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Number of '999' calls to date = 128 which includes 92 with the team on the fell and 36 alerts, where the incident was reported in as a '999' but there was no need for any significant team involvement and therefore not formally logged as an incident (given postscript (a) or (b)) - this is where, for example, the Team Leader talks them off the mountain with minimal team member involvement or missing persons turn up before the team is fully mobilised.


To halt the increasing trend of incidents which are simply requests for a guiding service - Mountain Rescue (England and Wales) have partnered with  A simple Grid Reference Finder which will encourage walkers to learn to use a map and compass see here.  After all the grid reference finder is no use without a map.  This initiative was driven by the Wasdale Team within the Lakes Region for Mountain Rescue (England & Wales) - 

 Information on the 2008 safety/public awareness campaign can be found here

Donations to the team  are now being acknowledged at end of incident write up  - MRTs are registered charities - many walkers we meet are surprised that there is no government funding and that all team members are unpaid volunteers - 3,500 covering England and Wales

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November 2009

2009:92 5/11/09 (11.27 a.m.) - Thursday

Team called out by the police to assist with the recovery of a diver in Wastwater.  It was unfortunately the second fatality in a month on the lake.   Base closed around 2.00 p.m.


October 2009

2009:91 31/10/09 (11.15 p.m.) - Saturday

A WMRT / SARDA dog handler was asked to assist Keswick MRT with a search for a lost group of 9 on Allen Crags after Langdale Ambleside MRT had searched for the group near Esk Hause with no success. Wasdale MRT base was manned to support the dog handler and navigator. After 6 hrs the group hadn't been located and KMRT and SARDA stood down till the morning.  At this point further information came in and LAMRT located them near Ore Gap around 11.00 a.m.  Weather conditions were bad but not as severe as forecast.  3 team members involved.  Based closed at 6.35 a.m. on the Sunday

[NY 24067 07184]

2009:90 31/10/09 (4.20 p.m.) - Saturday

An informant had reported herself, another individual and a group of 3 all lost near Dow Crag [Esk Buttress] in Upper Eskdale after coming off Scafell Pike in low cloud and having insufficient torches to get down safely.  Location provided from a GPS as being near Knotts of the Tongue.  Given that it was close to dark and severe weather was forecast they were advised to walk along the edge of the river Esk towards Brotherilkeld whilst a small group of team members walked up to meet them with torches.  6 team members involved.  Based closed at 21:45

[NY 23172 07762]

2009:89 29/10/09 (7.41 p.m.) - Thursday

An informant in Keswick had reported a 25yr old female friend hadn't returned from a solo walk up Scafell from Boot in Eskdale and that she couldn't contact her on her mobile.  Whilst 2 team members were searching the car parks in Eskdale for the car the informant rang back to say her friend had rung her from her home near Durham to say that she had lost her phone on the hill.  3 team members involved.  Based closed at 10.15 p.m.

2009:88 27/10/09 (4.48 p.m.) - Tuesday

Call from the police regarding a lone male walker who was lost on his descent from Scafell Pike in the growing darkness.  He was somewhere on the west side of Piers Gill below Lingmell, a well know black spot for walkers getting lost and a dangerous location.  He had walked as far as the gulley but not crossed it.  He had already slipped and hurt his back.  He was located high, beneath Lingmell crags and needed to be roped up and given a helmet before being assisted down to the safe area below. 16 team members attended, He was safely walked back down to Brackenclose.  Incident closed at around 11.00 p.m. 

[NY 21080 08130]

2009:87 25/10/09 (8.03 p.m.) - Saturday

Callout for a missing group of 5 walkers in Upper Eskdale who had been walking on Crinkle Crags.  The request for support came in from Langdale MRT.  Weather conditions were poor with heavy rain and high winds forecasted. The team were mobilised and the 3 members of the missing group were quickly located at Brotherikeld in Eskdale at around 8.30 p.m.  The 2 remaining missing persons were eventually confirmed as being safe and well in tents at Green Hole at the top of Eskdale.  12 team members were involved along with 2 SARDA search dogs and their handlers.  Incident closed at around 11.00 p.m. 

[NY 23977 05694]

2009:86 23/10/09 (7.05 a.m.) - Friday

Called by Cockermouth MRT who had been out since 2.30 a.m. that morning to support them in a search for an Epileptic.  The search had already involved SARDA search dogs and a helicopter.  Wasdale team deployed in vehicles but were stood down on arrival at Cockermouth as the missing person was located at around 8.30 a.m.  7 team members were involved from Wasdale MRT.

2009:85(a) 18/10/09 (8.14 a.m.) - Sunday

Police paged the team for a rescue on Scafell Pike with no injuries.  Two males requested support due to being lost in cloud near the summit of Scafell Pike.  The Wasdale deputy leader of the day suggested that they had a full day to find their own way safely off the mountain and would probably find other walkers to help them down. By 9.20 a.m. the deputy team leader had established that no further action was necessary and the incident was closed. 

2009:85 14/10/09 (7.00 p.m.) - Wednesday

Police call regarding a group of 6 x walkers who were benighted at the bad step on the Corridor Route, near Stand Crag.  Team members duly went to provide light and to guide them as far as Sty head, where Keswick MRT kindly met the group and guided them back to Seathwaite.  Incident closed at midnight.  (An incident that should have been avoided if people would take responsibility for themselves and carry torches of their own)

[NY 21902 08682]

2009:84 14/10/09 (3.58 p.m.) - Wednesday

Police call regarding a 44 yr old male from the Grantham area who had severe cramp in his legs and was unable to walk.  He was on the summit of the Pike and turned out to have a medical background which gave rise to the underlying cause of the cramp.  He was able to walk off himself, albeit slowly, and was escorted by team members.  12 team members involved and finished at about 7.30 p.m.

[NY 21547 07229]

2009:83 11/10/09 (9.28 p.m.) - Sunday

Call from the Police, regarding a 64 yr old male, reported long overdue from a walk to Slight Side, Eskdale.  The informant was at Wha House Farm and described last seeing the missing walker quite low down and at about 6.00 p.m.  Given the short distance between their vehicle and the point he'd last been seen the Team Leader did have concerns for his safety.  2  SARDA (Lakes) search dogs and handlers were immediately involved and more team members followed up the search as quickly as possible.  The missing walker was located fit and well and not far from Taw House Farm.  He was assisted back to their vehicle and the Base was closed at about 1.00 a.m.  15 team members involved.

[NY 21097 01789]

2009:82 11/10/09 (11.46 a.m.) - Sunday

Call from Police requesting assistance to search Wastwater for a missing diver.  The team used their rescue boat and conducted lake shore searches of the area but nothing was found.  The team stood down once the Police diving unit (from Lancashire) arrived at about 3.45 p.m.   11 team members were involved involved.  The body of the diver was recovered from the lake at around midnight but the team was not involved.

[NY 15410 05435]

2009:81(a)10/10/09 (8.07 p.m.) - Saturday

Team paged by the police for a rescue on Scafell Pike.  A group of 4 males were reported long overdue from Scafell Pike.  The story involves this group of males having requested assistance from two strangers who'd happened to pass them earlier in the day.  The arrangement was that they would call the two men to confirm when they got down safely or, if they didn't call, to request that they contact mountain rescue.  The informant didn't get a call and duly alerted the Police.  However, when asked for further information he didn't know the names, contact numbers, intended destination, missing person's vehicle, etc.  In short, they were not able to tell the Team Leader anything that would have a) confirmed beyond reasonable doubt that there was still a group of males missing and on the fell or b) that even if the group were still out, that they might come to harm.  (Remember that MRT's are not there to "guide".  We will however, always turn out if someone has or is likely to come to harm)

It was decided that with such little information to go on, it was not reasonable to have volunteers turn out to search the mountains.
They group of four males did in fact make their own way off the mountain slowly but unassisted and did confirm they were safe at 10.30 p.m.

2009:81 3/10/09 (1.25 p.m.) - Saturday

Team called out to the rescue of a male walker in his mid 50's who, along with a small group were carrying out a reccy for a mountain challenge.  The walker had collapsed.  A helicopter was requested and tasked from RAF Valley but due to the high winds and the suspect casualty condition it was stood down.  The group had been unable to resuscitated the man at the scene when the team arrived.   He was pronounced dead on scene by the team doctor and carried down the mountain by stretcher to a waiting vehicle at Burnthwaite.  13 team members attended the incident  which was closed at around 5.30 p.m.

[NY 22122 09094]

2009:80 2/10/09 (6.14 p.m.) - Friday

Team paged for a missing couple.  The man and his wife in their early 60's and 50's had been climbing Scafell Pike and at 5.15 p.m. they had sent a text message to their daughter " we are lost and its getting dark".  The team were mobilised along with Duddon & Furness MRT and the SARDA (Lakes) Search dogs.  17 team members attended.  The missing couple were located by chance whilst the team were driving up the valley.  They were in the back of  a taxi heading back down the valley on their way to Seathwaite.  Incident stood down and base closed at 8.00 p.m.

[NY 16367 06667]

September 2009

2009:79 22/09/09 (7.12 p.m.) - Tuesday

Call from the police regarding an informant who'd heard clear shouts for help coming from the Lingmell area.  A search of the area quickly turned up two 19 year old male walkers who were doing a multi day camping trip around the fells.  One had fallen very badly whilst crossing the river just below Piers Gill, sustaining significant scalp wounds as well as multiple cuts and abrasions.  He was treated with full spinal immobilisation and pain relief and carried to Burnthwaite Farm before being transferred to Whitehaven hospital by ambulance.  Base closed at about 1.00 a.m.

[NY 21435 08722]

2009:78 18/09/09 (4.15 p.m.) - Friday

Paged by the police for a 63 year old female walker with a fractured wrist above Hollowstones on Scafell Pike.  A Keswick MRT member was already on scene.  The casualty was given analgesia by the team doctor and stretchered back down the valley to a road ambulance and taken to Whitehaven Hospital.  17 team members were in attendance and the incident closed at around 8.00 p.m.

click to enlarge photo kindly provided by casualty party

 [NY 20835 07599]

2009:77 15/09/09 (6.40 p.m.) - Tuesday

Paged by the police for a collapsed male at Windsor Farm in Wasdale.  Informant at Windsor Farm reported her 69 yr old husband as having collapsed at the head of Blengdale, near the foot of Rossy Gill, below Seatallan.  Team requested air support from RN Gannet and casualty was airlifted to Whitehaven hospital where it was confirmed that he had had a heart attack. 14 team members were involved in the rescue which finished around 9.45 p.m.   

 [NY 13590 09502]

2009:76 15/09/09 (2.41 p.m.) - Tuesday

Call from police for a fallen walker below Mickledore on Scafell Pike.  Initial '999' went to Ambulance control who tasked Great North Air Ambulance and subsequently passed the job onto MRT through the police.  The male walker in his early 20's had fallen 10 meters whilst descending Scafell via Mickledore Chimney [there is no climbable descent route].  He fell and his fellow walker was left cragfast.  Sea King requested which arrived from RN Gannet, Prestwick.  GNAA used to ferry team members up the mountain prior to arrival of the Sea King.  The crag fast male was winched from Mickledore Chimney and the injured walker lifted and taken to West Cumberland Hospital after casualty care given by team doctors.  Injuries included a fractured arm.  16 team members attended and incident closed at around 7.30 p.m. 

[Footnote for the readers information only: Air ambulances are useful where they can land close to the casualty and safely shut down engines to load the stretcher.  They can also be on scene within 20 to 30 minutes with medical expertise.  For the majority of off-road /mountain incidents in the Lake District, MRT are needed and for the more serious life threatening incidents, requiring speedy evacuation to hospital, the Sea King is requested.  This can both fly at night, winch team members/ casualties in a stretcher, carry more team members in as required.  This incident required a  Sea King but having air ambulance fly team members to the casualty site before it arrived was extremely valuable - also worthy of note is that MRT are the only rescue service that can deliver casualty care and evacuation in adverse conditions above the cloud base as no air asset can fly into the cloud or freezing snow conditions] 

 [NY 20997 06814]

2009:75 14/09/09 (5.55 p.m.) - Monday

Paged by the police for an injured walker on Red Pike.  Details were gathered on the male walker in his fifties who was actually on Wind Gap near Red Pike.  He had fallen and dislocated his shoulder.  In addition to a previous medical history issue he had a dislocated shoulder.  With analgesia administered, his shoulder was eased back in. 20 team members attended and he was stretchered back down to Wasdale Head where he was taken by road ambulance to West Cumberland Hospital in Whitehaven.  Incident closed at 11.30 p.m.

 [NY 16900 11662]

2009:74 10/09/09 (10.31 a.m.) - Friday

Paged by the police for a collapsed male walker on Scafell Pike.  17 team members attended and after resting and medical checks the casualty was able to walk back down to the valley bottom.  Incident closed at around 12.30 p.m. 

 [NY 19447 07437]

2009:73 09/09/09 (2.10 p.m.) - Wednesday

Called by Ambulance Control to assist with the rescue of a lady who had an injured ankle near Muncaster Castle, Ravenglass.  The lady was located in a field a few hundred meters from the road, near the Ravenglass campsite.  12 team members attended and she was stretchered to the waiting.  Incident closed at around 3.30 p.m.

 [SD 09140 96505]

2009:72 07/09/09 (5.30 p.m.) - Monday

Called by the police on Airwaves regarding a 28 yr old male climber who had fallen on Green How, Eskdale and sustained a neck and wrist injury.  This came in whilst the team were still responding to incident 71.  The back up vehicle was turned round form the Great Gable job and headed for Green Crag/ Harter Fell.  The Duddon and Furness MRT were also contacted to assist.  Confusion then followed as there was a call to advise that an Air Ambulance was on scene but needed MRT assistance to carry the casualty.  A different location was given - White How, Seathwaite.  Eventually the Green How incident location was stood down and Duddon & Furness attending the White How job.  Due to the lateness in the day, the Air Ambulance also had to stand down and return to Base.  The Sea King from RN Gannet was tasked to assist Duddon and Furness to complete the job - a small number of WMRT were involved and stood down around 7.00 pm.

 [NY 25296 98764]

2009:71 07/09/09 (4.38 p.m.) - Monday

Paged by the Police following a report of a fallen walker on Great Gable above Arron Slack.  The 51 yr old male was in a party of 4 descending when he tumble fell approximately 50 metres sustaining a head and leg injury and was bleeding.  A Sea King helicopter was tasked from RN Gannet.  4 team members were flown to the casualty site.  The casualty was given Oxygen and put into a vacuum mattress and stretcher.  He was air lifted to Whitehaven hospital.  14 team members were involved and the incident was closed at 9.0o p.m.

 [NY 21440 104676 ]

2009:70 05/09/09 (mid p.m.) - Saturday

Call for assistance to a couple who had got their Mercedes stuck, sideways in Giggle Alley, Eskdale.  The car's rear was almost touching the wall on one side and the front about to touch the wall on the opposite side.  Two team members brought in the team Landrover from Gosforth and winched the car out with no damage.  Provided as support to the community.

2009:69 02/09/09 (6.33 p.m.) - Wednesday

Report of a 14yr old walker with an ankle injury on Scafell Pike.  The team were mobilised and 19 team members attended.  The young man was actually found in Calf Cove near Great End by Keswick team and they dealt with the rescue, taking the party  back to Seathwite.  Wasdale incident stood down with team members returning to base.  Incident closed at around 8.00 pm.

 2009:68 01/09/09 (11.52 a.m.) - Tuesday

Male walker reported with a broken leg on Scafell Pike.  The walker was between Piers Gill and Broad Crag Col.  He was given cas care and stretchered back down to the valley bottom.  17 team members were involved in atrocious weather. 

[NY 21587 07574 ]

August 2009

2009:67 30/08/09 (4.45 p.m.) - Sunday

Male and female walkers reported themselves to be lost in the mist on Seatallan.  The team leader gave them directions how to get off the hill but by 7.30 pm. they called again to say they were still lost.  The team leader already had one of the team members out on Seatallan doing a quick check but later called the full team out.  As the team were mustering the lost persons were located and walked off the mountain.  5 team members were involved and the incident closed at around 10.45 p.m.

also see attached video can help support the team by watching it

2009:66 (a) 30/08/09 (1.01 a.m.) - Sunday

Call from the police in the early hours.  Three male walkers doing the three peaks were reported long overdue.  They were reported to have survival equipment with them so the Team leader left the incident until later in the day.  The missing walkers tirned up safe and well at 2.00 a.m.


2009:66 29/08/09 (2.19 p.m.) - Saturday

Police paged the team to go to the help of a female walker who had fallen 6m into a gulley by Greta Gill off the Corridor route.  She had received a head and facial injuries and was with a party of 10.   While the team were making their way to the casualty site a sea king rescue helicopter from RAF Leconfield was already in the area on a job for Keswick MRT managed to lift the casualty and take her to Carlisle hospital.  5 team members were already on the mountain in the close vicinity and a further 14 made their way from the Rescue Base.  Total of 17 involved  - the incident was stood down at 3.20 p.m. 

[NY 21902 08464 ]

2009:65 28/08/09 (1.13 p.m.) - Friday

Call from the police to go to the rescue of an 18yr male walker who was out with his family walking in Miterdale, Eskdale when he slipped and fractured his leg.  An air ambulance was also tasked for this job and managed to evacuate the casualty before the team arrived at the accident location.  Incident was stood down at around 3.00 p.m. with around 10 team members on the callout. 

[NY 16672 02292 ]

2009:64 22/08/09 (5.46 p.m.) - Saturday

Call to the police from a party of 8 on Great Gable.  The group were descending from Westmorland crags when one of the group, a male in his thirties, slipped and tumble fell.  He injured his shoulder and sustained lacerations to his cheek.  The team administered cas care and anesthesia before stretchering him down Great Hellgate to the road ambulance at Burnthwaite. The rest of his group made their own way back to Seathwaite.  15 team members were involved and the incident closed at around 11.30 p.m.     

[NY 21065 10165]

2009:63(c) 21/08/09 (10.14 p.m.) - Friday

'999' call from the police.  Handled by the Team leader.  A call from a male walker on his mobile who said he was lost and needed mountain rescue but then the signal went.  With no further details it was decided to wait.  At 01.59 a.m. another call came into the police from a father of a different male who was on Scafell Pike and needed support.  Car registration details were checked and it was decided to wait until the morning before taking action.  At midday the group of male walkers managed to find their own way off the mountain and the incident was stood down.

2009:63(b) 20/08/09 (2.30 p.m.) - Thursday

Police call regarding a single male walker reported long overdue by his father.  His route involved parking his car near Hawkshead and included most of the central Lake District.  He was known to be out for several days and be intending to bivi, being a serving Army solder.  Police tried to locate his vehicle and a number of phone calls were made in an attempt to establish his likely whereabouts.  Eventually, his car was located back on the Catterick garrison and the incident log was closed.

2009:63(a) 20/08/09 (2.00 p.m.) - Thursday

Police call regarding two people reported to be crag-fast on Scafell Pike.  Team Leader spoke to the informant and established that the location to be Great End, left side of the crags and nearer Esk Hawse.  Incident passed to Keswick MRT.  Postscript: At 4.20pm, the TL was called direct from Wasdale Head, where an informant was reporting two males long overdue from a 3 Peaks attempt on the Pike.  They’d set off at 04.30am and hadn’t returned.  Keswick MRT reached the two crag-fast males shortly at about 4.30pm and confirmed them to be the same two missing persons.   Why they’d chosen to climb down about 300ft of crag remains a minor mystery.

2009:63 17/08/09 (7.05 p.m.) - Monday

A '999' call for assistance received from a couple on holiday from London making their way from Scafell Pike who had become disorientated.  From the information provided over the phone they were on the left side of Piers Gill (Lingmell side).  The team leader gave them directions to return to the wall by Lingmell Col.  A Deputy team leader who was already in the area returning kit to the stretcher box from a previous rescue, went to their location.  They had carried a map with them but had given it to other lost walkers earlier in the day (when they were not lost).  The decision was taken to guide them off the hill to the valley bottom. Shortly after, the DTL reported slow progress and requested further assistance to bring lights.  The lights were taken up the fell and the party was safely back at Brackenclose at 9.50 p.m.   4 team members were involved and the incident was closed at around 10.15 p.m.


[NY 21127 08147]

2009:62 16/08/09 (3.30 p.m.) - Sunday

A '999' call received concerning a female walker with an injured lower leg on Scafell Pike.  The wife had fractured her leg whilst descending.  She was with her husband and daughter and located on the path between Hollowstones and Lingmel Col, Scafell Pike.  16 team members attended and she was treated and carried down by stretcher to Brackenclose, prior to being taken by Ambulance to the West Cumberland Hospital in Whitehaven.  Incident closed at around 7.30 p.m.

[NY 20770 07599]

[This incident is No. 62  out of 92  x '999's  compared to 53  out of 74  x'999's at the same time last year i.e. 10% and 20% increases on last year's calls respectively]

2009:61 16/08/09 (8.40 a.m.) - Sunday

Call direct from the Wasdale Head.  Informant reporting two people long overdue from Scafell Pike - also 3 peakers.  They had set off at 11.00 p.m. the previous night.  Male and Female (23 and 26) reported to be wearing shorts and T shirts, despite awful weather.   When it subsequently also transpired that one may have been suffering from an underlying medical condition a full team call out was initiated.  Keswick MRT and SARDA were also called and the incident was in the process of being scaled up when we received a message to say that they were on the road in Eskdale (clearly having made a classic navigational error on descent).  Incident stood down again approx. 11.00 a.m.  12 team members involved (one on the fell when it was stood down, others just leaving Base)

2009:60(a) 15/08/09 (10.30 a.m.) - Saturday

Police call regarding two 3 peakers who were disorientated on the way down from Scafell Pike.  Little information in the initial call, other than a mobile number.   Further call received direct later in the morning, reporting two 3 peakers overdue.  These were indeed the same names that we were already aware of but it was decided to allow more time for them to turn up on their own.  Log closed later in the day when they did turn up safe and well at 1.20 p.m.  Still not had any calls from their mobile, despite having left messages on it.
Only phone calls involved and no team members on the fell.

3. 3.30pm, Sunday, 16th Aug - 

2009:60 13/08/09 (11.00 p.m.) - Thursday

A '999' call received regarding a family of five overdue from Cam Spout, Upper Eskdale.  The 24 yr old son had gone faster and was back at the Hard Knott telephone kiosk at 9.30 p.m. There were no torches in the group and they were lightly equipped.  A limited call out of the team was made and seven team members including a SARDA search dog went out to look for the family.  Search dog Rosie made the find up on the fell about a mile from Taw House farm.  The group were escorted off the mountain and the incident was closed at about 2.30 a.m. 

[NY 21525 03292]

2009:59(a) 12/08/09 (9.55 p.m.) - Wednesday

A group of four 16-17 year old DoE doing gold award reported a female member of their party as cold and potentially hypothermic near Scafell Pike.  It was established that they were actually near Allencrags Gill at the head of Langstrath. They had full camping gear. Deputy team leader established that the situation wasn't serious and advised them that the best course of action was to get in their tents and bed down for the night despite not being at the intended stop [Styhead Tarn]. By coincidence a member of a local outdoor centre doing a night navigation exercise with a group was passing and confirmed that the situation was under control and that no MRT assistance was required. No team members went on the fell.

[NY 24503 08542]

2009:59 11/08/09 (6.00 p.m.) - Tuesday

Police contacted the team to attend to a further rescue.  A couple on a mobile phone were descending from Scafell Pike when they became lost in the mist and rain.   They reported that they were cold and wet and hungry.  They were only wearing 'T' shirts and shorts with lightweight waterproofs.  Weather conditions were bad with poor visibility and driving rain.  Around 15 team members attended this rescue which took place in parallel to incident 58.  The couple were located in the Round How area of the Corridor route.  A stretcher evacuation was initially organised although the couple managed to walk back down to Seathwaite once they were given warm dry clothing.  Keswick MRT opened up their rescue base to provide communication whilst Wasdale MRT members assisted the couple back down to the Seathwaite side.  Incident closed at around 10.30 p.m.  

[NY 21967 08122]

2009:58 11/08/09 (5.12 p.m.) - Tuesday

'999' call received from an informant who reported a couple exhausted and unable to continue on the Screes path near the western end of Wastwater.  A limited callout was carried out and the boat team mobilised.  Whilst this rescue was being undertaken, a second callout came in from the police and the main group were diverted.  A small group continued to search the Screes path both on foot and using the rescue boat.  No one was seen or heard and the informants had already left the Wasdale YHA where the call was made.  The incident was stood down around 6.30 p.m. with nothing found.  Six team members were involved.  It is probable that the couple regained sufficient energy to walk themselves off the mountain before the team arrived.

 [NY 15015 04352]

2009:57 09/08/09 (9.58 p.m.) - Sunday

Team were paged by the police following a sighting of some flashing lights by the warden of Black Sail Youth Hostel.  23 walkers aged 14 to 23 were stuck high up on Looking Stead on difficult steep ground.  The group were located by team members from Wasdale and Cockermouth MRT's and escorted down to Black Sail Hostel.  From there they were driven down to their transport at Bowness Knott.  13 members attended form Cockermouth MRT and 16 attended from Wasdale MRT.  Incident closed at around 2.30 a.m.

[NY 19000 11700]

2009:56 08/08/09 (1.58 a.m.) - Sunday

Team were paged by the police following a '999' call for overdue walkers doing the 3 peaks challenge.  A 29 yr old male and 32 yr old female left Wasdale at 5.00 p.m. on the Saturday with an expected return of 9.30 p.m.  When they failed to phone in later that evening the alarm was raised.  The team leader decided to wait until the morning before calling the team out.  At 8.20 a.m. a full team callout was made.  The missing walkers turned up at Boot around 9.30 a.m.  and were driving back round to Wasdale by some friendly walkers.  19 team members were involved and the incident was stood down around 10.00 a.m.

2009:55(a) 07/08/09 (9.31 p.m.) - Friday

Team were paged by the police following a '999' call for overdue walkers.  While the team leader was gathering details and deciding the next steps, the missing persons turned up safe and well.  Incident stood down at 10.05 p.m. with no further action necessary.

2009:55 06/08/09 (4.30 p.m.) - Thursday

While the team were administering casualty care to a fallen walker (see incident 54) , a second incident occurred.  A male walker in his 40's descending from Scafell via Broad Stand, slipped from almost an identical area, landed amongst the team members and cart wheeled off down the scree a further 15 metres.  Fortunately a Sea King helicopter from RAF Boulmer was already on its way to incident 54.  This fallen walker now became the priority as he had a possible chest injury in addition to  a fractured arm.  He was given oxygen and immobilsed in a vacuum mattress ready for airlifting.  Both this walker and the earlier walker were packaged in a stretcher and winched into the helicopter before both being flown to West Cumberland Hospital.  The 15 team members involved with rescue 54 dealt with this incident as well.  Incident closed at 8.30 p.m.   

See article here

Photographs from walkers on scene here

[NY 20992 06830]

2009:54 06/08/09 (2.57 p.m.) - Thursday

Callout by the police for a male walker in his 20's who had fallen around 10 to 15 metres and broken his arm somewhere on the mountain between Scafell and Scafell Pike.  As the team assembled, more information came in which indicated that he had actually fallen off Broad Stand, a notorious accident blackspot on Scafell.   The casualty had an open fracture of his arm and lacerations to his body.  He was given oxygen and prepared ready on the stretcher for a  helicopter evacuation to West Cumberland Hospital,  Whilst the team were attending to the man's injuries they were suddenly scattered by another male walker, unrelated to this incident, who was descending Broad Stand and slipped from the same location, 15 metres above them.  He landed heavily within a meter of the casualty and the team and tumbled a further 15 metres down the scree slope. See incident 55.  The first casualty was airlifted to West Cumberland Hospital.  15 team members attended the incident, supported by a Sea King helicopter from RAF Boulmer. Incident closed at 8.30 p.m.

See article here

[NY 20992 06832]

2009:53(b) 03/08/09 (4.49 p.m.) - Monday

Callout by the police for a male and female walkers in their late 20's who were lost on their descent from Scafell Pike to Seathwaite.  From their description to the Team Leader, it put them in the area between Broad Crag and Calf Cove.  Although instructions were being given to get them back to a path it was becoming obvious that they were not going to be able to make their way down.   Just as the team were to be mobilised, the police called back to advise that the lost walkers had stumbled upon another walker and were able to make their own way back down via Esk Hause.  Incident closed at 5.45 p.m.  No further action necessary

[NY 22470 0779]

2009:53(a) 02/08/09 (3.11 a.m.) - Sunday

Callout by the police for an overdue group of 11 Three peakers who were lost in upper Eskdale.  The Team leader advised that it would light shortly and to wait until they could gather their bearings.  They called back in later the next morning to advise that they were down at Boot in Eskdale and needed assistance getting back to Wasdale.  The incident was closed at around 7.00 a.m.


July 2009

2009:53 29/07/09 (3.08 p.m.) - Wednesday

Callout from Ambulance Control for male who had fallen into the river at Boot Eskdale.  The male had sustained a bang to the head and had been unconscious.  A number of agencies were called out to this potential swift water incident.  A Wasdale MRT member from Eskdale attended directly and administered first aid.  The remainder of the team (16) were stood down as the casualty was able to get to the ambulance.  Incident closed at 4.30 p.m.

[NY 17687 0184] 

2009:52(a) 27/07/09 (4.25 p.m.) - Monday

The police received a '999' call from the wife of an overdue walker who had set off from Wasdale.  The team leader gathered details and decided to hold back until 6.00 p.m. to give the walker time to turn up.  He was picked up safe and on Hardknott Pass.  No further action required.  Incident closed. 

2009:52 27/07/09 (8.15 a.m.) - Monday

Following on from the previous night, an extensive search lasting a total of 17 hours on the Scafell range involving over 50 rescuers from Wasdale, Keswick, Duddon & Furness, Cockermouth, SARDA (Lakes) and an RAF helicopter from Valley successfully located the two missing walkers just after midday after a 14 hour operation. The walkers, who originally reported themselves lost on Scafell Pike spent the night around Green How, high on Scafell in strong winds and heavy rain before they were found by the Cockermouth MRT uninjured on Scafell, a different mountain from the one they believed they had climbed.  The pair were assisted to walk off the mountain but one of the casualties slipped on the wet grass and sustained a lower leg injury.  He was carried down to the valley bottom on a stretcher and treated by the team doctor before making his way home to Lancashire. Incident closed around 3.30 p.m.

[NY 19822 06649]

2009:52 26/07/09 (9.54 p.m.) - Sunday

Call from the police regarding two missing walkers.  The walkers reported themselves lost on Scafell Pike and 15 Wasdale team members plus a including a SARDA (lakes) search dog from the Wasdale team spent to night searching routes on the mountain but no one was found.  The search resumed the following day (see above) and lasted 17 hours.

2009:51 23/07/09 (7.20 a.m.) - Wednesday  

The police received a '999' call from a female lost walker on Scafell Pike with children aged 6 and 8.  The group were from Knutsford. The Team Leader was able to talk the lost person and established that they were on the left side of Piers Gill in low cloud with little visibility.  They were directed back to the main path on Lingmell Col and back down Brown Tongue.  A small group of Wasdale MRT personnel went to escort them back down to their vehicle.  They were well equipped and had no injuries.  5 team members were involved and the incident closed at 9.30 p.m.

[NY 21227 08007]

2009:50 23/07/09 (11.25 a.m.) - Wednesday  

Called out assist Keswick and Langdale MRTs to search for a DoE group walking from Wasdale to Langdale via Sprinkling Tarn.  The group were located safe and well by a SARDA Lakes search dog from Keswick MRT in upper Eskdale below Esk Hause in the early afternoon.  15 Wasdale team members attended. 

2009:49 19/07/09 (8.20 a.m.) - Sunday  

The police received a '999' call from a mobile phone from a Chinese male and female walker who were lost on Scafell Pike with an injured knee.  They had ascended Scafell Pike from Langdale earlier that day, leaving at 11.00 a.m.  When the Deputy Team Leader was talking to them to try and establish their location the phone went out of range.  It was decided to wait until 10.00 p.m. before mobilising the team.

At 10.00 p.m. nothing further was heard so the Keswick, Langdale and Wasdale team were called out along with Search Dogs.  When the team was ready to go at Base, a call came in to say they could see the Hotel lights and they had passed the stretcher box and tarn.  This put them on Moses trod descent into Wasdale from Styhead Pass.  The other teams were stood down.  However, he said that his female companion could no longer support him and he needed a stretcher.  17 Wasdale team members we to his assistance and he was aided off the fell with his strained knee.  They were accommodated at the Wasdale Head Inn.  Incident closed at 1.15 a.m.

[NY 20847 09447]

2009:48(a) 15/07/09 (7.30 a.m.) - Wednesday  

The team were paged by the police regarding some missing persons on Scafell Pike.  The Team leader investigated the call.  The missing persons turned up safe and well at 8.50 a.m. and the incident was closed with no requirement for the team to be mobilised.

2009:48 12/07/09 (5.27 p.m.) - Sunday  

Whilst the team were attending incident 47, a second call came through from the police to attend a male walker in his 50s who had fallen on the path in Little Narrow Cove, Upper Eskdale and received a fractured / dislocated shoulder.  The man was treated on scene for a dislocated shoulder which was put back in by the team doctors on scene.  He was then packaged in a vacuum mattress and carried out on a stretcher.  Around 20 Wasdale team members attended the incident supported by 20 team members from Cockermouth MRT.  Incident closed at around 6.00 p.m.

Photographs here

[NY 22602 06694]

2009:47 12/07/09 (9.58 a.m.) - Sunday  

'999' call from a male walker who was reported as crag fast on Kirk Fell Crags.  The team were already on their way out for a crag training full day practice so attended quickly.  8 team members were involved.  Whilst approaching Blacksail on their way to Kirk Fell Crags, the team received a second callout for a male in his 50s who had a suspected broken collar bone in Little Narrow Cove, Upper Eskdale.  6 team members turned round and ran back down for this second more urgent incident.  Cockermouth MRT were asked to support the two Wasdale MRT who completed the crag fast incident and then also made their way to the Eskdale incident.  Incident closed around 12.00 p.m.

[NY 19287 11160]

2009:46(a) 11/07/09 (9.39 p.m.) - Saturday  

Search for a two 30 yr old missing walkers on Scafell Pike.  Whilst the team were assessing whether to go out or not the missing persons turned up safe and well.  Torrential rain hit Cumbria that evening.  Incident closed at 10.31 p.m. with no further action necessary.

2009:46 11/07/09 (5.27 p.m.) - Saturday  

Call to rescue a 17yr old girl who had become severely dehydrated on her return from the summit of Scafell Pike.  The girl was in a larger school party completing the 3 Peaks Challenge.  They had already climbed Ben Nevis.  Rather than dehydration, the team doctors established that there were underlying conditions and she was very ill with a viral infection.  She was treated on scene with drips and airlifted to Whitehaven hospital by Sea King helicopter from RAF Boulmer.  16 team members were involved and the incident closed around 10.30 p.m.

[NY 20102 07287]

2009:45 05/07/09 (1.48 p.m.) - Sunday  

Call to a man with a suspected broken ankle on the Lingmell path up to Brown Tongue.  16 team members attended.  He was treated on the hill and carried down by stretcher to the green at Wasdale Head where he was taken to hospital by friends.  Incident closed at 5.00 p.m.

[NY 18930 07837]

2009:44 (b) 04/06/09 (8.00 p.m.) - Saturday  

Call came in from the Police regarding a single male (plus dog) reported to be lost but on the summit of Pillar.  He was given instructions (by mobile phone) on how to use the map and compass he did have with him and subsequently made his own way down, confirming that he was safely off the mountain at 11.30pm.  

[NY 17112 12107]

2009:44 04/06/09 (12.53 p.m.) - Saturday  

Full callout for a female competitor who was in the Saunders Marathon.  She had a torn calf muscle and was in Moasdale and the checkpoint near Black Crag under Crinkle crags.  The call had come in from Langdale MRT.  She was given casualty care and evacuated off the mountain.

[NY 24008 03799]

2009:43(b) 03/06/09 (11.30 p.m.) - Friday  

'999'call to Cumbria Police from 7 x Three Peakers who had left Seathwaite earlier in the evening.  They became lost on the corridor route and requested guiding.  The Team Leader advised that it would be light in three hours, it would take the team 2 hours to get to them.  They had torches but only 5.  Some were in shorts and they were cold.  No further action taken by the team.

[NY 21542 08117]

2009:43(a) 03/06/09 (1.33 p.m.) - Friday  

A couple of walkers were descending from Scafell Pike and trying to find Styhead.  Whilst the Team Leader was sorting out details, the police returned a call to advise that they had just 'bumped into' a group of walkers who would help them down.  Incident closed with no further action required. 

2009:43  02/07/09 (6.41 p.m.) - Thursday  

Call from two walkers, male and female in their early 40s from Wigan.  They were cragfast on the Screes.  Rescue boat mobilised while team members attended on foot. 11 team members total.  The couple were very high on the Screes having struggled to follow the boulder field path.  They were evacuated to the ridge.  Incident closed at around 11.00 p.m.

[NY 15512 04232]


June 2009

2009:42 30/06/09 (11.07 p.m.) - Tuesday  

Call came in from the police regarding a missing 80yr old lady walker along with her daughter in her late 50s and three dogs.  They had set off from Hollins Campsite at 7.30 a.m. that morning to climb Scafell or Scafell Pike and had not returned. 19 Wasdale team members along with 7 SARDA search dogs searched the fells all night .  A helicopter from RAF Valley used infra red search techniques but the missing ladies could not be located.  At 6.00 am further Wasdale members were brought in along with 11 Cockermouth MRT and similar numbers from Duddon and Furness MRT.  2 fresh SARDA search dogs were called in.  At around 8.30 a.m. a call came in from the police to advise that the ladies had returned to their tent at 6.00 a.m. safe and well after spending the night in the what was believed to be the Whilans Beck area.  They had ascended Scafell via Burnmoor and Hard Rigg and returned the same route but got benighted on their return.  They had sufficient survival gear and slept on the the fell.  The night was very still and warm with heavy thunderstorms in the early hours.  The incident was stood down and the base closed at around 9.30 a.m.

[NY 18240 02167]

2009:41 30/06/09 (7.51 p.m.) - Tuesday  

Request to attend a fallen climber at Sandwith Lighthouse area of the cliffs.  Coastguard were also called out along with the RNLI.  Around 15 team members attended the incident.  A climber in his early late 40s was descending the climbers path along with a group of fellow climbers (including a Wasdale team member) when he slipped and fell 30m, landing at the bottom of the cliffs.  He had sustained fractures and chest injuries and was treated on scene by the two Wasdale team doctors before being airlifted by RN Gannet and flown to Whitehaven Hospital. 

2009:40  28/06/09 (9.50 p.m.) - Sunday  

Police call regarding two climbers long overdue from Scafell Crag.  Last seen around 2 pm, high on the crag.  Small group of Wasdale MRT assembled to go and investigate, with crag gear and back-up casualty care equipment and base also being manned.  Incident stood down again at 11.00 p.m. when the informant walked up Brown Tongue and found them making their way down OK.

[NY 20815 06854]

2009:39  28/06/09 (5.00 p.m.) - Sunday  

As the search (incident 38) was scaling down but before the team had left Eskmeals.  Police call came in regarding two crag fast climbers who'd become stuck on Needle Ridge, Great Gable when their absail retreat was prevented by their rope becoming jammed.  4  Wasdale MRT were flown by RN 177 to the summit of Great Gable.  The team roped down to the crag fast climbers' position and
assisted them to climb to the top of the ridge.   Mobiles 1 and 3 drove to Wasdale Head with those team members who were
left at Eskmeals.  They brought back-up gear and also came on the fell.   Incident closed around 8.30 p.m.

[NY 20950 09987]

2009:38  28/06/09 (11.00 a.m.) - Sunday  

Police request to assist in search for missing fisherman, Eskmeals area.  Coastguard, Inshore Lifeboats, Police dog and Royal Navy helicopter also involved.  The incident was being run from the gun range site by a Police POLSA Officer.   14 Wasdale MRT, including 2  SARDA dogs and handlers, plus a further 6  SARDA dogs and handlers, plus 4 local canoeists (Copeland Canoe Club) and searched areas around the coast, dunes and river banks in that area.  The missing person was not found and search continued the following day by the police/coastguard. 

2009:37(a)  27/06/09 ( p.m.) - Saturday  

71yr old male reported missing on a walk from  Wasdale Head.  Man located as Black Sail Youth Hostel in Ennerdale before any Wasdale MRT action required.

2009:37  26/06/09 (5.45 p.m.) - Friday  

62 yr old male tumble-fell 10 metres on the scramble section of the path on the south end of Yewbarrow.  He sustained a nasty cut to the head and numerous lacerations and fortunately avoided more serious injury.  Stretchered off the hill.  

[NY 17007 07715]

2009:36 25/06/09 (2.55 p.m.) - Thursday  

Male reported with breathing difficulties 10 mins walk south of St Bees lighthouse across fields.  MRT required to assist ambulance service.  Wasdale MRT doctor arrived on scene at the same time as air ambulance and the team was stood down.

2009:35 21/06/09 (4.54 p.m.) - Sunday  

Ambulance service requested assistance to transport a lady with a broken ankle from fields near Clint's quarry.  Land rover used to transport casualty across field to waiting ambulance.

2009:34 14/06/09 (2.00 p.m.) - Sunday  

Male walker in his 40s with painful knees was reported at Styhead.  Since the party had come up from Seathwaite in Borrowdale this was passed to Keswick but two Wasdale MRT assisted since casualty site was just into the Wasdale area near Skew Gill.

[NY 22122 09177]

2009:33 14/06/09 (2.00 p.m.) - Sunday  

The team was paged by the police to respond to a male walker on the summit of Pillar who was reported to have collapsed and was unconscious.  A suspected heart attack requires urgent attention and evacuation so a helicopter was requested through the police.  RAF Boulmer attended and although, by the time the helicopter arrived, the casualty was sitting up  and talking, he was airlifted to West Cumberland Hospital .  One team member who was climbing nearby managed to arrive on scene in advance of the helicopter whilst the reminder pressed on up the fell.  The walker was later discharged from hospital.  

[NY 17105 12067]

2009:32 12/06/09 (8.47 p.m.) - Friday  

Team paged by Cumbria Police.  Two ladies lost on the Corridor route between Styhead and Scafell Pike. They were unable to cross the bad step at Greta Gill.  They were met by a passing American walker who was helping them find an alternative route.   The Team leader persuaded them on the phone to walk down via Brown Tongue from Lingmel Col.  At 11.00 p.m. the decision was made to open the Rescue Base at Gosforth and for the Team leader to go on the hill and assist them down.  The police were informed of the situation.  Contact was made on Brown Tongue at 11.40 p.m. Base was closed at 2.00 a.m.  Two team members were involved.

[NY 21907 08579]


May 2009

2009:31(b) 30/05/09 (5.02 p.m.) - Saturday  

Team called out by the police to respond to an incident which resolved itself within 15 mins of the call.  Incident stood down and no further action necessary.

2009:31(a) 24/05/09 (4.00 p.m.) - Sunday  

Report from the Police of 2 members of a walking party who had failed to rendezvous at Beck Head.  They were last seen at Black Sail Pass and were intending to walk around the back of Kirk Fell to meet the rest of their party who were walking over Kirk Fell.  Details taken but no action because incident 30 was ongoing.  The 2 missing people phoned their party an hour later to say they had taken a wrong turn but were OK and were being given a lift back to Wasdale.

2009:31 28/05/09 (8.15 p.m.) - Thursday 

Call direct from Ambulance Control regarding a 21yr old male from the Liverpool area who had dislocated his shoulder somewhere on Scafell/Scafell Pike.  The informant had mobile reception on scene but wasn't sure of their exact location.  The Team Leader established that they were half way up, on the Brown Tongue path.  The casualty's dislocation was reduced on scene by Wasdale MRT medics and he was then stretchered off the hill and taken (by Ambulance) to hospital.  
Mill Forge closed approx 11.30pm.

[NY 19942 07337]

2009:30 24/05/09 (2.30 p.m.) - Sunday 

Call from the police to rescue a 65yr old female sustained head and back injuries, multiple cuts and abrasions in a 20 metres tumble fall in Arrowhead Gulley on Great Gable.  Treated on scene by WMRT medics and flown to West Cumbria Hospital by Sea King helicopter from RN Gannet.   Steep and constricted location involving a rope lower of the stretcher and good flying by the Royal Navy. Casualty's daughter was crag fast at incident site and needed to be hoisted up the crag with ropes, otherwise unhurt.  14 team members involved and incident over by 7.00 p.m.

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[NY 20905 09932]

2009:29 22/05/09 (8.55 p.m.) - Friday  

Call to search for a missing boy in the Moresby area.  The boy turned up safe and well as the team were on the way to the incident.

2009:28(b) 21/05/09 (5.30 p.m.) - Thursday  

Call via the Police, regarding a family with several children (8-13) lost on Green Gable.  Team Leader spoke to them and gave advice which allowed them to follow the correct path back towards Seathwaite.  Details passed to Keswick MRT but no further response from
WMRT needed.

2009:28(a) 20/05/09 (4.00 p.m.) - Wednesday  

Request from Police to respond to a call regarding two members of a party reported overdue on Kirk Fell.  Their companions had walked their intended route without finding them.  No immediate action was taken by the team and the missing persons eventually phoned to say that they were safe and getting a lift back to Wasdale.  Incident closed at 5.00 p.m.  

2009:28 17/05/09 (2.55 p.m.) - Sunday  

Request from Police to attend an incident on the Screes path - two walkers in difficulty.  Female walker in late 20's had slipped on the Screes path and injured her leg.  She was with her partner and a dog.  Casualty was splinted and transferred across the lake to a road ambulance and driven to West Cumberland Hospital.  Around 12 team members involved.  Incident closed at 7.00 p.m. 

Female walker reported to be frightened and stuck on the boulder field, Wasdale Screes.  What looked like a straight-forward job
turned more complicated when we found that she was actually very cold and that her left ankle was injured.  She was duly treated and stretchered to the Team's boat, for transfer across the lake
to a road ambulance and taken to West Cumberland Hospital.  Around 12 team members involved.  Incident closed at 7.00 p.m. 

[NY 15375 04662]

2009:27 17/05/09 ( 12.24 a.m.) - Sunday  

Call from the Police regarding a party of six three peakers who had got lost on Scafell Pike.  They had left Seathwaite at 7.20 p.m. and been on the summit at 9.50 p.m. but then got disorientated in cloud and darkness as they tried to return.  Their description of their location suggested they were on Broad Crag but as they had no map or compass between them, it was not possible to give them directions to get themselves off.  They were however, clothed well and all fit.  The Team Leader decided to leave them until first light before arranging to guide them off. As their luck would have it, there was a further rescue going on at Esk Haws, where Keswick MRT had called extra resources from Cockermouth and Langdale Ambleside MRT's.  This incident turned out to be less serious than had first been thought and thus released MRT resources who were already not far from Broad Crag.  Team members from Cockermouth therefore went across to find and guide this group off as well, whilst the Team Leader manned the base to act as a radio link.  Incident closed at 06.00hrs.

2009:26 16/05/09 ( 5.41 p.m.) - Saturday  

Call from Police reporting that a male had been found "collapsed" on Scafell.  The exact location turned out to be Upper Eskdale.  A helicopter from the North East Air Ambulance flew several team members to the location and the casualty was treated and transferred to Team vehicles in the valley.  He was then transferred back to where he was staying. Team members walked off the fell and Mill Forge would have been closed some time around 9.30pm

2009:25 12/05/09 (2.38 p.m.) - Tuesday  

Request from Police to attend an incident on Napes Needle - male reported cragfast.  Limited callout made but whilst making their way up the fell, the elderly male walker was rescued by two climbers who were climbing Needle Ridge at the time.  The cragfast walker had ascended the gulley, failed to bear left onto the dress circle and was stuck on the crag 45m above safe ground.  The climbers went back down for him and lowered him back down the crag on a climbing rope.  Although rescued by the climbers the appearance of the Wasdale team at the bottom of the mountain was very reassuring to the two climbers effecting the rescue (this information has been provided by the climbers as the team were stood down as soon as the crag fast walker was off the Napes)

Climbers own account of rescue here 

[NY 20957 10022]

2009:24 03/05/09 (2.25 p.m.) - Sunday  

Rescue on the Piers Gill Path.  Female walker fell and suffered a dislocated fracture of the elbow near the main rock step on the path running up the side of piers Gill.  21 team members were involved in the rescue.  The lady was given casualty care, the elbow was reduced and splinted.   She was carried down by stretcher to a road ambulance at Burnthwaite farm.   She was transferred to Whitehaven hospital.  Incident closed at around 8.00 p.m. 

[NY 21257 08332]

April 2009

2009:23(a) 21/04/09 (1.00 p.m.) - Tuesday  

Call came in to the Police from walkers who were lost.  Whilst the Deputy Team leader was dealing with the details the lost persons called back in to say that they no longer required MR assistance as another walker was now guiding them down,  Incident closed at 1.46 p.m. with no further action necessary.

2009:23 20/04/09 (3.35 p.m.) - Monday  

Report of two crag fast walkers on Great Gable.  Team Leader carried out a limited callout.  8 team members attended with 4 mobilised.  They were on the scree between White Napes and Beck head above the traverse path.  Whilst making their way to the scree bound couple, another walker went to their aid and managed to get them down and back to Beck head where they continued to Honister Pass.  Incident stood down by the police at 4.40 p.m.

[NY 20780 10370]

2009:22(a) 18/04/09 (8.00 p.m.) - Saturday  

Paged by Police following a report of overdue walkers.  While the Deputy Team leader was investigating the incident the missing persons turned up safe and well within 30 minutes.  Incident closed.

2009:22 15/04/09 (3.00 p.m.) - Wednesday  

Paged by Police to go to the rescue of a female walker, mid 50's who had fallen above Hollowstones on the Scafell Pike path.  The team was mobilised to go to her assistance.  She was airlifted to Whitehaven hospital by Great north air Ambulance.  Incident stood down at 3.50 p.m.

[NY 20580 07117]

2009:21(d) 12/04/09 (6.41 p.m.) - Sunday  

An Informant rang to say they had lost a member of their party on Scafell Pike.  Deputy Team Leader could not contact the informant. Eventually the informant rang back to say that he had found the missing person and that no further help was required.


2009:21(c) 11/04/09 (9.55 p.m.) - Saturday  

A group of 3 people reported themselves lost on Scafell Pike. The Deputy Team Leader established their location over the telephone (top of Lingmell Gill, near Lingmell Scars) and gave guidance to get them to reach the nearest path.

[NY 20022 07635]

2009:21(b) 08/04/09 (5.21 p.m.) - Wednesday  

Two walkers in their early 20s (male and female) found themselves lost in a deep gulley whilst descending from Scafell Pike.  A telephone call from the Team Leader established that they were well down Piers Gill above the first waterfall step.  He gave them directions to get themselves out of danger and back to the main descent path.  No further action necessary.  Incident closed at 7.13 p.m.

[NY 2117508249]

2009:21(a) 06/04/09 (7.23 p.m.) - Monday  

The team were paged following a report of a group of overdue walkers (adults and children) who had set off from Brotherikeld to climb Scafell via Foxes tarn.  The team waited until later that evening when the group called to say they were down safe and well.   Incident closed around 8.00 p.m.

2009:21 05/04/09 (1.43 p.m.) - Sunday  

The team were called out to a fallen rider in the Wilton area.  The male rider was competing in the Spring Charity ride when he fell off on the course towards Uldale farm, from Wilton.  A local man managed to drive his landrover close to the scene and brought the injured rider to the road head where an Ambulance attended and took him the Whitehaven Hospital.  The incident was stood down just after 2.00 p.m. with no more involvement required from the team.   A number of team members turned up at the base but the incident was stood down before the full team was mobilised.

2009:20(c) 04/04/09 (7.38 p.m.) - Saturday  

Cumbria Police paged the team following a '999' call regarding an overdue walker.  The Deputy team leader investigated and waited to see if the person would turn up.  The overdue walker turned up safe and well at 9.13 p.m. and the incident was closed with no further action necessary.  

2009:20(b) 02/04/09 (8.40 p.m.) - Thursday  

'999' call came in and the Police paged the team regarding a rescue on Scafell Pike.  The Team leader gathered more information and due to circumstances handed the incident over to the Keswick MRT.  No action necessary by the team.  Wasdale alert stood down at 9.00 p.m. 


March 2009

2009:20(a) 30/03/09 (8.30 p.m.) - Monday  

A call came into the team whilst on rescue 20.  A party of walkers were long overdue from their walk from Bowfell, Scafell Pike to the Woolpack Hotel in Eskdale.  The Team leader went to the hotel and decided to wait until 10.00 p.m. before taking further action.  The missing party turned up safe and well at the Woolpack 30 minutes later.  Incident stood down. 

2009:20 30/03/09 (5.22 p.m.) - Monday  

The police paged the team following a '999' call from an informant at Taw House Farm. A party of three male walkers, a father son and friend from the Wigan area were descending back into Eskdale from Scafell Pike when one slipped and broke his ankle.  One of the party ran down to raise the alarm.  The 52 yr old father was given analgesic, his ankle splinted and he was stretchered back down to the road head where an ambulance took him to West Cumberland Hospital in Whitehaven.  missing walkers.  The Team leader decided to wait and see if they turned up.  The incident closed at around 9.00 p.m. with 15 team members on the fell

[NY 21367 03012]


2009:19(a) 30/03/09 (7.01 p.m.) - Sunday  

The police paged the team following a '999' call for missing walkers.  The Team leader decided to wait and see if they turned up.  Nothing further was heard. Incident closed later that night.  No action necessary.

2009:19 06/03/09 (4.22 p.m.) - Friday  

The police paged the team following a '999' call from walkers lost on the summit of Great Gable - their location was known but they were unable to get themselves down - a limited call out ensued and Wasdale team members walked them down from the summit to Styhead where they were met by team members from the Keswick MRT who walked them back to Seathwaite. 6 Wasdale members involved and the incident was closed at around 8.00 p.m.

[NY 21055 10275]

2009:18 03/03/09 (12.35 p.m.) - Tuesday  

The police paged the team to assist in the recover of a female body from an off road location near Wath Brow.  16 team members attended and recovered the ladies body  to the road head.  The incident was closed at around 4.00 p.m.


February 2009

2009:17 28/02/09 (10.15 p.m.) - Saturday  

Wasdale MRT asked by Cockermouth MRT to assist in the search for a group of lost walkers.  The three females and two males, in their late 30's/early 40's were from Birmingham and had set off from the Blacksail Hut to climb Pillar.  They became disorientated, lost their way and only had a single torch.  15 team Cockermouth team members, two SARDA search dogs and ten Wasdale MRT members searched the Kirk Fell, Mosedale and Red Pike areas and located them on the Red Pike ridge above Black Crag at around 1.00 a.m. - they were eventually walked off the mountain back to Overbeck in Wasdale.  They were collected by family and driven to their hotel in Keswick.  The log was closed at around 6.00 a.m..  

[NY 16747 09777]

2009:16 20/02/09 (4.45 p.m.) - Friday  

Wasdale MRT were paged by the police.  Two walkers reported in lost on Scafell pike.  The Team leader was soon contacted by a team member who was already on Scafell Pike and who found the missing persons on the summit plateau on the main path.  He walked them off the mountain.  Incident closed at around 7.00 p.m. with 2 team members involved. 

[NY 21352 07319]


2009:15 18/02/09 (2.20 p.m.) - Wednesday  

Wasdale MRT were paged by the police. A male and female couple from the Wirral in their late 20s had become cragfast on Great Gable.  After some lengthy discussion over the phone it was established that although the weather was good, it would be necessary to go and help them down.  To help with the location, the couple took a photograph of their location and sent it to the Team leaders mobile phone.  This gave a pretty good location see here.  It put them high on the Napes ridge overlooking Wastwater.  A limited callout was made and 5 team members attended.  They managed to move from their exposed location and the team members walked them back down to Wasdale head where a taxi took them back to Seathwaite.  The incident log was closed at around 6.00 p.m.

Note: this is the first time Wasdale MRT have carried out a rescue using a photo from the informant/rescued persons camera - good thinking on their part. 

[NY 20902 10085]


2009:14 08/02/09 (3.24 p.m.) - Sunday  

Wasdale MRT were paged by the police to respond to a mobile phone '999' call.  A male walker in his 30s was tonight recovering in West Cumberland Hospital after falling on Scafell Pike, England’s highest mountain.  The injured walker was in a party of three, all well equipped for the conditions and slipped on packed snow and ice while descending from the summit.  He slid and fell over 100 feet suffering head, abdomen and wrist injuries.  Helicopter evacuation was impossible because of blizzard conditions on the mountain so a long and difficult stretcher carry in deep snow over underlying ice was necessary.  

Fine, sunny weather that morning attracted hundreds of walkers and climbers out to enjoy the rare winter conditions.  The snow arrived as forecast in mid-afternoon and the deteriorating conditions on the fells caused many walkers to experience difficulties, fortunately not all requiring assistance.  The rescue lasted 9 hrs and finished around 12.30 a.m. 22 rescuers were involved including a SARDA search dog and handler

Photos and video footage 

[NY 21595 07427]

2009:13(a) 06/02/09 (7.12 p.m.) - Friday  

Wasdale MRT were paged by the police to respond to a '999' call from a concerned informant over a group of overdue walkers.  Whilst the Deputy team leader was gathering information the overdue walkers turned up safe and well.  Incident stood down at 7.17 p.m. - only one team member involved.

2009:13 05/02/09 (06.53 a.m.) - Thursday  

Wasdale MRT were asked by Langdale MRT to help search for a long overdue missing 60 year old male walker who had been walking in the Bowfell and Crinkle crags area.  15 Wasdale Team members and a SARDA dog handler searched the upper Eskdale areas and Duddon & Furness MRT were also brought in.  All the main routes had been searched the previous night by Langdale/Keswick/SARDA and Kendal.  An RAF Sea King helicopter was brought in and located the missing walkers who had fallen near the summit of Bowfell the previous day.  He was recovered to Whitehaven Hospital where he was pronounced dead.  Incident closed at 2.00 p.m. 

The following media statement was put out by LAMRT

Prolonged winter conditions experienced so far this year have been rare in recent years, however the message is the same as always. Be prepared. Experience, appropriate equipment, and sound judgment are crucial. Ice axe, crampons, warm clothing and reliable torches are vital in current conditions. Remember as well, soft snow is exhausting to walk in, frozen snow is very slippery.

[NY 24615 o6747]

2009:12(a) 02/02/09 (12.05 p.m.) - Monday  

Call came in from a local couple who live in the valley on a remote farm.  Their baby needed to get to Whitehaven Hospital due to a worrying medical complaint but due to the weather (heavy snow that morning) were unable to get either their car out of the valley or an ambulance in.  The team Landrover was dispatched (the team were already on standby as an ambulance support service, as were all the Lake district teams) which escorted the couple with the infant out to Gosforth and clear roads. Two team members were involved and the incident was closed by 2.00 p.m.


January 2009

2009:12 23/01/09 (11.49 p.m.) - Friday  

Cumbria police paged the team to help rescue a 10 yr old girl who had slipped on Hardknott Pass and broken her leg.  The team vehicle could only get as far up as the Roman Fort and proceeded on foot.  The girl was given medical treatment on the fell and sledged back down to the ambulance waiting at Brotherikeld.  The girl was accompanied by four other walkers including two staff members.  15 team members attended the incident which closed at around 5.00 p.m.

[NY 23270 01477]

2009:11 18/01/09 (1.29 p.m.) - Sunday  

Cumbria police received a '999' call from a lady on a mobile phone requesting help but before the message or her details could be taken the line went dead.  The '999' signal had been picked up by the mobile phone mast near Holmrook / Gosforth so the Wasdale team were alerted by the police.  A limited group were gathered to assess the situation and be ready to respond with a full callout as soon as more information became available.  

Car parks were checked by team members for the 'mobile phone' owner's cars but no cars were found in either the Wasdale / Eskdale area.  The police carried out further work to try and get a better fix on the signal.  Eventually the Police established that the phone signal had also been picked up by the Barrow mast which indicated perhaps Harter Fell direction.   Finally the lady who made the call contacted the police to advise she and her friend were safely off the fell and heading back to Carnforth.  10 team members were on standby / checking car parks - incident closed at around 5.30 p.m.

That evening, the team received a thank you email from the lady who explained that the weather deteriorated and her friend did not think she would be able to continue to walk as she had fallen a number of times in the wind.  However when her phone stopped working (the battery failed), they both knew we needed to keep going so they made their way down slowly.  They were on Swirl Howe on the back path heading towards Coniston Old Man.

[NY 27315 00534]

2009:10 17/01/09 (12.34 p.m.) - Saturday  

The team were called out to assist a 63 year old fell walker who had sustained a fractured ankle following a stumble fall on Illgill head above Wastwater (The Screes).  He was treated on scene by the team doctors and stretchered down to a waiting ambulance to be transferred to Whitehaven hospital.  A speedy response was required to ensure the injured walker was off the fell before the forecasted storm force winds and heavy rain which arrived later in the afternoon.  20 team members were involved and the incident was closed at around 4.30 p.m.  

Photographs and video of the rescue here

[NY 17535 05277]

2009:09 13/01/09 (4.53 p.m.) - Tuesday  

For the third time in four days Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team were called out to assist walkers who had become lost in cloud and darkness.   Today a party of three walkers had become disorientated in cloud on their way up Scafell Pike.  They turned back but were unable to navigate their way off the mountain in the cloud and darkness.  Contact made by mobile phone enabled the team leader to establish their approximate position and they were located at 7.00 p.m.  After being warmed up in the team’s survival shelter they were escorted down by the team  and taken to their accommodation in the valley.  17 team members were involved in the rescue which lasted 4 hours.  Incident closed around 9.00 p.m.

[NY 21107 07617]

2009:08 11/01/09 (5.16 p.m.) - Sunday  

The team were paged by Cumbria Police to respond to a mobile '999' call from two male walkers who were lost near the summit of Scafell Pike in darkness, heavy rain and storm force winds.  The missing walkers had a GPS but no torch or map.  The two walkers were located uninjured at 8.10 p.m. near the summit and escorted off the mountain.  A gust with a wind speed of 73mph was recorded on the mountain, hurricane force on the Beaufort Scale and the heavy rain throughout the day had made the stream crossings extremely dangerous.  17 team members were involved and the rescue lasted 5 hours and closed at around 10.30 p.m.

Sunset was 4.12 p.m. and heavy rain and strong winds were forecast for the afternoon.


[NY 21547 07232]

2009:07 10/01/09 (1.10 p.m.) - Saturday  

The team was paged by the Police to go to the assistance of a 34 yr old lone male walker who was lost somewhere on Scafell Pike.  After questioning over the mobile, it was established that he was probably in the vicinity of Dropping Crag.  A team member was already on the mountain so he was contacted and asked to locate the lost person.  He was subsequently found by the very large cairn, on the summit plateau Lingmel Col descent route in very poor weather conditions .  He was walked down to Styhead and given directions back to his car at Seathwaite.  5 team members were involved and the incident was stood down at 6.45 p.m. when he called in safe and well.

[NY 21350 07317]

2009:06 02/01/09 (1.13 p.m.) - Friday  

The team was paged by Cumbria Police to respond to a '999' call for a 35 yr old female climber who had fallen on Great Gable by Westmorland Crags sustaining fatal injuries.  The casualty was airlifted and flown to Whitehaven hospital by a Sea King helicopter from RAF Boulmer.  16 team members attended the incident which closed at around 8.30 p.m.  

[NY 21025 10195]

December 2008

2009:05 31/12/08 (3.58 p.m.) - Wednesday  

The team was paged to rescue a lady in her 50's who was descending from Scafell area when she stumbled/slipped and sustained a suspected fractured lower leg.  She had fallen early afternoon and had been walking with her husband.  A passing walkers raised the alarm by descending the fell to a phone box as there was no mobile phone coverage in that area.  She was located at Throstlegarth, above Lincove Bridge in upper Eskdale.  The lady was given casualty care (analgesia and splinting) and warmed in a bivvy tent.  Due to the treacherous ground conditions and sub zero temperature, the decision was made to air lift from the location rather than a lengthy and very  risky (to both casualty and stretcher party)  carry out.  An RAF Sea King flew up from RAF Valley in Anglesey and she was evacuated by stretcher to Barrow-in-Furness Hospital.  15 team members were involved and the incident closed at around 10.00 p.m. (in time for the New Year celebrations)  

[NY 22332 04252]

2009:04 26/12/08 (2.30 p.m.) - Friday  

The team was paged by the police to rescue a 70 yr old male walker who had fallen on Harter Fell and sustained an unstable tib and fib fracture (lower leg).  The injury was treated and splinted on scene by the team doctors and he was carried back down the mountain on a stretcher to the ambulance at the Brotherikeld phone box and then taken to West Cumberland Hospital in Whitehaven.  15 team members involved in the rescue which closed at around 5.00 p.m. 

[NY 20827 00459]

2009:03(a) 23/12/08 (2.26 p.m.) - Tuesday  

The team was paged following a '999' call from a mobile.  A male walker had ascended Scafell into the cloud and having reached the summit plateau was lost.  He had walked to a point where he was looking down a very deep ghyll (actually Deep Gyhll).  The deputy team leader talked the man down safely without having to mobilize the team.  Incident closed around 6.00 p.m.

[NY 20830 06707]

2009:03 22/12/08 (3.25 a.m.) - Monday  

The team was paged by the police following a '999' call from two Chinese walkers who were lost on the descent from Great Gable.  The team leader managed to establish that they had left from Honister YHA and had actually been to the summit.  Due to the the very poor visibility and their obvious dilemma (they were sheltering behind a boulder and staying put) a full callout was carried out.  15 team members attended.  Further information then came in that they could see White buildings and a stream running NE.  This was assessed to be Seathwaite so the incident was passed across to Keswick MRT.  Wasdale remained on standby for an hour before being stood down.  The two walkers were found safe and well below Base Brown in the Gillercomb area.  Incident closed at 5.30 p.m.

[NY 22802 12015]

2009:02 20/12/08 (11.23 a.m.) - Saturday  

The team was paged by Cumbria Police to rescue a 42 yr old male walker from London.  He had injured his ankle at Lincove Bridge on the way up the valley.  His son ran back down to Brotherikeld Farm to raise the alarm.  The team was mobilised but by the time they arrived at the road head, the man had already been assisted down to the farm by a group of paddlers who were kayaking the river Esk.  15 team members attended and the team doctor checked the ankle injury and drove him to Whitehaven Hospital for an X-ray.  Incident closed early afternoon.

[NY 22730 03627]

2009:01(a) 12/12/08 (8.07 a.m.) - Friday  

The team was paged by Cumbria Police to rescue a couple who were stranded on the road pass between Eskdale and Langdale.  The Team Leader spoke to the couple on their mobile.  They had been stranded in their car overnight with snow and ice on the road.  Similar situations have occurred as the car sat navigation systems direct drivers over the Wrynose and Hardknott passes as the shortest route.  The incident was handed over to the Langdale MRT as Wrynose is on their patch.  Wasdale were stood down at 8.30 a.m. and only one team member was involved in the information gathering/handing over. 

November 2008

2009:01 23/11/08 (7.25 a.m.) - Sunday  

The team was paged by Cumbria police to assist in an urban search in the area of Braystones.  The missing female was located before the team were fully deployed at the scene of the incident.  The lady had not survived.  The team were stood down at 8.20 a.m.


There has only been one incident so far this month and Monday 15th November was the AGM and the end of the WMRT accounting year so  the total for the year was 95  '999' alerts including 66 with the team on the fell and 29 where the incident was reported as a '999' but there was no need for any major team involvement

We have included the last 10 rescues of the 2008 accounting year below.   If you would like to read last years rescue list then click here 


October 2008

2008:66(a) 29/10/08 ( mid p.m.) - Wednesday  

Team paged by police regarding a missing despondent in the south of the Wasdale/Eskdale area.  Whilst the Team Leader was driving to the base the police came back and advised that the missing person had been located - Incident stood down later that afternoon.


2008:66 28/10/08 (9.00 p.m.) - Tuesday  

Team contacted by police to help a 52 yr old and 18 yr old father and son who were lost somewhere on the descent from Scafell via Slightside on the Eskdale side.  The father had a previous tendon injury and was worried about proceeding further.  They had no torches but otherwise were well equipped.   11 team members turned out along with two SARDA search dogs (Langdale & Sedburgh).  The lost pair were found by dog Rosie and her Wasdale handler at Bull How .  The father and son were walked back down to their car.  Incident closed at around 1.00 a.m.

[NY 20550 01982]

2008:65 26/10/08 (8.00 p.m.) - Sunday  

Team contacted by police to assist 8 walkers who had become lost on the Wasdale Screes path below Low Adam Crag.  8 team members attended and managed to locate the group at 8.45 p.m. and walk them back up the Lake path to the road head at Brackenclose - the team were unable to get the vehicle to Brackenclose due to flood waters.  Incident closed at 10.00 p.m.

[NY 15630 04937]

2008:64 26/10/08 (4.16 a.m.) - Sunday  

Team contacted by Ambulance Control to assist in incident at the Wasdale Head Hotel.  A 10 year old boy staying at the cottages had suffered a sever asthma  attack and needed hospitalization.  The roads were flooded even more than the previous afternoon (Wastwater had risen 3 to 4 foot and covered the roads with 2 foot of water.   Three team members including the team doctor attended, gave medical assistance and transported the boy to the waiting ambulance at Overbeck.  Incident closed at around 7.00 a.m.  4 team members involved. 

[NY 18642 08772 ]

2008:63(a) 25/10/08 (5.00 p.m.) - Saturday  

Whilst rescue 63 was being dealt with a further request came in to assist a female walker from the Dartmoor area who had sustained a shoulder injury and had managed to get down to the Wasdale Head Hotel but the road ambulance could not get up the valley due to the flooded roads.  The team transported the casualty to the ambulance by landrover.  Two team members involved. 

[NY 18642 08772 ]

2008:63 25/10/08 (2.20 p.m.) - Saturday  

Telephone call from Keswick MRT after they had been contacted by Ambulance control (Keswick were already dealing with 3 incidents related to the same event ( Original Mountain Marathon).  Female competitor in a team of two had been swept away down the swollen Spouthead Gill where it met with Lingmell Beck (Wasdale side of Styhead Pass). 

The team were immediately called out and approximately 20 team members attended.  Unprecedented rainfall and high winds had flooded the valleys and swollen the rivers.  The missing walker was located on an island in the middle of the raging gill.  She was located on a very small island with a number of injuries.  A further 4 walkers had gone to assist her but were also stranded.  4 Wasdale swift water technicians managed to get to the location and two got across to the island using ropes.  A Sea King helicopter that had been called in to assist in the search for the lost walker was brought in to winch all 7 off the island which was quickly becoming engulfed.  The injured and hypothermic female was stretcher winched.  All were flown to Whitehaven Hospital.  Incident closed at around 6.30 p.m.

See grough website article and video footage here   and competitors story here

See further photos here from BBC website

Also see the write up by one of the saved participants here


[NY 21462 09140]

2008:62 22/10/08 (4.53 p.m.) - Wednesday  

Paged by the police for two walkers lost somewhere on the Scafell Range.  The Team Leader spoke to them by mobile phone and from their description established they had been up into Upper Eskdale before climbing back onto the summit of Scafell Pike again.  Their description suggested that they were on the summit of Ill Crag but they did not have a compass or torches and were worried about finding their own way back off to Wasdale.  The male and female couple from Lancashire were found at around 6.30 p.m.  near the summit of Ill Crag which is just to the east of Scafell Pike.  They had no torches and were in low cloud.  20 team members attended.  They were walked off the mountain back to the valley bottom.  Incident was closed at around 10.00 p.m.

[NY 22310 07364]

2008:61(b) 13/10/08 (3.27 p.m.) - Monday  

Paged by the police for lost walkers on Great Gable - Team leader called the lost group (three male walkers) and established that although they had maps and compass, they had made a navigational error in the low cloud and were actually to the north west of Gable rather than their intended route which should have been to the North east.  From the description given to the Team leader over the mobile of where they had been and a reference to a group of small tarns, the leader established that they were actually on Kirk Fell top.  He redirected them back to Beck Head and then back to Honister.  The group called in at 10.00 p.m. to advise that they were back down safe and well.  Incident closed.  No team members put onto the fell.

[NY 19760 10647]

[This incident is No. 61  out of 88  x '999's in 2008 compared to 62  out of 88 x'999's at the same time last year i.e.  exactly the same !!]

2008:61(a) 05/10/08 (10.16 p.m.) - Sunday  

Paged by the Police regarding two people reported long overdue form a walk to Scafell and Scafell Pike.  The informant ran a guest house in Keswick and knew little about the two guests, other than that they were early 40's, from Nottingham and that their intended route involved doing Scafell first.  Whilst making calls to Keswick MRT and trying to establish the whereabouts of their vehicle they turned up safe and well.  Incident stood down at 11pm

[NY xxxxxxxxxxx]

2008:61 03/10/08 (8.23 p.m.) - Friday  

Paged by the Police regarding a 45 yr old female walker from Keswick who had become benighted on her descent from Scafell.  She had good reception on her mobile and although uninjured had rung for assistance.  She was not far from Stoney Tarn (Eskdale) but had lost the path and felt she needed to wait for help.  She was well equipped (including torch and whistle) and able to wait in her bivvy bag.  The Team leader along with another team member went to get her (using it as a good training exercise for one of the team search dogs). A further team member stayed in the valley and provided a temporary base back up.   The lost walker was found and escorted back to the Woolpack without further incident.  Incident closed at around 11.00 p.m.

[NY 19582 02347]

September 2008

2008:60(a) 21/09/08 (5.30 p.m.) - Sunday  

Whilst the team were leaving the road head at Great Gable following incident 60, the local farmer requested assistance to recover his quad bike which he had driven deep into a bog.  The team landrover was positioned such that the quad could be winched out.  This rescue mission completed, the next challenge was getting the team landrover off the mountain side, back to its normal parking place at the bottom of Gavel Nease.  Incident closed at 7.00 p.m.


 [NY 20305 09262]

2008:60 21/09/08 (1.08 p.m.) - Sunday  

Pager message from the police regarding a 50 yr old female who had taken a short tumble fall on the path from Great Gable summit towards Beck Head.  She had sustained cuts to her wrist, face and leg and although she had received good first aid on scene she needed to be carried off the fell.  Assistance was requested from an RAF helicopter however the accident location went into cloud and the helicopter suffered malfunctions which caused it to take no further part in the rescue.  16 team members carried the injured person back to Wasdale Head where she was taken by car to West Cumberland Hospital.  Incident completed by about 5.30 p.m. 

 [NY 20827 10660]

2008:59(a) 19/09/08 (9.15 p.m.) - Friday  

'999' call from a group of '13 Three Peakers' lost on Scafell Pike.  The Team Leader spoke to them by mobile and established that they had a GPS.  The group could gave a reasonably accurate grid reference for their location but had no map with which to see where they were.  They were given directions over the phone and guided back over Lingmell Col and onto the decent path.  The incident was closed at 12.15 a.m. after a series of phone calls to ensure that they were confirmed to be well down towards Wasdale Head. 

[NY xxxxxxxxxxx]

2008:59 16/09/08 (2.47 p.m.) - Tuesday  

'999' call from an informant regarding a female who had broken her arm near Brotherilkeld.  There was little information initially as the informant had returned to the scene, having requested help from the Woolpack Inn.  The team mobilised and when it arrived at the Woolpack the injured lady had managed to walk back to the farm.  The incident was stood down and she was taken to West Cumberland Hospital by car.  the incident was closed at about 4.30 p.m. 

[NY xxxxxxxxxxx]

2008:58(a) 13/09/08 (10.24 p.m.) - Saturday  

Pager message from Police regarding overdue walkers.  Whilst the team leader was establishing more details about the incident the missing persons turned up safe and well.  Incident closed at around 10.45 p.m.  Logged here as an alert with no team members going onto the fell

[NY xxxxxxxxxxx]

2008:58 11/09/08 (2.14 p.m.) - Thursday  

Pager message from Police to respond to a 71 yr old male walker from Ashford in Kent who had a fracture dislocation of his tib and fib (lower leg).  He was given analgesic and his leg splinted by the team before being and taken to West Cumberland Hospital by Great North Air Ambulance who had been requested to attend.  10 team members were involved including the Base Operator and a radio relay.  The base and incident was closed at 5.30 p.m.

[NY 21940 01449]

2008:57 08/09/08 (3.22 p.m.) - Monday  

Pager message from Police to respond to a husband and wife who were lost somewhere on Scafell Pike.  The man reported he had left from Seathwaite to climb Scafell Pike via what we believed to be the Corridor Route from his description over the mobile phone.  They had lost the path on the way up and ascended steep[ grassy slope which turned into scree and he had become scree bound.  He was a 100 metres above his wife and was looking down onto  a small tarn.  A small search group were sent out to look for them in the Lambfoot Dub area.   Whilst the team were making their way to the location, the couple made their way back down to a path. The couple were located and made their own way to Styhead where they confirmed that they no longer required assistance and made their way back to Seathwaite.  6 team members on the fell, 2 on Base and 1 on relay.  Incident closed at around 6.30 p.m.

[NY 22172 08474]

2008:56 06/09/08 (1.55 a.m.) - Saturday  

Pager message from Police to respond to  a request for help from two Three Peakers.  2 male walkers from Kent were attempting the 3 peaks challenge from Seathwaite and became lost on their way back down.  From a telephone conversation with the lost pair, the leader established that their most likely location was Middleboot Knotts.  The search group went to that location and sent up a flare which the lost party took a bearing on.  The search group walked straight to them, re-warmed as mild hypothermic, and then walked straight down........following is the press release

Two walkers, intent on completing the Three Peaks Challenge ignored warnings of severe weather and needed rescuing after they became lost in thick cloud and heavy rain.  The two gentlemen lost their way on Scafell Pike and ended up near the top of Piers Gill, a deep ravine that has lured several walkers into serious difficulty over the years.  They were fortunate in being able to have mobile phone reception and were able to provide the team leader with sufficient information for him to make an educated guess as to their location.  The team were called out at 0230 and located the pair at 0530.  Although being mildly hypothermic they were able to walk down to the valley.  Unfortunately their car was in Borrowdale so one of the team members volunteered to provide them with transport.  Taxi fares from Wasdale to Borrowdale are in excess of £100!  8 team members were involved in this 6 hour rescue, Rescue Base closed at 8.00 a.m.

Further information:  The Three Peaks Challenge used to be done over the midsummer weekend when there are long hours of daylight and a reasonable chance of good weather.  Over recent years people are attempting the challenge throughout the year and are increasingly finding themselves in difficulty and requiring rescuing.  Challenge walkers are encouraged to make sure they are properly equipped and able to navigate in darkness and bad weather.  

The two males were reasonably well equipped with Bivi tent, decent waterproofs and boots, head torches, map and compass.  However one was in jeans as his other trousers had been previously wetted on Snowdon (jean are the worst things to wear as they do not dry out and draw out heat from the lower body).  They had apparently lost the Corridor Route at piers Gill, realised they were wrong quite quickly (to their credit) and exited but could not find the path - the biggest issue is that although well enough equipped and probably experienced to do it in daylight, their navigational skills were not up to doing it in the dark in low cloud and driving rain - they were ill prepared rather than ill equipped.

As with most 3 peakers they were fixated on doing it in 24 hours irrespective of conditions :  they would not modify plans or turn back just because there were widespread severe weather  and river flooding warnings issued.  It is this drive to do it at all costs that is the problem.

[NY 21385 08034]