Injured Ankle 

Scafell Pike - Woolworth Boulder

23rd May 2006

6/21:23/5/06 (  12.13 p.m. ) - Tuesday

Call initiated via mobile phone to the police, lady with an ankle injury in the Hollow Stone area. Casualty was located approximately 100m below the Woolworth Boulder on the side of the path and after initial treatment  stretchered down to Bracken Close. She was taken by ambulance to the West Cumberland Hospital for further treatment. Incident closed at 4.25 p.m. with 20 team members deployed.  A nasty injury but subsequently confirmed as a sprain with no fracture

The lady concerned has given her permission for these pictures to be publicised in order to help others understand the need for care in the mountains - a simple accident like this can happen to us all.  See rescue video here

Casualty bag prepared on the bell stretcher - probably 90 minutes after the '999'was taken (timeline +90).  all the team members are volunteers and were just tucking into their sandwiches at work when the pagers went off.

Ready to be lifted across

Injured ankle is splinted within an inflatable splint similar to this one here  

Well strapped into the stretcher ready for the carry down when more team members arrive - time line now +2hrs from callout 

200meter rope has been carried up and will provide the safety back rope for the sledge down the steep fell-side (time line 2hr 30 mins)

Stretcher party approaching the belay

Stretcher now safely at the bottom of the slope

Cross the stream without getting your boots wet? not usually possible

Coiling and packing the 200m rope

Back at Brackenclose at the head of Wastwater Lake waiting for the ambulance to arrive - time line now +3hrs 30 mins

All ropes are carefully inspected after use on a practice or a rescue.  If the rope is damaged due to abrasion or nicks from falling rocks then the section of rope has to be scrapped.  This rope may be used for a vertical stretcher lower over a 400 foot crag the following day so lives rely on careful checking and quality gear.

Rescue video here

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