Rescue team in three call-outs - Whitehaven News, Thursday 27th April 2000

While out walking with two team colleagues [Gordon Starkie and Richard Warren] on Scafell on Monday [Easter Monday], Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team leader Julian carradice was approached by walkers asking if he had a mobile telephone.  One of their party was stuck on a ledge [Broad Stand, Scafell], said the man.

Mr. Carradice said: " Rather than call ourselves out, we climbed up and lowered the man, in his 50's from Suffolk, back to safety and continued on our way."

This was the team's third rescue during the weekend.  On saturday, a 49-year-old from Bromley, Kent, broke her ankle near Eel Tarn, Eskdale.  Fifteen team members carried her down to a waiting ambulance at the Woolpack Inn.  Then at 9.30pm, a husband and daughter were reported as being "long overdue" from a walk on Scafell Pike.  Mr. Carradice said: "People were concerned as the last contact they had with them was at 2.40pm, when they were on their way down.  "After a number of phone calls and attempts to gather more information, the team, was called out at 10.30pm.  The missing walkers turned up in Langdale shortly afterwards."


For full details, see letter sent by the rescued person   

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