Full Search Practice - 9th December 2001 

Scenario: Plane crashed in the Hollowstones area of the Scafell range

Casualties: Three members of a rock band

Team was deployed into 4 search teams, each team with sufficient for basic life support.

Clues found as the search progressed in the form of CD cases with humorous music tracks.  One of the casualties represented by orange sheet with old guitar (see photos below).

Successful day's practice with all three casualties located and dealt with by 1400 hrs. Team continued the rest of the day with crag ropework and steep/difficult ground familiarisation on the side of Broad Crag just above the site of the actual plane crash site from the 1940's.


Start of the search for the missing plane - Brackenclose track at the head of the lake, Wasdale
Looking north west from Lingmel Nose across to Mosedale - Wasdale Head Hotel in the bottom of the picture, Pillar at the head of Mosedale with Wind gap to the left of pillar.
Wasdale lake from Lingmel

At the location of the first casualty, CD + orange bag + pile of stones + guitar.  Not the easiest piece of fell gear to carry around all day (well done Saffron)
Well earned rest for the Search dogs (and handler Paul)

Saffron with her puppy - keen to complete training and start full training of her dog
Ready for the off, Lingmel Col and ready for the next search area between the Col and Great End
Good find by Fiona of a piece of aircraft wreckage at the foot of Round How - part of the aircraft which tragically crashed 50 years previously on Broad Crag.  Unfortunately not part of our rescue exercise though.

Good find by Alan - Peter with the patch, one of our exercise organisers and exercise casualty with a fractured ankle.
Exercise over with all casualties located - Lambfoot Dub in the background to the right.
Rock on Tommy......top of the Pike


(actually it is Peter)

We were rather pleased that the guitar had 'no strings attached' when Martin picked it up.......however, we were very pleased, as were the rest of the summit visitors, that he didn't start singing.
Tim Brooks, the team member in the silhouette photo above.  This explains the odd shape. 
A view not often seen from the summit of the Pike - Snowdon showing above the clouds directly above the fell top in the centre of the photo
Snaefell on the Isle of Man showing above the clouds, directly above Sellafield, Buckbarrow in the centre.  Visibility was 100 miles to the peaks in Scotland.