Photographs of the Recent Rock Fall in Foxes Tarn Gulley - It sounds as though it is still very unstable so walkers need to take care


Picture taken shortly after the incident - remember that the large boulder is 10 ft x 15 ft 

Locking up the gulley

To give an idea of scale - the match stick outline of the walker who was trapped under the boulder, face down

Additional Photos added 6/10/07 which show before and after - first picture taken in May 2007

May 2007

October 2007

A couple of team members went to have a look at the gulley (14 October) with the following report.

We went to have a look at the Foxes Tarn Gully yesterday. We scrambled up the grass alongside the gully to the location of the rockfall and then took various photos which we will e-mail for the website. The rockfall is from a section of the sidewall that has obviously been loose for a long time. It has fallen into a fairly concentrated area with 3 large boulders and lots of smaller TV sized boulders. The largest boulder is approximately 10x5x5ft across its largest dimensions. However, this boulder does look the least stable of the lot and another large boulder of about half that size is resting against it. I was happy to enter the gully for a short period and have a look and get some photos.