In Memory of those who loved the hills

Allan Bell          1934 to 2007                                                                                                   
Ian Angell         1939  to 2006                                                               
Lorraine Dixon  1970  to 2006
Reg Vernon      1934 to  2005
Ian R Bocock   1957 to 2005
Elliot Wilson    1980  to 2004





This opening page and the pages it links to is dedicated to the memory of Elliot Wilson who tragically died at the age of 24 following an accident.  Elliot was a free spirit who loved the Lake District and it was his story that moved me to the idea of an "In Memory" page.  We are very grateful to Elliot's family and friends for their support to mountain rescue and for their permission to reprint his tribute.  Please click on the shiny button to read his tribute and others who are remembered here. All tributes are included free of any charge as part of our team's contribution to the community

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