Rescue Team Training Programme        

 (Updated 4 February 2001)

Team Training generally follows the format as laid out in "Training Manager" - designed for the Wasdale Team and now used by other Teams in the Lakes  - for more information view the Website:

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1830 Hours at Mill Forge (Evening)

January 8th   - Rigging for rescue

February 5th - First aid   
March 5th - Communications
April 2nd - Equipment
May 14th - Crag work 
June 4th - Rock climbing / Ropes course OBMS  
July 2nd  - Gully work  
August 6th - Boat work   

September 3rd  - Equipment
October 1st  - First Aid   
November 5th - Navigation 
December 3rd - Search  


0900 Hours at Mill Forge  

January 19th               - Team dinner ( 7.00 p.m. for 7.30 p.m. at Wasdale Head Hotel) 

January / February     - Winter Rescue Techniques

(will notify by pager one weekend when conditions good) 

March 19th                -    Operational Review at Millforge - 7.00 p.m.

May 20th                    -  Crag work

July August              - Helicopter Practice (to be agreed with RAF) 

September 17th        -     Operational Review at Millforge - 7.00 p.m.

November 12th       - Annual general meeting 

December 9th        - Search 

December ??           - Flag Day in Whitehaven


(Starting at 1930 hours at Mill Forge)

team members welcome   

January 29th


July 31st

February 26th


August 20th  

March 26th


September 24th

April 30th


October 29th

May 21st


November 26th

June 25th


December 17th



Team out on Winter Rescue Techniques practice - Sunday 5th February

Weather conditions were arctic with gale force winds, driving snow, blinding spindrift and if you stood still your kit froze solid

Summit of Scafell Pike in the 'shelter' of the cairn and yes that is horizontal snow and not lines on the photo



The moment when yours truly was picked up by the wind and thrown backwards - these digital cameras seem to work regardless of camera shake!

In the bivy tent on the way back down - a bite to eat in Hollowstones after the epic summit push - unusually there was no one else on the top (perhaps all sensible people stayed off the fells) 

Peter - "Why don't our bivvy tents have poles - my arms are tired now"


Guy - Mastermind of the Kern Knotts auction - " Why not have a look at the Kern Knotts web page and come along to the Wasdale Head Hotel on Saturday 24th February - it should be a great money raiser for the team - everybody wins"

Note modifications     - team photos of winter practice added 4 February 2001

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