Rememberance Day on Gable

Sunday 11th November 2001

On the slopes of Great Gable looking back down the Wasdale valley with Wastwater Lake visible in the top right hand corner.   0900 hrs and the masses are on the move.
Julian Carradice, Wasdale  MR Team Leader,  with his son Carl
The nose of Gable with the crocodile of early morning walkers making their way to the top, pacing themselves to arrive not too early nor late - a 2 minute window on the summit is the target.

Moments before "hats off" and the 2 minutes of silence led by FRCC at 1100 hrs


The coloured glow from the bivvy tent, a small price to pay for a bit of shelter and warmth - a good "fug" generates quickly in the confines of the tent on the summit. 

Paul Cook on a good day?

Gnome from gnome
The long slippery trek back down to Styhead stretcher box.
looking down from the Gable path to Styhead pass - the crossroads at the centre of lakeland - or are they all asking each other which way to go?
A good test for the team's Montane jackets - Adam Campion looking forward to a pint at Uncle Howard's tavern - the Wasdale Head Hotel

Postscript - a good day with no rescues