Wastwater Lake Crossing by Barbara Davies

Helping to support Team Funds - Sunday 8th June 2003

The team regularly trains with the rescue boat to ensure that when the call comes the response is effective.  We were trying out a new launch site at the head of the lake when we heard that Barbara was tackling the lake crossing.  As always, when possible, the team will support local events, particularly when it is generating much needed funds.

We helped Barbara with a lift across the lake so she could swim back in 25 minutes.  At 350 foot deep the lake is no straight forward swim and progress varied as Barbara crossed the different currents.  

The new launch site at Wasdale Head Farm (see photos at bottom of page) proved very effective and use of this area when, launch times are not critical (it adds 10 minutes to the craft launching), will reduce damage to the main launch area located by the road junction half way up the lake.  Thanks to Clare and Mark Hodgson who farm there, for both suggesting the location and allowing us access.



Barbara and Nick get picked up from the road

 Ready for the off - it is a bit intimidating as you can see the depth dropping off to 100 feet within yards of the chore

5 minutes into the crossing and alls well

 Nick Speed Andrews, Co-ordinator for "First Responders" in the area watches Barbara's progress and gives regular encouragement with Lingmel coming into view in the centre of the picture.

Change of stroke to get across the central portion - flanks of Scafell just appearing

Congratulations Barbara from us all in the team 
 The new launch area directly opposite the farm
 Just follow the projection of the fence line when reversing the trailer and it misses all the boulders.


Yewbarrow in the distance with Great Door at the left end

 Our intrepid treasurer at home in the driving seat.