Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team

 Base - Mill Forge, Gosforth

Officials and Team Members 2004

(updated 3 December 2004) 



Bill Pattison MBE


Jack Cunningham (MP)


Maurice Pringle


Gordon Steele


Edwin Hammond


Roy Sumerling


Alan Dunn




Dave Fryer

Team Leader

Julian Carradice  

Deputy Team Leader

Keith Hudson

Deputy Team Leader

Martin Young

Deputy Team Leader

Gordon Starkie


John Bamforth


Richard Longman


Gordon Starkie


Rob Scott   

Equipment Paul Cook


Mike Greene - Karen Greene - Nick West - Charles Brett

Additional Team Members : (Full)    

Pete Baines -  Martin Bentley - Tim Brooks  - Adam Campion  - Paul Fligg  - Ian Harwood  - Peter Holburt  - David Kennedy - Penny Kirby- Jake Manson -Bob Mayo -  Paul McCracken - Joe Moody - John Noake - Sue Noake - Saffron Price~Walter- Colin Smith  - Stephen Walter - Richard Warren - Dave Willey - Martin Willey

Team Members : (Honorary)

  Ian Angel - Joe Arthy - Dave Barras - Bob Bennett - John Burrows - Marion Carradice - Howard Christie - Jack Cunningham MP - Alan Dunn - Tony Drummond - Jenny Green - Roger Green - Edwin Hammond - Arthur Humphries - Keith Hutchinson - Will Mullineaux - John Nellis - Guy Newbold - Mike Parkin - Dave Polhill - Maurice Pringle - Brian Smith - Gordon Steele - Roy Sumerling - Keith Thompson - Royanne Wilding

Team Members : (Associate / Probationary)  

Rob Friend - Ken Owens - Ben Whiteley

Amendment History

Updated 3rd December 2004 - John Bamforth is elected Secretary, Gordon Starkie elected Deputy Team Leader - Paul Cook elected onto committee

Updated 30th October 2004  - John Bamforth is Acting Secretary - R Friend & B Whiteley join as probationers

Updated 7th October 2004  - Ken Owens rejoins the team as a probationer August 2004, Jake Manson accepted as full member 28/9/04 - Guy Newbold, Alison Strafford, Fiona Henderson, Dave Brown, Peter Ward,  Jenny Watson leave the team

Updated 23rd February 2004  - Jane Spiking leaves the team

Updated 3rd February 2004  - Jake Manson has joined the team as a probationer - accepted at January committee

Updated 15th November  2003 - Jenny Watson has rejoined, Roy Sumerling & Alan Dunn are voted Vice-presidents at AGM

Updated 3rd September  2003 - Pim Van Den Eizen added to the Doctors list

Updated 6th April 2003 - Paul Fligg, Bob Mayo, Caroline Biourge, Colin Smith all made up to full membership 31/3/03 

Updated 8th March  2003 - Alistair Fletcher (probationer) leaves team - Peter Ward rejoins as Full Member 

Updated 2nd February 2003 - Alan Dunn and Howard Christie retire from the team and made Honorary Members

Updated 29th November 2002 - Committee changes following AGM - Gordon Starkie now deputy Team leader and Radio Officer - Tim Brooks now Buildings Officer - Mike Greene stood down due to being away from area for 2 months in Bangladesh.

Updated 17th October 2002 - Dave Barras retires and becomes an Honorary Member - Jenny Watson leaves for New Zealand - Fiona Henderson becomes a full member - Ian Strafford left team - George Carradice, Honorary Member passes away.

Updated 6th May 2002 - New probationers accepted 29/4/02- Caroline Biourge - Alistair Fletcher

Updated 31st March 2002 - New probationers accepted 25/3/02 - Paul Fligg - Bob Mayon - Colin Smith

Updated 23rd February 2002 - Charles Brett made up to full team member as of end January 2002. 

Updated 6th January 2002 - Martin Willey co-opted as Vehicles Officer - Saffron Price~Walter becomes full member

Updated 17th November 2001 - Fiona Henderson joined the team - Dave Brown, Jane Spiking become full members - Guy Newbold new Secretary - Rob Scott new Buildings Officer - Paul McCracken, Martin Willey off the committee - Keith Hutchinson becomes Honorary - John Sidney, Andy Graham leave the team    

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