RAF Join Wasdale MRT's Annual Dinner

 Friday 18th January 2002   

Now complete with full captions and all the names (nick names) which followed when the lads arrived back Boulmer that afternoon (after their bridge carrying exploits), and Squadron Leader Windy Miller sent me the details.


The crew at the Wasdale Head Hotel, bright and early for the flight.
The boss (far right), Squadron Leader Windy Miller  and his flying crew for the day

from the left - Flight sergeant 'Trolley' Clark (new winchman just finished acceptance training) - Flight Sergeant Terry 'Gaffer' Williamson (v experienced winchman, recently returned from a tour of duty) - Flight Sergeant Stu 'Derby' Gwinnutt (radar/winch operator - 5 years at Boulmer and about to go to for Officer training)

Flight Lieutenant Adam 'No known nickname' Thompson (fairly new pilot on his first tour and his first full Lakes workout). Squadron Leader Andrew 'Windy' Miller (officer commanding Boulmer SAR.  Ten years on SAR and recently back from an exchange tour in the States)
Newly joined Pilot to the Boulmer team, Flight Lieutenant Lee 'Tilt' Marston.  Just 2 weeks into his 2 year tour of duty and his first visit to Wasdale - welcome to some interesting flying conditions around Scafell



The morning after! ......

from the left....

Corporal Rob Dawson (engineer and usually weak stomached in the aircraft - held it all together this time).


Corporal Dave Evans (engineer).

......but still full of energy.....anybody got a Kylie Minogue record and a pole.

I think Dave (right)is the Dancer though.

Not the bar again...

"Blounty" - Ian Blount

Many thanks for coming over to join us for the dinner.  We had a great night out and are looking forward to seeing you all again at the hanger party.
Do you think they will notice that we are not on board?  The journey over here yesterday was a bit 'icky' so we are happy to stay in Wasdale.  Bit cold but the beer is pretty good.

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