Winter Training 2-3 February 2002

Cairngorms - Glenmore Lodge

     updated 17/2/02

Mustering at the log cabin, Glenmore Lodge at 0830hrs. Saturday morning - but where is the snow!!
The two instructors Eric Parry ( 3rd from left) and Dan (5th from left) with the 7 WMRT members at the ski car park - but where is Tim? and where is Fiona??
Well Tim is camera shy and was hiding behind the vehicle (he is the same guy who was carrying the guitar on the December search practice
and Fiona had too much Whisky the night before so had started off up the mountain to get a head start
Use of ice axes for belays.  Even the 4 of us couldn't dislodge the belay
Eric Parry, Glenmore Instructor (and Cairngorm MRT member for 20 years) stressing the importance of the correct orientation of the clove hitched tape.
Nick West, WMRT Team Doctor emerges from the snow hole - just big enough for two but no bathroom on suite.
Eric carefully cuts out a snow lintol which he will use to create greater headroom and the roof of his quickly formed trench shelter (which Julian, Wasdale Team Leader is stood in).
Mike Greene, Deputy Team Leader and organiser of the weekend toasts the start of the weekend with a malt.
Rob Scott likes a dram now and again, however two bottles of malt in a weekend!!!


Nick (right), Team Doctor says "It helps to keep the blood thin" .....[I thought it was asprin, Nick]

  Anybody seen the cabin ghost . 
Fiona before the whisky..
Karen Greene, Team Doctor with an evening meal fit for a team of hungry rescuers after a hard day on the hill.  By the way, Karen was also one of those hungry rescuers on the hill so special thanks to Karen from all the lazy blokes.

Well what do you do on the drive up to the Cairngorms to stock up calories for a hard weekend on the mountains.  You stop off in Pitlochry and call in at the local Scottish ..............Indian Restaurant !!


Anyone for another popadom  - Gordon Starkie and Rob Scott suitably refreshed