Jenny's Letter...

The following is a letter written by Jenny Green, wife of Roger who nearly lost his leg following an accident on the corridor route in the early 90's.  If you want to read Rogers's account of the accident first, then follow this link....... 

                                    Richard Warren - Secretary WMRT, 1 May 2000  

Jenny’s Letter 


"Alyson spoke to me whilst the Rescue Team were seeing to Roger.  I really appreciated her manner.  She seemed like a friend.  I can also remember asking her questions about herself, where she worked, etc.  (I'm not sure why I wanted to know this!)


As Roger was being taken away, the Rescue Team gave me the phone number of Whitehaven Hospital.  I had no idea where Whitehaven was, and was shocked when I realised just how far away it is from Grassmere.


Either the people I was with or myself told the Rescue Team that I would be OK and I walked with about 10 others, whom I'd met up there, back down to Seathwaite.


I convinced them that I would be OK to drive and they said that they would come with me to find a phone box first.  I phoned and Roger was still in the operating room.  I said good-bye to them and drove back to Grassmere.


With hindsight I suppose it was a bit silly to drive after the shock of the accident, but at the same time, I wanted to be on my own and get back.


I am happy about the way I was treated.


As far as Roger is concerned, I think that his major concern was the feeling of guilt, which I think is quite common.  After talking to you all since the accident we realise that if you get a callout, you are not angry or annoyed about someone being careless or foolish, but at the time, this is how you imagine the Rescue Team is going to feel.  It also helped Roger feel better about himself when Bill (Team Leader), Alyson and Julian visited him in hospital.  Apart from the usual appreciation you have for a visitor, I think this meant more because it reinforced my last comment, that you weren't pleased to see the back of him and treated him as an equal."                            



Jenny Green

A Casualty's Wife

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