Aircraft Familiarisation at West Cumberland Hospital

Saturday 18th May 2002

Air Ambulance pilot Neil Airey (ex RAF), one of the two pilots providing 7 days a week.

Operating on channel 73

Paul West (left), Operations Manager - North West Air Ambulance discusses casualty care during flight with Mike Greene, Wasdale MRT Deputy Team Leader and one of the four team medical officers.
Karen Greene sitting in the seat normally occupied by the paramedic during the flight.  Access to the casualty is limited to the top half only.
Access is from the rear with the helicopter shut down
The Cockermouth team's stretcher was just a little too wide to fit.  The Millom Team's Bell stretcher fitted OK with the head guard down.
One of the two jet engines, roughly the size of a rucksack.
The enevitable team shot
An aspiring young pilot.
Another pair of hopefuls, which one will become a helicopter pilot when they leave school.
They were happy to let their uncle / cousin in on the shot.


This ones for your mum as I promised.