Helicopter Training

Tuesday 21 March 2006 


RAF Watersham (from the south of England) were based at Wasdale Head for a weeks training of new crew in a mountainous region.  The opportunity was taken to give the probationers and new team members their dry run and winching training.  All in all the helicopter was working with the team members for 2 hours that afternoon - they had already delivered the dry run training the previous evening.

The following photographs were taken by Rob Tulloch during the training - thanks to Rob

The latest draft helicopter training package is attached here for information and interest and gives a good insight into the basic and advanced requirements for a team member (draft only copy for the website)


Bringing a helicopter in to the landing site using smoke

Helicopter approaches into the wind

Briefing on the ground

Preparing the two halves of the bell stretcher for taking on board

Safe approach to the helicopter from the pilots 12.00 to 2.00 o'clock position

Stretcher halves safely secured at the rear of the cabin

Safe as houses ....!!

Great Gable form the air looking towards Great Hellgate

Looking across to Gable - this is what the fells look like from the air

More snow on the northern slopes of Broad Crag in the background and Great End on the left

Landing on 

Exercise casualty secure in the casualty bag and placed on the stretcher ready for winching once all the straps have been tied

When using the thinner, equal length stretcher straps the casualty is not quite in the horizontal position (see above)  - the heavy duty helicopter straps avoid this and make for a more comfortable ride.

Winching in pairs - chose a team mate who is roughly the same height as you and stand together - otherwise it becomes conker time when you leave the ground.

Do not try and climb in, just hang there and let the Winchman pull you in backwards

Winching as a single lift (yes it is as uncomfortable as it looks)

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