Rescue on Great Gable

4th May 2002

02/18: 4/5/02 (1415 hrs) - Saturday

The Wasdale team was called to rescue a climber with a suspected broken foot on the Great Gable traverse, just below Tophet Wall.  He had successfully completed his climb and was descending the mountain when the accident happened.  A RAF Search and Rescue helicopter was in the area and was tasked to assist.  The advance team, fresh from the rescue on the Screes arrived on scene, made the casualty safe and administered first aid.  The casualty was winched into the helicopter and flown to West Cumberland Hospital.  Around 18 team members were involved.  We received a very nice letter from the climber since the rescue with a donation and to say that his foot was not broken but badly bruised and he is still limping but hopefully will be OK in a couple of weeks.  He asked us to mention this rescue as a warning to others about the loose descent from the climb in that area. plus see photographs of the actual rescue below.


RAF Sea King Helicopter from Boulmer is called in to assist with the evacuation. The injured climber is in a casualty bag in the bottom left of the picture.  His location is on the Gable traverse path, just to the west of Styhead and in the middle of Great Hell Gate


photo courtesy of Steve Clark

The casualty is winched into the helicopter and evacuated to West Cumberland Hospital only 10 minutes flying time from the scene of the accident.


Photo courtesy of Steve Clark

Footnote - the Pilot of the aircraft was Flt. Lt Rich Wood and this was his actual last day in the RAF SAR.  He retired after many years valuable service in Search and Rescue and has helped Wasdale MRT  with of a number of very challenging rescues, and saved many lives in the Lake District. As the MRT Liaison Officer for the Lake District he will be missed by all his friends in mountain rescue.