Rescue Team Training Programme        

 (Updated 16th December 2001)

Team Training generally follows the format as laid out in "Training Manager" - designed for the Wasdale Team and now used by other Teams in the Lakes  - for more information view the Website:

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1830 Hours at Mill Forge (Evening)

January 7th   - Rigging for Rescue

February 4th - First Aid   
March 4th - Equipment & Communications
April 8th - Stretcher Work
May 13th - Steep Ground 
June 10th - Crags & Rigging Practice  
July 1st  - Crags & Rigging Practice  
August 5th - Boat Exercise   

September 2nd  - Gully Rescue
October 7th  - First Aid   
November 4th - Search Techniques 
December 2nd - Navigation Exercise  


0900 Hours at Mill Forge  

January 18th               - Team dinner ( 1930 hrs. at Wasdale Head Hotel) 

January / February     - Winter Training  

February 2nd - 3rd    -    Winter skills in Scotland (weekend)

(will notify by pager one weekend when conditions good) 

March 18th                -    Operational Review at Millforge - 1900 hrs

May 19th                    -  To be agreed

July August              - Helicopter Practice (to be agreed with RAF) 

September 16th        -     Operational Review at Millforge - 1900 hrs

November 11th       - Annual general meeting  (1930 hrs)

December 9th        - Search 

December ??           - Flag Day in Whitehaven  

Also MRC Conference - to be advised (Autumn)

MRC Casualty Care Course


(Starting at 1900 hours at Mill Forge)

Open to all team members   

January 28th


July 29th

February 25th


August 26th  

March 25th


September 30th

April 39th


October 28th

May 27th


November 25th

June 24th


December 16th


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