B Music Festival         

Bower House Inn - 4th & 5th August 2007

(updated 8/08/07)

The Bower House held their annual music festival on 4th and 5th August.  The profits are going to be split between First Responders and WMRT.  Last year the First Responders received somewhere in the region of 2000 and this year the festival was bigger with more advance tickets sold.

Many thanks from the Team to the Bower House for asking the team to be part of it

The Bower House Inn in Eskdale, Cumbria - organisers of the event, now in it's third year

Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team and First Responder Stewards at the entrance. Middle of picture Stephen Walter (Deputy Team Leader, First Responder, Key Organiser) with his Rescue Search Dog Rosy

The Team had pride of place and was visited by many of the revelers

The Red Bull team with the roving one man band

The pub was closed for the weekend, only access through the festival gate - Sound and light structure opposite the stage

The stage with the Dance tent to the right (insulated for sound with bales of hay

From the left - Julian Carradice (Team leader) / Red Bull Representative / Saffron Price-Walter (Team Member and First Responder Key Organiser) / Jake Manson (Team Member) 


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