Incident Blackspots

Wasdale and Eskdale

page updates 24/4/10

The Wasdale and Eskdale valleys hold a number of areas where the team regularly has to attend incidents.  These are not just black spots where walkers and climbers come to physical harm but also where the team has to go and search for missing persons.

The incident / callout pages of this website are probably the best indicators and worth a visit but this page aims to focus on those where the team spends most of it's time.  The black spots link back to specific incidents.  If you as a walker or climber got into difficulty in a particular area but managed to get yourself down under your own steam then we would be pleased to hear about it.  Please remember that the Team's website exists to highlight the role of mountain rescue, the risks on the hills and as such, aims to help people like yourself and your friends enjoy the mountains safely.

Scafell Broad Stand

also see last Broad Stand Rescue No. 26 4/05/07 which sadly was a fatality 

Scafell Lords Rake   updated with photos showing winter conditions (even at end of April 2010)

updated with a photo taken in 1990 showing the west wall traverse entry prior to the rockfall

 updated with new photo 5/04/07 Note:- there has been a rock fall now in Foxes Tarn Gulley (26 Sept '07) see here for rescue story 

Lingmell Piers Gill      also updated 2/11/07 following major incident in Gill see here
Broad Stand - short cut between Scafell Pike and Scafell

More photos here with explanations

Lords Rake - Access to Scafell- first rake 
Piers Gill - one of the more steep routes onto and off Scafell Pike from Wasdale

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