Casualty Care Training

Final Exam 30th April 2006

The training for the examination started in January '06 for the group which involved both newer members taking it for the first time and refresher training for those whose certificate was due to expire.  The training was spread over a 12 week period involving lectures and practical sessions.  The exam consisted three parts - the written paper, Basic Life Support hands on test, trauma scenario and medical condition scenario.  It all follows the MRC Casualty Care syllabus.

There is a tremendous amount of time and effort invested from team doctors and medical support from outside  for which all of the candidates express their gratitude - thanks to Mike, Karen, Charles, Nick, Bob, Martin, Paul , Vicki and Cheryl 


SAFE APPROACH - followed by ................


AIRWAY - Head tilt and maintaining a clear airway (no cervical protection required in this scenario)

BREATHING  with full flow oxygen

CIRCULATION -  5 litres of blood in the body and 3 have disappeared through multiple injuries ( up to 2 litres from an open fracture of the femur)


DISABILITY -  Head injuries and disability - Glasgow Coma scale being practiced


The Practical Examination - 30 April '06

Trauma - fractured tib and fib

Head restraint following a tumble fall

Medical scenario - asthma attack - full flow oxygen with nebuliser on the way

Medical scenario - heart attack 

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