and clearly the less we need to do the less we are exposed.

(32 man-hours)

[NY 20420 07387]


11:28(a) 21/05/11 (11.11 p.m.) - Wednesday


A man on the 3 peaks challenge was reported missing after he'd gone on ahead of his group but was not at the expected meeting place. One of the team leaders went down the valley to obtain further information and quickly established the man was now safe and well and had been elsewhere in the Wasdale Head area. Incident closed around 12.45 a.m.

(3 manhours)


11:28 18/05/11 (8.46 p.m.) - Wednesday

A further call came in from Cumbria Police later that evening for a lone walker who had set off from the Old Dungeon Ghyll (Langdale) to walk Scafell Pike and meet with his friend at the Wasdale Head Camp Site. He called for assistance after he had fallen into a River/bog and became very wet and cold and lost in the low cloud on Scafell Pike. It was also established that the misperson had no torch with him. As the Team Leaders were formulating a plan the missing person contacted us to say the cloud had lifted and he no longer needed our assistance. Around two hours were spent trying to locate the missing person after a long day of incidents which included a team member checking round the campsite at Wasdale Head. We ask that if you are venturing into the fells go fully equipped and expect the unexpected. Take a torch map and compass and most importantly know how to use them.  

(8 manhours)

11:27 18/05/11 (12.03 p.m.) - Wednesday

Team was called by Cumbria Police on behalf of Ambulance Control to attend an incident on Dent Fell. It was reported by a group of people doing the Coast 2Coast that they had come across a gentleman who had been feeling dizzy and collapsed near the summit of Dent Fell. The Team responded to the location with first aid and two of our team Dr 's who assessed the casualty. Due to the locality of our team members and team Dr's and the fact we can drive to the summit of Dent Fell we were in attendance with the casualty in around 15/20 mins. We packaged the Casualty on to our stretcher and carried him around 300mtrs to our awaiting Landrover. The team then transported the casualty to West Cumberland Hospital in our Landrover which converts to enable us to carry a stretcher in the back. Around 20 team members attended the incident which took around 2 and half hours. We would like to thank the Gentleman who remained with the casualty giving reassurance until we arrived.

If you require Mountain Rescue please dial 999 and ask for the Police. The Police will then task the Mountain Rescue Team required.

(50 manhours)

11:26 17/05/11 (9.19 p.m.) - Tuesday

Call came in from the Langdale and Ambleside team to assist in the search for a lost male walker who had set off to climb Crinkle Crags and got lost.  He had no torch but did have a GPS (possibly on his smart phone).   A limited callout was made to check the Eskdale side.  The search which involved three teams plus search dogs failed to locate the lost walker who walked out the next day at Seathwaite, Borrowdale as teams were preparing to go out again to search for him.  The grough website gives an interesting report on the incident.


11:25 08/05/11 (8.02 am.) - Sunday

A group of five walkers from Kent had set off from Wasdale Head at 10.00 p.m. the previous night to climb Scafell Pike as part of the three peaks challenge.  Overnight there had been severe storms with heavy and persistent rain.  They became lost with low cloud down to 2,500 feet and called the police via their mobile.  The team were called out and although was able to make contact with them, was unable to ascertain their location.  They were asked to remain where they were so that the team could maintain contact.  A full search ensued with 21 team members on the fell, one on base and four held back in the valley bottom in case stretchers were required.  All search patterns were completed by early afternoon with no success.  Although numerous telephone calls were made to the group they could not be contacted.  The search was finally called to a close at 4.30 p.m. when the group of five emerged from Brotherikeld at the bottom of Hardknott pass, Eskdale.  They were collected from the Woolpack and driven back to their car at Wasdale Head.   Incident was closed at 5.00 p.m. - The lost group had been out on the mountain for seventeen hours.

11:24(a) 07/05/11 (10.19 p.m.) - Saturday

Police received a call from a member of the public who reported a red flare from Scafell.  The report was investigated but no action was taken.  Well intentioned false alarm.  Incident stood down at 11.14 p.m. with no further action required.

11:24 02/05/11 (7.11 p.m.) - Monday

Call came in from police for a male walker in his late 40's who had sustained a knee injury somewhere on Scafell Pike.  It was difficult to establish exactly where the casualty was from the informant so the Team leader boarded an air ambulance (Great North Air Ambulance) and was flown up to the tops to search for him.  After some time he was eventually located on the summit of Ill Crag (between Broad Crag and Great End).   He had been with a group of 13 walkers, 11 of which had left to make their own way back down.  He was airlifted from the Ill Crag along with a companion back down to the valley bottom at Brotherilkeld.  18 team members were involved with 10 already mustered at Hardknott trying to establish the exact whereabouts of the now late 11 walkers.  A large group of walkers had been seen by the air ambulance at Scar Lathing which was some distance from the road head.  As darkness was approaching and the group were believed to be poorly equipped for a night on the mountain with falling temperatures,  a small group of rescuers made their way up the valley and located the remaining members of the group to ensure they were all accounted for and safely off the mountain.  They were walked back to their cars and the incident was closed at 10.00 p.m.


 [NY 22300 07607]

11:23 02/05/11 (11.27 a.m.) - Monday

Call came in from Cumbria Police for an injured cyclist on Hardknott Pass road.  The female cyclist was with another male cyclists when she left the road on a very sharp bend and continued down the fell side for around 50m.  Around 17 team members attended the incident along with a paramedic from a road ambulance.  She sustained injuries to her back and was given analgesia and placed in a Vacuum mattress before being winched into a Sea King helicopter from RAF Leconfield and flown to West Cumberland hospital.  The incident closed at 2.00 p.m.  

 [NY 21527 01164]


April 2011

11:22 30/04/11 (9.55 p.m.) - Saturday

Police were contacted by a party of young people who reported they were now stuck in the Eskdale valley due to nightfall.  An initial search of nearby paths was mounted to locate the party who were eventually found at a nearby pub. We would appeal to anyone who reports themselves in trouble to make positive contact again once they are safe to avoid any unnecessary efforts. 15 members involved, incident closed around 1:30 a.m.  

11:21 30/04/11 (5.58 p.m.) - Saturday

Callout from the police to a lady who had sustained a lower leg injury on the traverse path below Lingmell Nose.  Team doctors were able to treat and splint the injury before the team carried her the short distance down to the waiting air ambulance who took her to hospital. Around 20 members involved, incident closed 8.00 p.m. 

 [NY 18990 07495]

11:20 29/04/11 (4.16 p.m.) - Friday

Called to assist the ambulance service help move a lady with a broken leg from just above Fisherground camp site in Eskdale.  One of the team doctors attended and helped splint the leg before the team carried the lady to the waiting Air Ambulance. 16 team members involved, incident closed around 6.00 p.m.

11:19 24/04/11 (11.56 a.m.) - Sunday

One of the team leaders was out walking on Great Gable (looking for missing team equipment) when they heard shouts for help coming from Ill Gill on Kirkfell opposite. On further investigation this turned out to be a man cragfast in the gill which is a popular scramble. A limited callout was initiated and a Royal Navy Sea King that was in the area on a training flight was able to winch the man from the gill after which he joined the team leader in the search for the missing team equipment (which was not located). 9 team members involved. Incident closed, 13:00.

 [NY 20050 09975]

11:18 (a) 23/04/11 (8.30 p.m.) - Saturday

As the team were returning to the base in Gosforth, a fourth incident came in.  Two walkers who left Seathwaite to climb Scafell Pike but became separated from their friends somewhere on the top.  The incident was discussed with Keswick MRT and no action was taken pending  at that time.  The two walkers turned up safe and well at 9.00 p.m. 

Today’s incidents make a total of 6 for Wasdale this week.  A press release went out covering the  four incidents and encouraging everyone to enjoy the fells but reminding everyone to take care, particularly when the ground is slippery after rain, and to make sure they are well prepared for every eventuality.

11:18 23/04/11 (5.30 p.m.) - Saturday

This third incident involved a female walker in her late 40's from Liverpool who had slipped whilst descending Scafell Pike on the Brown Tongue path with her husband and son.  This lady had a lower leg injury that prevented her from walking.  Due to incident number 16 happening at the same time, the team was split and 13 team members attended.  She was stretchered down to the family car at Brackenclose and then they made their own way to Whitehaven hospital.  Incident closed at 8.30 p.m.



Lady slipped on the path whilst descending Scafell Pike.  Although a warm day the bivvy tent provides warmth whilst casualty care is administered.  Click here to see more photos of the 3 back to back and concurrent rescues that day.  

More photos kindly provided by the husband of the injured lady with his permission to use on our website.  Many more to follow which I will put on You tube when I have a spare couple of hours as they very accurately show the work of a mountain rescuer (and effort/commitment required and displayed) - now on You tube here

Yes - this is why our boots only last a couple of years at best when they are saturated then quick dried for the next rescue



Third rescue of the day and it shows on the faces - tremendous effort by the team



 [NY 19712 07402]

11:17 23/04/11 (5.30 p.m.) - Saturday

Whilst returning from the initial incident (11:16) on Great Gable and  immediately after the alert for the rescue on Scafell Pike a further call came from the Police for a pair of climbers cragfast on Needle Ridge on the Napes crags due to greasy conditions on the rock. A small team were pulled together to respond to this additional incident in parallel with the leg injury. The cragfast climbers were located very close to the top of the route and assisted  initially to the top of the crag and then back down to the valley. 7 team members involved. Incident closed around 22:00.

 [NY20977 10017 ]

11:16 23/04/11 (2.39 p.m.) - Saturday

After a quiet start to the year normal service was resumed for the Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team when we were called to three separate incidents this afternoon.  

Called to a man who had fallen on steep scree near the path between Great Gable summit and Beck Head and reportedly sustained head injuries with temporary loss of consciousness. The team initiated a full callout and also asked for support from RAF Boulmer. On arrival at the scene the man was found to have recovered but in need of evacuation which was undertaken by the RAF helicopter in a gap in the weather to West Cumberland Infirmary. The team started to walk down with the remainder of the casualty party.  19 team members attending the rescue which was completed by around 5.00 p.m.

RAF Sea King flew the Team doctor up to the casualty site whilst the team prepared to climb up.  Fortunately there was a break in the clouds and the helicopter managed to do the lift.  Just as well considering we had a further two callouts within an hour of this photo being taken.  Helicopter is the small black dot just above the clouds to the left of Great Gable - for more photos of the rescues that day click here. 

 [NY 20857 10387]

11:15 19/04/11 (5.00 p.m.) - Tuesday

Whilst the team were dealing with incident 14 they were alerted to the plight of a 16 year old boy who had been left by his parents at Angle Tarn to climb the mountain on his own.   One of the team doctors on the rescue noted that the boy was lost and already making his way down the mountain into Eskdale (rather than back to Esk Hause and Angle Tarn).  His parents had already walked back to Langdale where they had parked the car.  He was assisted back.

11:14 19/04/11 (3.25 p.m.) - Tuesday

Team called out to a lady that had a suspected broken leg on Scafell Pike. Her location was the Mickledore stretcher box. The North West Air Ambulance attended, however they  could not land close enough to the casualty site. Two team doctors were air lifted to the landing site on Scafell pike some 2/300mtr away whilst the rest of the team walked up to carry the stretcher to the helicopter.  Incident over by early evening.

 [NY 21032 06919]

11:13 17/04/11 (5.51 p.m.) - Sunday

Team called out by the Police following a call from a husband and son who had left the wife in the car on Hardknott Pass to go for a walk on the fell and when they returned the wife was missing.  It was established that she could not have walked far.  22 team member along with two Wasdale search dogs were deployed.  She was found by a motorist in the valley bottom at Cockley Beck and brought back up to the teams location.  Incident closed at 8.30 p.m. 

 [NY 22832 01472]

11:12(a) 17/04/11 (~5.00 p.m.) - Sunday

Team called following a report of a male walker in his 70's who along with his two sons were overdue from their walk on Scafell Pike.  The man suffered from a medical condition.  He turned up safe and well at 6.15 p.m. 

 [NY 22832 01472]

11:12(a) 17/04/11 (~5.00 p.m.) - Sunday

Team called following a report of a male walker in his 70's who along with his two sons were overdue from their walk on Scafell Pike.  The man suffered from a medical condition.  He turned up safe and well at 6.15 p.m. 

11:12  17/04/11 (4.33 p.m.) - Sunday

Full team callout for a female walker in a party of five who were descending back down to Wasdale Head from Styhead when she sustained a sever gash to the leg.  She was given casualty care on scene and helped back down to the valley bottom where she was driven to the hospital by one of her party.  Incident closed by 6.00 p.m. with 24 team members attending.  Weather fine.  

 [NY 20807 09462]

11:11(c)  17/04/11 (4.00 p.m.) - Sunday

Call from the Police on Airwaves as team had been on helicopter practice in the valley.  Male walker reported missing by his wife.  They had been walking in Mosedale from Wasdale Head and became separated at the 'Y' Boulder.  He turned up safe and well an hour later.  No further action required by the team.

 [NY 17797 10377]

11:11(b)  14/04/11 (2.16 p.m.) - Thursday

The team received a call from Ambulance Control (Preston) to advise that they had received a call from a walker with a head injury on Styhead.  A telephone call from the Team Leader to the police established that Keswick MRT were already dealing with an incident on Styhead which when checked out was the same person.  The Wasdale team were stood down at 2.34 p.m. with no action necessary.

11:11(a)  09/04/11 (6.45 p.m.) - Saturday

The team were put on standby following a call from Cockermouth MRT.  A mother and daughter had left Wasdale earlier that day to walk over to Buttermere via Gatesgarth and had failed to turn up.  The car was checked by Wasdale and the two missing walkers turned up later in Buttermere.  Incident closed with no action required.

11:11  09/04/11 (4.51 p.m.) - Saturday

The team were called to assist a walker with a knee injury at Lingmell Col. The Air Ambulance landed and picked up the casualty before the team reached him.  Fourteen team members were on the fell with five others at base. The casualty was one of a group of six. The casualty was flown to Whitehaven Hospital.  Incident closed at around 6.30 p.m.

 [NY 21022 07922]

11:10(a)  02/04/11 (7.10 p.m.) - Saturday

Call from Workington Police regarding a 

 Call from Workington Police regarding a report of a missing walker on Scafell Pike. They turned up whilst the team leader was making further enquiries.

The two male walkers separated whilst ascending Scafell Pike. One continued to the summit whilst the other descended. Whilst the team leader was making further enquiries the second walker turned up.   Incident closed at 7.32 p.m.  No further action necessary.

 [NY 21545 07222]


March 2011

11:10  26/03/11 (3.20 p.m.) - Saturday

Call from the police for a fallen male climber with a broken leg in Eskdale.   The climber was accompanied by a female climber who was able to raise the alarm. He was abseiling and fell 12metres, landing at the foot of the crag Bell Stand, located above the old quarry near Beckfoot, Eskdale. The police informed Northwest ambulance service who sent a road ambulance and put an air ambulance on standby.  The team requested a sea king due to the nature of injuries and the incident location. The air ambulance did turn up but was unable to land close to the scene due to the terrain. The climber sustained fractures to his upper and lower leg, fracture of the elbow and facial lacerations. The team attended and gave casualty care including analgesia. A sea king from RAF Boulmer was already in the area and took the injured climber to Whitehaven hospital. 14 team members attended and the incident closed at 6.00 p.m.

 [NY 16307 00614]

11:09  16/03/11 (5.36 p.m.) - Wednesday

Call from the Police following a '999' call from a male walker lost on the summit of Haycock. The Police reported that he had left Ennerdale and that his car was located in Ennerdale. The duty team leader, who was already walking in the Wasdale valley handed the call straight over to the Cockermouth team. Subsequent information, following direct contact between the lost person and the Cockermouth team leader established that his car was actually in Wasdale. The lost walker was directed to the col between Haycock and Scoat Fell by the Cockermouth Leader and then to turn right and down into Nether Beck. The Wasdale leader proceeded up Netherbeck and met the walker half way down and accompanied him back down to the road. No other team members were involved. Incident closed early evening. 

 [NY 14477 10722]

11:08  06/03/11 (7.44 p.m.) - Sunday

Callout from the Police for a female walker who had become separated from her partner in the Lingmel Col area on their descent from Scafell Pike into Wasdale.  The male partner had returned to the valley bottom whilst the female had continued to the summit.  On her descent she became lost and benighted with no torch.  She was eventually located safe and well just to the south west of Round How above the Corridor Route, not far from the top of Piers Gill.  She was located at around 10.30 p.m. and walked back to Wasdale Head.  13 team members attended.  Incident closed at around 1.30 a.m.

 [NY 21825 08082]

February 2011

11:07  27/02/11 (9.42 p.m.) - Saturday

Callout from the Police for two lost walkers from the Midlands who had set off from Borrowdale on that morning to climb Scafell Pike via Styhead Pass and the Corridor route and descend via Broad Crag Esk Hause.  A mother in her late 40's and 23 yr old son had failed to turn up.  The incident was passed onto to Keswick MRT who mobilised around 12 team members and later (10.40 p.m.) requested support from Wasdale to search the Scafell and Eskdale side.  13 Wasdale team members along with a SARDA (Lakes) search dog searched from the Wasdale side.    They were located by Keswick just down from the corridor route below the bad step on the right had side of Great Gill.  They were walked back down to their car in Borrowdale.  Incident closed for Wasdale at around 4.30 p.m. 

 [NY 21702 08542]

11:06  08/02/11 (6.17 p.m.) - Tuesday

A local man had gone for a walk on Scafell Pike but didn't return home at the expected time, so the police were contacted.  Whilst one team member went to investigate the car parks at Wasdale Head the walker turned up safe and well.  Incident closed. 

11:05  05/02/11 (6.00 p.m.) - Saturday

Two walkers from Leeds were descending from Scafell Pike in thick mist looking for the corridor route. They became disorientated around the top of Piers Gill and lost the path.  They were located on the Lingmell side of the gill near the wall then walked back down to Brackenclose. Incident closed 10.00 p.m. 7 team members involved.

 [NY 21300 07900]


January 2011

11:04  30/01/11 (4.30 p.m.) - Sunday

Call from the police to respond to a '999' call from a Father and his eleven year old son who were lost, overlooking crags on their descent from Scafell Pike.  They had set off earlier in the day from Wasdale Head.  They had no map and no lights but could see two lakes in the distance.  The area around the top of Piers Gill was the most probable location.  22 team members attended and the lost pair of walkers were located by WMRT's Search dog Ollie (SARDA Lakes) at around 7.00 p.m. at Middleboot Knotts, just to the west of Piers Gill and not far off the main Corridor route path.   They were walked off the fell via Lingmel Col and Lingmel Nose and then back to their car at the green.  Incident closed at around 9.00 p.m.

 [NY 21382 08027]

11:03  08/01/11 (5.45 p.m.) - Saturday

Request from Keswick MRT to send two team members already high on Scafell Pike to assist them with their two separate incidents.  A single climber and a pair of climbers were both stuck on winter routes on Great End.  Cockermouth MRT had been brought in to assist and a Sea King helicopter was also on its way to the scene.  Cloud base was low with blizzard conditions.  The two team members were happy to make their way across to the incident but the Wasdale team leader needed to provide back up safety support.  A limited callout of the team was made and a group of six provided necessary back up with a view to heading up the fell with additional winter clothing and equipment.  The climbers were eventually recovered by Keswick MRT and the Wasdale support was stood down at 6.50 p.m.

11:02  08/01/11 (10.00 a.m.) - Saturday

The Team was asked by a local farmer to recover one of his sheep from a very steep and muddy bank on the side of the river Ehen.  Three team members went to investigate the location.  When they arrived the sheep had either freed itself or perished in the river.  The incident did not involve a callout but would have made a very interesting bankside rescue and training exercise for the team.  Potential incident closed at around midday.


11:01  03/01/11 (11.33 a.m.) - Monday

Whilst fell running on Dent Fell (near Egremont) a group runners noticed an abandoned tent near the summit.  The tent contained articles that suggested that there had been celebrations and that the occupant(s) may have still been out on the fell.  The police asked the team to investigate.  5 team members attended and carried out a search of the summit area.  No one was found and there had been no reports of missing persons.  The incident was stood down at around 2.00 p.m. with no further action requested by the police.  

 [NY 04250  12700]

See the last 10 callouts of 2010 below................
Number of '999' calls in 2010 were 127 which included 83 with the team on the fell and 44 alerts, where the incident was reported in as a '999' but there was no need for any significant team involvement and therefore not formally logged as an incident (given postscript (a) or (b)) - this is where, for example, the Team Leader talks them off the mountain with minimal team member involvement or missing persons turn up before the team is fully mobilised.
December 2010

10:83  31/12/10 (7.30 a.m.) - Friday

Callout to support Cockermouth MRT in the extended search for the missing lady who disappeared before Xmas.  Six teams were involved during the day but the missing person was not found.  10 Wasdale MRT members were involved.  Incident support closed later that day.

10:82(a)  24/12/10 (6.23 p.m.) - Friday

Call from the Police to answer a '999' call for help from a male and female walker who were stuck on the Screes path alongside Wastwater by the boulder field.  The team leader advised on their position and persuaded them to walk in the right direction.  They managed to walk off the fell to safety and then onto Santon Bridge.  Incident closed later that evening with no requirement for the team to attend. 

[NY 15242 04777]

10:82  20/12/10 (3.32 p.m.) - Monday

Call from the Police to respond to a '999' call from a fallen walker on Great Gable.  He was located high on the mountain above White Napes to the west of Westmoreland Crags with a reported dislocated knee.  Temperatures were well below freezing.  Chains were required to get the team landrovers up the valley.  Around 13 team members attended.  A Sea King helicopter was requested and RAF Boulmer attended.  While the team were making their way up Great Gable the Sea King arrived and winched the casualty on board, taking him to the West Cumberland Hospital in Whitehaven.  The incident was stood down and team members returned to Gosforth.  Incident closed at 6.30 p.m.

 [NY 2120 10275]


10:81  03/12/10 (2.05 p.m.) - Saturday

'999' call came into the police from a driver who was stuck in snow.  The male and female were initially reported as been stuck on the slip road to the Wasdale YHA.  The team leader questioned the situation and the police agreed that there was little advantage in tasking the team and subsequently withdrew the request.  However, a second call came into the police from the couple who were very concerned, totally lost and unable to identify any habitation.  The team were paged a second time and with this additional information a limited callout was conducted and a landrover with chains dispatched up to Wasdale YHA with three team members on board.  However, the stuck vehicle was nowhere to be found.  A back up team of six were also on standby at the base if required.  The police were asked for more information and when their log was finally sent through, the information put the car on the Birker fell road (some 8 miles from the initial reported position).  The original message that was passed to the police with accurate grid reference was that they had come off the slip 'pery' road on their way to the Wasdale Youth Hostel. With this additional information from the police log the vehicle with male and female occupants was recovered from their off road position and they were safely escorted back out of the valley.  They were indeed stranded in an extremely remote location with no lights to walk to, temperatures well below freezing and no outdoor footwear.  Nine team members were involved and the incident was closed at 7.45 p.m.

10:80  03/12/10 (8.23 p.m.) - Friday

Call to assist the ambulance service following a car accident near the golf club in Whitehaven.  The Ambulance could not get to the area due to the heavy snow.  Two team members living locally managed to get to the crashed car although when they arrived, the vehicle had already been left by the driver who was found unhurt and had appeared from behind a hedge.  The incident was stood down at around 9.00 p.m. with a number of team members having made it to the base at Gosforth through the snow.


November 2010

10:79(a)  30/11/10 (9.54 p.m.) - Tuesday

Call to assist the ambulance service with an elderly patient.  In the end the police provided the manpower and the team were not needed.  No further action necessary.  Incident stood down at 10.15 am 

10:79  28/11/10 (10.02 p.m.) - Sunday  

Call to assist the ambulance service for a male in his mid-50s at a hotel in Eskdale who was very unwell, having had a previous serious medical complaint.  The road ambulance had not been able to get up the valley.  Two landrovers were dispatched in very heavy snow with 8 team members including a team doctor.  The man was stabilsed and did not need further treatmenr; the team left to locate the stranded ambulance.  Incident closed at around 11.30 p.m.


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10:78  28/11/10 (6.22 a.m.) - Sunday  

Call to assist the ambulance service.  Lady in her 40's with a dislocated knee at Sandwith, near Whitehaven.  Due to weather conditions (ice and snow), the crew were unable to get the lady from the farmhouse.  9 team members including 2 team doctors, attended and the lady was stretcher carried 300 m the the ambulance.  Incident closed at 9.00 a.m.

10:77(a)  21/11/10 (5.20 p.m.) - Sunday  

Call from the police regarding an overdue male walker last seen at Windy Gap, Great Gable trying to make his way back to Honister. His companion had got back to Honister via Moses Trod and the overdue walker had failed to turn up.  The incident was passed over to Keswick MRT as the man was most probably in their area.  Wasdale MRT remained on standby to assist if help was required.  However, no further action was needed from Wasdale.

 [NY 21410 10602]

10:77  7/11/10 (1.17 p.m.) - Sunday  

Whilst the team leader was still at the base a further call came in from the Police.  The report was a group of 12 on the summit of Great Gable had a 53 yr old male with injuries to both knees.  A Sea King helicopter from RAF Boulmer was already in the area following an incident with Langdale and Ambleside team.  The helicopter was tasked to the job and lifted the casualty from the summit.  10 team members were involved although they were stood down once the casualty was on board the helicopter.  Incident closed at 4.00 p.m.

 [NY 21102 10345]

10:76(a) 7/11/10 (12.12 p.m.) - Sunday  

Call from Cumbria police for the team to respond to a 50yr old person who was fitting.  They were located 2 miles to the west of Skalderskew farm.  Whilst the Team leader was gathering more information at the base a call came in from the Police to stand down the incident as the Ambulance Service had managed to get to the person.  No further action was required by the team.  Incident closed at 12.41 p.m.  

10:76 06/11/10 (5.27 p.m.) - Saturday  

A mobile phone call came into the Police from a group of walkers who were descending Great Gable and could hear persistent shouts for help coming from the area around the Napes.  A full callout was made and around 15 team members attended and made a search of the area.  A young 17 year old male walker was found above Sphinx Rock in the gulley.  He had fallen and lacerated his hand and injured his knee.  He was given casualty care and roped back down the gulley and walked off the mountain.  incident closed at around 10.30 p.m.

[NY 20832 10120]

October 2010

10:75(a) 31/10/10 (5.48 p.m.) - Sunday  

'999' call came in from a group that were lost and benighted on the descent from Scafell Pike.  They did have a torch and were guided off the mountain by phone directions from the duty Team Leader.  Incident closed later that night.  No action required by team members.

10:75 30/10/10 (11.00 a.m.) - Saturday  

Call came in from the Coastguard whilst the team vehicle was at Wasdale Head supporting a filmed interview with the BBC.  A diver had surfaced too quickly from Wastwater and required assistance.  Air ambulance had already been tasked.  The vehicle with two team members attended.  A road ambulance and air ambulance were already on scene.  No additional support was required form the team.  The diver was flown south to the specialist diving centre.  Incident closed at 12.30 p.m.

10:74(a) 25/10/10 (9.15 p.m.) - Monday  

Request came into the team from a local guest house following concerns over a group of three walkers who had set off from Seathwaite and had failed to arrive at Wasdale Head.  The group consisted a father in his early 40's with his two young children.  Two team members were involved gathering information at the base in readiness for a possible callout when the group eventually turned up half an hour later safe and well.  Incident stood down.

10:74 25/10/10 (10.32 a.m.) - Monday  

Call came in from the Police to respond to a male walker who had collapsed on his ascent of Scafell Pike.  Passing walkers went to his aid and administered cardiac massage (CPR).  An air ambulance was called in plus a RAF Sea King helicopter with winching capabilities. The air ambulance landed on and the paramedic continued with CPR but unfortunately could not resuscitate.  Team members were flown to the casualty site to assist with the casualty evacuation.  Incident closed at around 3.00 p.m. with approximately 15 team members attending.

10:73 13/10/10 (9.30 p.m.) - Tuesday  

Following a report of an overdue male walker in his mid 70's, a team member with his dog Kipper went out on the fell to see if he could find the man.  Kipper located him on the path down to Wasdale Head from Lingmel Nose.  He was very tired and unable to make his way back down on his own.  Three team members were involved and the incident was closed at around 11.30 p.m. - thank you to the family for their donation to the team.

[NY 18945 07575]

10:72 13/10/10 (3.15 p.m.) - Tuesday  

Call from the police to go to he assistance of a male walker with a knee injury on the Scafell Pike descent route above Hollow stones. He was with two colleagues.  Around 15 team members attended and casualty care was given pending the arrival of a helicopter.  A Sea King helicopter from RAF Boulmer assisted the team to evacuate the casualty by stretcher to Carlisle Infirmary.  Incident closed at 7.30 p.m.

[NY 21080 07659]


SeaKing helicopter arrives from RAF Boulmer



The above two photos were taken by Pete Baines - a team member on scene

Team members descending after the rescue silhouetted on the skyline

Well we would have used the stretcher if the helio didn't use its own - good effort Richard (Left) and Ben (Right)