Swift water Training

Sunday 14th May 2006

Two stages to be run by the Wasdale team - as many as possible to do the first which is an awareness training and up to around 8 to do the three day technician training - those who regularly work with water outside team activities and happy to maintain their use of techniques learnt on the course.

1. Basic First responder Training - full day with class room and practical

2. Swift water Technician 1 - 3 days training

All river photos provided by Dave Willey's camera and Richard Longman behind the lens


Indoor session at Millforge Base - Ben talks us through the differences between the standard buoyancy aid and the one he is wearing which is used by Swift Water Technicians and has a quick release device so they can be tethered to the floating ropes.

All find a wet suit that fits and buoyancy aid

Ben Starkie of Vertical Descents   

http://www.verticaldescents.com   check out his site


http://www.verticaldescents.com/vertical-descents-video.asp  worth a look at his video if you have Broadband


Come on in the water is fine

Throw line practice


Feel the force

Now this won't hurt a bit......Julian gives Saffron some advice....or is it the other way round

Grab and Go

How to carry the Bell Stretcher with Martin Willey on board

Yes , Martin is still on the stretcher but not tied in of course.  They seem to be having fun anyway

Tyrolean Traverse  / Recovery line at 45 degrees to the bank

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