Power Boat Training

Saturday & Sunday 3/4th March 2007

 The following photos and video were taken during a training weekend in Whitehaven Harbour.  Instruction was by 'Platty + '  based on the shores of Derwentwater, Keswick.  www.plattyplus.co.uk

More photos and captions to follow

Video footage here

The intrepid group of six and not a mountain in sight

From the left

Rob Scott (Buildings Officer); Richard Warren (Chairman); Gordon Starkie (Deputy Team Leader); Ken Owens (Training Offcier); Martin Willey (Team Member / Team Mechanic); Rob Friend (Team Member)


Launching the boat down the ramp

Dog fish found on the beach - note the hole through its body.

Basic instruction on RIB starting procedures

A concentration moment

Towing other boats using a floating line

Setting anchors and practicing reversing.

Ken enjoying the high speed turning in the outer harbour

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