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Team out on Winter Rescue Techniques practice - Sunday 5th February

Weather conditions were arctic with gale force winds, driving snow, blinding spindrift and if you stood still your kit froze solid

Summit of Scafell Pike in the 'shelter' of the cairn and yes that is horizontal snow and not lines on the photo



The moment when yours truly was picked up by the wind and thrown backwards - these digital cameras seem to work regardless of camera shake!

In the bivy tent on the way back down - a bite to eat in Hollowstones after the epic summit push - unusually there was no one else on the top (perhaps all sensible people stayed off the fells) 

Peter - "Why don't our bivvy tents have poles - my arms are tired now"


Guy - Mastermind of the Kern Knotts auction - " Why not have a look at the Kern Knotts web page and come along to the Wasdale Head Hotel on Saturday 24th February - it should be a great money raiser for the team - everybody wins"

- Article written by the science officer - Probationary Llama - 3 February 2001 joins the team


- Useful tips for those who like the great outdoors and willing to experiment.

- Article written by the team's science officer following a training exercise in Mosedale on the flanks of Red Pike (Wasdale) on Sunday, December 10th 2000

- Article in the Yorkshire County Evening Press, Saturday, June 24th 2000

  http://www. runner_saved_peaks_drama.htm

- Article in the Whitehaven News, 27th April 2000 

  http://www. rescue_team_in_three_callouts.htm

 - Article in the Whitehaven News, 30th March 2000 - http://www.busy_time_for_rescue_team.htm

 - Article on the Team's headquarters extensions  - Dr. Jack Cunningham MP opens the refurbished base  -  - published 18/04/98

teamlake1.jpg (61285 bytes)   Some of the Wasdale Team members after a full days practice on the Screes - the practice was filmed by the BBC2 team and shown on Focus up North, late 1999.  The boat is a godsend when you need to either search the Screes path at night or indeed to recover a casualty from the far shore - the boat can get the advance group across the Wasdale Lake in just 45 beats walking any day. 

The team were exercising on the Lake and the Screes again on Sunday 19th March when we were involved in a joint exercise with the RAF Leeming Mountain Rescue Team who are based at North Allerton, North Yorkshire.  The days events went well and taxed both teams fully - if you want to read the exercise brief and see some of the pictures taken on the day 

      Leeming Exercise - Sunday 19 Mar 2000              

billpat~0.3jan00.jpg (29555 bytes)   Bill Pattison (middle) receives a framed painting of Napes Needle, Great Gable from fellow team members after 20 years as Team Leader, and nearly 30 years in the team. The gift was presented to Bill by Dave Fryer, Chairman at the annual post-christmas dinner . The dinner was held at the Wasdale Head Inn on 21st January 2000. Bill will remain actively involved in team affairs as the newly elected President. Bill has handed over the leadership to Julian Carradice (to the left), also a team member for over 20 years and a Deputy Team Leader for the last 8 years.