The environment and local people

Quote from Bob Cartwright, 

Head of Park Management, Lake District National Park Authority

"Your first question should be 'Will my event raise more money and attract less criticism if I hold it elsewhere?'  After all, you might want to do it all again!

If you care about our precious and fragile uplands you will know that real harm can come from attracting people to a charity event in a relatively remote location, even if it does provide a wonderful arena.

Large events block roads.  They disturb quiet hamlets that are unused to (and ill deserve) the noise and litter.  They erode paths already needing millions of pounds worth of attention if our finest landscapes are to be preserved.  They get bad press.

Small events in the hills that follow this ICFM code will raise money for a worthy cause, yet leave no evidence of their passing.  They will generate goodwill from local residents, land managers and others who enjoy the hills for their peace and tranquility."


the environment and local people

Excessive numbers of walkers arriving at the same location will cause severe congestion, disturb local residents and damage footpaths.  These code of practice guidelines address these issues.

1.    Park your vehicles properly and do not block exits or gateways, off road is ideal.

2.    Please use local toilets and do not foul the countryside.  Take any litter home with you, especially drink cans.

3.    Remember that this is a working environment.  Gates should be closed behind you and respect the needs of the local farmers.

4.    Keep to the footpaths.  Short-cuts can cause enormous damage, keep in single file in narrow sections.

5.    The limit for charity events should be 200.  To avoid congestion, split into smaller groups.  As well as being better for other hill users, it is more enjoyable for you.

6.    Do not disturb or inconvenience local people.

7.    Do not arrive, start, finish or depart in areas where people are living between 12 Midnight and 5 a.m.

8.    Report any damage to the local rangers, landowners and event managers.

9.    Before leaving, check that you have removed any trace of your visit, especially litter.

10.    Inform Local Authorities of the event especially managing bodies such as The National Parks and The National Trust.  Listen and react to their advice if there are sensitive environmental issues.

11.    Always ensure you have permission from the landowner to hold your event.

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